4K Stogram

最新版本 Rainway


4K Stogram 是一個 Instagram 查看器和 PC,macOS 和 Linux 的下載。從你的朋友下載照片,視頻和故事’ 公共和私人 Instagram 帳戶,備份您的 Instagram 個人資料,並導入您的 Instagram 訂閱列表。下載 Instagram 帳戶,主題標籤和位置!免費開始!

同時收集帳戶的照片,並在桌面上以 JPEG 格式保存。跟隨您最喜愛的攝影師,並自動獲取他們的最新照片。用您的 Instagram 憑據登錄並下載私人朋友帳戶的照片。直接從應用程序訪問您的查看器。下載 MP4 格式的 Instagram 視頻,享受應用程序的簡約界面!立即下載 4K Stogram for Windows PC!

4K Stogram 功能:

發現 4K Stogram
只需輸入一個 Instagram 的用戶名,標籤或位置,然後按 '訂閱' 按鈕。探索來自不同地方的照片,視頻和故事,訂閱任何帳戶的照片和他們的下面的列表。最好的是它是免費的 Instagram 下載器.


下載私人朋友 photos
登錄你的 Instagram 的憑據和下載私人朋友帳戶的照片.

Browse 你的朋友 Instagram feed
訂閱任何 Instagram 用戶的以下帳戶列表,並實時上傳他們上傳的新照片.

下載 Instagram Stories
保存從任何 Instagram 帳戶很短的生活每天的圖像和視頻為好 6.1235896
下載視頻 posts
從 Instagram 帳戶,標籤採取 MP4 格式的視頻並在啟用此便利功能後的位置.

它只需點擊一下,從您的 Instagram 帳戶下載所有照片.

關閉您的訂閱在一個 click
Press ‘ 訂閱帳戶我正在關注’ 並且您在 Instagram 上關注的所有帳戶都將自動添加到 4K Stogram 並下載.





檔案版本 Rainway
檔案名稱 Installer_1.0.7.0.exe
檔案大小 76 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 OpenMedia LLC.
官網 https://www.4kdownload.com/products/product-stogram
更新日期 2019-04-03

What's new in this version:

Better Compression:
- The video compression technology used by Rainway, H.264, sends a stream consisting of different kinds of frames. I-frames are full pictures, which can be decoded without context. They’re much larger (about 10×) than P-frames or B-frames, which roughly just describe how the pixels move between this frame and the previous or following ones.
- This works well for compressed video files, but it causes trouble in a low-latency streaming environment like ours. The larger I-frames take longer to transmit and decode, which causes the stream to visibly hitch for a few milliseconds whenever a full picture is sent.
- We tackled this problem head-on with a technique we call Frameless Encoding. We got rid of the hitches in the stream by entirely obviating the need to ever send full frames, smoothing out the bandwidth usage. The average frame size of a stream is now around 4 kilobytes of data. We’ve also drastically improved the speed at which we encode video while lessening Rainway’s impact on system resources.

Lower Latency:
- With the release of 1.0.7, we’ve begun rolling out Coffee, our highly efficient networking protocol.
- A significant challenge our standard Spitfire library struggles with is message fragmentation. In previous versions of Rainway, large data had to be split up before being sent, and reassembled once received by the client. On Android and Chromebook devices, this operation was painfully slow, which resulted in higher latency and (in the case of lost data) noticeable hitches in the stream.
- Coffee brings higher throughput and lower latency, making near-native performance possible in the browser — even when streaming from the cloud to a handheld device.

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