360 Total Security Essential

最新版本 Easy2Boot 1.B6

Easy2Boot 1.B6

Easy2Boot 1.B6
360 Total Security Essential 利用五個防病毒引擎保持您的系統遠離最新的威脅。結合 360 雲引擎,360 QVMII,Avira 和 Bitdefender 的強大功能, 360 將防病毒功能推向前所未有的水平。當可疑程序嘗試訪問系統設置和註冊表,啟動程序和系統目錄等關鍵系統資源時,

360 Total Security Essential 會主動提醒您.

安全瀏覽和隱私保護至關重要。 360 Total Security Essential 讓您遠離釣魚網站,阻止惡意下載,並阻止未經授權的密鑰記錄器和攝像頭訪問程序竊取您的個人信息.

360 Total Security Essential 特徵:

集成 360 雲引擎,360 QVMII,Avira 和 Bitdefender 獲獎的殺毒引擎為您提供最終的病毒檢測和保護功能.



360 雲安全提供實時,提供最新的病毒定義更新和威脅索引實時保護,使您的電腦始終保持最新和安全.


檔案版本 Easy2Boot 1.B6

檔案名稱 Easy2Boot_v1.B6.exe
檔案大小 24.73 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Qihu 360 Software Co
官網 http://www.360totalsecurity.com/en/features/360-total-security-essential/
更新日期 2019-10-02

What's new in this version:

- Bugfix: Easy2Boot download self-extracting exe no longer adds the Make_E2B.exe program into the Windows Start Menu
- Bugfix: SWITCH_E2B.exe v1.1.25 - if C: drive compressed/encrypted will still work after warning
- Improve SIZE_E2B and SIZE_HD1 values to nearest GiB instead of nearest 4GiB
- Licence readme files added for 3rd-party s/w - see _ISOdocsLicenses
- E2B now checks for 2019-08-09 version of grub4dos 0.4.6a or later
- MyPwd.g4b added to Sample mnu FilesE2B folder to show example of how to prompt for a master password and have different wallpapers when asking for password
- Latest grub4dos (allows animation to play during user input, adds grub4dos 'setmenu --keyhelp-on and --keyhelp-off commands)
- KBD_DVORAK_USA.g4b keyboard translation file added (thanks to Alex R)
- Latest version of RMPartUSB.exe
- Menu.lst changed to fix first frame of animation graphics being displayed just before Main menu (due to new grub4dos)
- ArchiveOS link added to _ISOdocsDownload URLs folder
- Change to _ISOe2bgrubbsd.imgptn to fix bug of not booting if located past 2GB on drive (thanks to James for reporting and extensive testing!)
- .isogrub file extension now directly loads menu.lst if it exists (for all-in-one Acronis ISOs, etc.)

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