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最新版本 3uTools 2.39

3uTools 歷史版本列表

3uTools 是一款用於閃動和越獄的工具蘋果 iPhone,iPad,iPod touch 提供了三種方式:輕鬆模式,專業模式或多重閃光,可以自動選擇合適的固件並支持快速下載速度。 3uTools 免費下載 Windows PC 的最新版本。它是完全離線設置安裝程序的 3uTools.最高效的 iOS 文件& 數據管理!3uTools 可以輕鬆管理應用程序,照片,音樂,鈴聲,視頻和其他多... 3uTools 軟體介紹

3uTools 2.39 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Add support for new iDevices like iPhone SE 2、iPad Pro 4
- Add common tools, and Toolbox place can be adjusted
- Support multiple iDevice skip setup at the same time
- Add support for IPCC
- Add transfer data support from Android to iDevice
- Add Photo deduplication
- Add Social Apps backup function
- Add new 3uPlayer
- Add Crash Analysis
- Add management of description files
- Erase All Data has a new experience
- Upgraded Clean Garbage, fresh new experience
- Upgraded Screen Time limit
- Upgraded Apps, Wallpapers and Ringtones
- Flash&JB with a new interface
- Virtual Location add support to open street map
- Improved iTunes repairment, enhance the successful connection
- Fix some bugs

3uTools 2.38 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Optimized iTunes driver repair to enhance successful iDevice connection
- Fixed some bugs

3uTools 2.37 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- iTunes Flash Supports iOS 13
- Fixed some functions not compatible with the new version of iTunes
- Fixed the problem the warranty date can’t be found
- Fixed some bugs

3uTools 2.36 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Supports Virtual Location
- Supports backing up the boot sector data
- Supports iTunes flash and several options of skin color
- Supports unlocking the timelimit
- Supports skipping the setup assistant
- Supports the installation of IPCC
- Supports the compatibility of iPod touch 7
- Supports display of the charging method (wired, wireless, fast, slow) and charging power
- Updates the Back up/Restore with a new interface and a new mode viewing backups
- Updates the View iDevice Details with a better layout
- Updates the Clean Garbage with a new interface for a new experience
- Supports importing ringtones to device of iOS 13 beta
- Optimizes the Downloads
- Fixes several bugs

3uTools 2.35 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Add features of Effect, Rotate, and support multi-scenes in 3uAirPlayer
- Support new iPad Air 3/iPad mini 5
- Add Anti-Recovery Flash Mode in Pro Flash
- Optimize some pop-up reminders
- Optimize Make Ringtone
- Optimize 3uTools iDevice Info
- Optimize Photos
- Optimize Contacts page in Data
- Optimize app downloading in customized restore process
- Fix some bugs

3uTools 2.33 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- brings a secret downgrade feature

3uTools 2.32 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Optimize Photos management
- Optimize importing music
- Optimize iDevice Verification Report
- Fix some bugs

3uTools 2.31 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- 3u 'PicTools' is released with support to import photos
- Enable Wi-Fi connection (on Toolbox - Accessibility)
- Add support to import live photos
- Fix some bugs

Prepros 6.3.0 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Support for Autoprefixer grids

- Autoprefixer 9.4.4
- Kit 0.11.0
- Less 3.9.0
- Pug 2.0.3
- Node Sass 4.11.0

3uTools 2.30 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Add support for recording desktop screen in 3uAirPlayer
- Add support for In-stream Ad when you record a video
- iPad Pro 3 is compatible with support
- Add support for importing HD wallpapers to Camera Roll
- Add French in Language Settings
- Optimize Files on iDevice
- Optimize iDevice connections and iTunes drivers
- Optimize the upgrade reminder
- Optimize the error reminder in Ringtones
- Optimize 3uTools Verification Report and iDevice Info
- Optimize Photos, support for classifying detailed albums
- Fix some bugs