1Password for Windows

最新版本 1Password 7.3.684

1Password 7.3.684

屢獲殊榮的 1Password for Windows 簡單,安全方便。它為您的所有帳戶創建強大,唯一的密碼,因此您可以通過單擊進行登錄。您可以自動填寫長表單和購物車,然後通過存儲您的社會安全號碼,獎勵計劃,應用程序密碼,甚至是那些你不想留下的明文註釋來保存錢包空間.

1Password 直接集成流行的瀏覽器,以適應您的工作流程。您可以繼續使用自己喜歡的瀏覽器,或者隨時切換瀏覽器,並隨身攜帶所有密碼,身份和信用卡。 1Password 使您的數據與 iPhone,iPad,Android 和 Windows 版本保持同步,並且可以與其他用戶進行協作,這要歸功於新的多保管庫功能。你所做的一切都是安全的,並用你需要記住的一個密碼進行加密。 1Password 是您在線和離線生活的首選密碼和身份管理器。立即下載並獲取安全.

您的數據,所有設備,您的選擇! 1Password for Windows 可以通過 iCloud 和 Dropbox 自動同步您的數據,或者通過 Wi-Fi 本地同步,您的數據永遠不會離開您的網絡。 1Password 是保證在線安全的最佳方式.

1 密碼功能:

1Password 為您的所有網站創建了強大,唯一的密碼,並且只需一次點擊即可登錄。這是簡單,方便的安全.

A 單擊打開您的瀏覽器,打開一個網站,填入您的用戶名和密碼,並登錄。這是最快的方式來工作或玩。只需點擊一下,即可為您的所有帳戶創建強大,唯一的新密碼,然後在 1Password 中記住這些密碼,因此您無需密碼生成器.
強大的密碼生成器是您解密密碼的關鍵。一次點擊就為每個帳戶創建一個強大的唯一密碼,瀏覽器擴展將自動填充到網站中。對於需要更多控制的時候,更改密碼配方。您可以自定義可發音的單詞,特殊字符等。這是保護自己免受密碼重用,數據洩露和 PML 密碼最簡單的方法密碼內存丟失.

組織您的 vault
將您最重要或最常用的項目標記為快速訪問,並在您的所有設備中同步此列表。將 1Password 登錄,Secure Notes 和其他項目的任意組合拖到工作,財務,社交媒體或您需要的任何其他分組的文件夾中。添加標籤到 1Password 項目是一個快照; 專注於他們完成任務更容易.


注意:30 天的試用版.

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檔案版本 1Password 7.3.684
檔案名稱 1PasswordSetup-7.3.684.exe
檔案大小 9.52 MB
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 AgileBits Inc.
官網 https://agilebits.com/onepassword/windows
更新日期 2019-04-23

What's new in this version:

- Support for the 1Password browser extension in Microsoft Edge Insider's releases
- Drag and drop items onto tags in the sidebar and vis versa, drag tags onto selected items in the item list
- Added "Open logins in" setting to 1Password's Browser settings
- A tool to optimize 1Password internal database is now available in the new Help > Tools menu; this will clean up the 1Password database and/or reduce its size, which can help speed up 1Password's launches

- Major improvements to 1Password Brain that improves our filling and saving algorithms for our 1Password browser extensions
- Added the shortcut labels to the field context menu such as Reveal and Large Type
- Improved our diagnostics report to include the full Windows OS name in the logs instead of the numbered Windows version that is often difficult to parse
- Added support for upcoming 1Password.com API changes

- 1Password mini often didn't respond to the first mouse click
- Dragging the scrollbar in 1Password mini would sometime select the item behind the mouse cursor or dismiss 1Password mini entirely when releasing the drag
- Resetting all data in 1Password now works
- The field context menu in viewer didn't have a max height limit set
- Removed unneeded drag and drop code from 1Password mini
- Crashes related to saved Japanese URLs
- Dragging offline files (0kb on disk) onto 1Password would cause it to crash
- Missing accessibility string on the view button for Related Items section
- Pressing Control + in the main 1Password window would temporarily freeze the app
- 1Password could crash when editing an item to add a custom image that may not be available on disk
- Added a workaround for invalid XAML crashes in external UI Framework that was related to our app strings
- Certain corrupted custom icon images could cause 1Password to crash

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