3DMark Basic Edition

最新版本 3DMark 2.1.2973

3DMark 2.1.2973

3DMark 是數百萬人使用的流行的遊戲性能基準,數百個硬件評論網站以及世界上許多領先的技術公司.

3DMark 包含了在一個應用程序中對 PC 和移動設備進行基準測試所需的一切。無論您是在桌面 PC,筆記本電腦,筆記本電腦還是平板電腦上進行遊戲,3DMark 都有一個專為您的硬件而設計的基準測試.

3DMark Basic Edition 包括 7 個基準測試:

Time Spy(NEW)展示了針對高性能遊戲的 DirectX 12 基準測試運行 Windows 10 的個人電腦。憑藉純粹的 DirectX 12 引擎,從頭開始支持異步計算,顯式多適配器和多線程等新功能,Time Spy 是測試 DirectX 12 性能的理想基準。用於 Windows 10 的 DirectX 12 基準測試。在 2560 和時間渲染; 1440 分辨率。包括一個演示,圖形測試和一個 CPU 測試。下載適用於 Windows 的 3DMark 最新版本!

Fire Strike 是為當今高性能遊戲 PC 設計的 DirectX 11 基準測試版。這是非常苛刻的,即使是最新的顯卡。如果幀率較低,請使用 Sky Diver。而不是使用 Sky Diver。

Sky Diver 是適用於遊戲筆記本電腦和中檔 PC 的 DirectX 11 基準測試程序。用它來測試帶有主流顯卡,移動 GPU 或集成顯卡的系統。它特別適用於在要求更高的防火測試中無法獲得超過一位數幀速率的系統.

Cloud Gate 專為 Windows 筆記本電腦和具有集成顯卡的典型家用 PC 而設計。該基準測試使用限於 Direct3D 功能級別 10 的 DirectX 11 引擎,使其適用於測試 DirectX 10 兼容硬件。下載適用於 Windows 的 3DMark 最新版本!

Ice Storm Extreme 是一款適用於低成本智能手機和平板電腦的跨平台基準測試程序.

Ice Storm 是一款適用於移動設備的跨平台基準測試程序.

Ince Storm Unlimited 是移動設備的離線測試版本。



檔案版本 3DMark 2.1.2973

檔案名稱 3DMark-v2-1-2973.zip
檔案大小 3.9 GB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Futuremark
官網 http://www.futuremark.com/benchmarks/3dmark
更新日期 2016-08-19

What's new in this version:

- SystemInfo module updated to 4.48 for improved compatibility with the latest hardware.
- The video RAM check that warns if your system may not be able to run a test now accepts extra main RAM beyond the minimum requirement as VRAM for integrated graphics.
- We've added a DETAILS button to the panel for the Recommended test on the Benchmarks screen to make it easier to find more information and the settings for the test. This is also where you find the option to enable or disable the demo for each test.

Fixed Fire Strike Custom run settings
- Unfortunately, the previous version of 3DMark used an incorrect setting for Fire Strike Custom runs that resulted in slightly lower than expected scores. Fire Strike Custom run results from 3DMark v2.1.2852 should not be compared with this latest version nor with any other version of 3DMark. The standard Fire Strike benchmark run was not affected, nor were Fire Strike Extreme and Fire Strike Ultra
- Restored the control for volumetric illumination sample count setting on the Fire Strike Custom run screen, which was missing in the previous version.
- Fixed the default value for volumetric illumination sample count for Fire Strike Custom runs. In 3DMark v2.1.2852, Fire Strike Custom run used an incorrect default setting of 1.5. This has been reverted to 1.0, which is the correct value for the test

Other fixes
- Fixed an issue that could prevent the in-app update from working properly
- Fixed an issue that prevented Sky Diver from starting on 32-bit Windows
- Fixed an issue that caused Time Spy to crash when scaling mode was set to Stretched
- Fixed an issue that could cause result parsing to fail on complex systems with lots of devices due to the unusually large data set generated by the SystemInfo scan
- Fixed an issue that caused the installation to fail if the unzipped installer content resided in a path that included a folder name with a space

Known Issues
- Time Spy fails to run on multi-GPU systems with Windows 10 build 10240, but this is not the fault of the benchmark. You must upgrade Windows 10 to build 10586 (“November Update”) or later to enable multi-GPU configurations to work.
- Installing the 3DMark app and the DLC test data to the same folder is not a supported configuration. The latest version will prevent you from installing both to the same folder. If you currently have 3DMark and the DLC test data installed to the same custom folder you will need to uninstall 3DMark then reinstall the latest version using the full installer.

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Result - 3DMark

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