最新版本 GameMaker Studio 2.1.3 Build 273

GameMaker Studio 2.1.3 Build 273

5KPlayer,內置 AirPlay 接收器,可以幫助您免費從 iPhone,iPad,iPod 和 Apple Watch 到 Mac OS X 和 Windows PC 的流媒體(音頻和視頻)。它也是一個 AirPlay 發件人免費從 iMac,MacBook 和 Windows 10/8/ 7 到 Apple TV,AirPlay 揚聲器等免費流 MP4,MOV,M4V,MP3 和 AAC.

免費高清視頻播放器是一個在線視頻音樂支持多達 300 多個在線視頻音頻站點的下載器。沒有訂閱,你可以免費下載 4K 5K 8K 超高清或 1080P 高清視頻音樂在線不僅 YouTube,而且還有 Facebook,雅虎,DailyMotion,Vimeo,Vevo,Metacafe,Myspace,Vine,UStream,MTV,Instagram,Bliptv,LiveLeak ,CBS slideshare,以及免費下載 Soundcloud 等頂級視頻分享網站的音樂.

免費高清視頻播放器本能地提高了音樂和視頻的質量。一方面,它可以播放 MKV / M2TS / MP4 / AVI / WMV / FLV 視頻,同時作為無區域播放的 DVD 播放器,播放帶有多字幕軌道和音軌的 4K / 5K / 8K UHD 視頻,YouTube 視頻,高清攝像機,藍光視頻和衛星廣播令人印象深刻;

5KPlayer 也轉換在線視頻電影配樂到 MP3,AAC 音樂格式或鈴聲作為一個獨立的 YouTube 到 MP3 視頻下載器和轉換器。

注意:需要.NET Framework.

也可用:下載 5KPlayer 為 Mac


檔案版本 GameMaker Studio 2.1.3 Build 273

檔案名稱 GameMakerStudio-Installer-
檔案大小 176 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 DearMob, Inc.
官網 http://www.5kplayer.com/
更新日期 2017-12-15

What's new in this version:

Hotfix (v272+):
- Fixed instance variables which override defaults not overriding if you also have instance creation code
- Fixed editing the variable list for an object at the same time as editing variables for an instance of that object caused the instance's variables to override incorrectly
- Fixed the object window to allow using macros and enums without this resulting in a compiler error
- Fixed the manual saying that variables added via the new object variables system used 32bit doubles instead of the normal 64bit
- Fixed base64_decode() affecting chr() and causing HTML5 games to fail to load if you used this function

Object Variables:
- The object editor now has a new 'Variables' section
- This editor allows you to define variables and their default values, and these will be automatically set upon creation
- These default values can then be overridden for specific instances by opening the same variables window when in the room editor

Inherited Parent Events:
- The object editor's Events list now shows "ghosted" events inherited from a parent object
- This makes it easy to view all events available to an object in one place
- You can quickly open, inherit or override a parent event via its right-click context menu

Amazon Fire:
- Fixed an issue where some users got "Unable to obtain permission to execute" when running projects
- Fixed Device Manager's Test Connection button appeared to do nothing if you had the above issue

- Added support for required new iOS icons, fixes game submission fails
- NOTE: You will be prompted (once) on opening an out-of-date project to update its iOS images
- Fixed an issue which meant Push Notification support was always being included in builds

Ubuntu and Mac 64bit games:
- Ubuntu support has now shifted to 64bit, rather than 32bit
- NOTE: You need to clean your project cache for Ubuntu if you get an error about already being connected when trying to build
- Mac now includes 64bit and 32bit binaries in its packages in order to comply with submission requirements, so builds will take a little longer now

Misc IDE Changes:
- Code Editor: Now uses "standard" text editor behaviour for home/end keys
- Debugger: Graph now shows more accurate fps_real values rather than a mean of a few frames
- Preferences: Android/Amazon keystore Import, Generate, and Show Hash buttons will show the output Window so you can see messages
- Resource Tree: Optimisations to speed up the IDE when large projects are open
- Target Manager: Currently-selected target is saved per-project when you close your projects

Fixed Bugs:
- Extension Editor: Removing proxy files with matching name can cause extension files to be deleted
- Code Editor: Multi select gets removed if you backspace more than once
- Code Editor: display_set_gui_maximise() should allow support for the US equivalent display_set_gui_maximize()
- Code Editor: Reopening projects with open code editors, not all of the code is coloured correctly until editor is focused
- Code Editor: Autocomplete suggests previously used incomplete variable
- Code Editor: Unstable error if you do a replace whilst selection only is enabled, delete some text then type in the search field
- Sound Editor: Short sounds are not played completely in preview
- DnD Editor: Missing a context menu entry for Expand All
- DnD Editor: Live Preview doesn't get focused if already open and contents have changed
- DnD Editor: Context menu is missing the entries for Go To Object and Add/Open Event
- DnD Editor: Context menu is missing keyboard shortcuts
- DnD Editor: Can't Cut/Copy/Paste using keyboard shortcuts using macOS IDE
- Image Editor: Shift selecting frames can cause Shift key to become locked
- Image Editor: Blend Mode 'Multiply' will not use destination alpha
- Image Editor: Dropping any non-image file on top of an open Image Editor gives incorrect prompt
- Tile Set Editor: Changing 'Auto tile background colour' appears to change nothing
- Sprite Editor: Texture Settings -> Edge Filtering will cause GameMaker Studio 2 to close when using a 4K sprite size (3840x2160)
- Physics shape fixture not generated unless Modify Collision Shape has been opened
- Importing Projects: Dragging gmez onto start page occasionally orders rooms incorrectly
- General: "GMS2 has become unstable" when dismissing Ctrl+T via spamming Escape
- Source Control: 'Import Project to Repo' creates local repo if the import fails, preventing further imports
- Preferences: Android keystore import / generate / show hash buttons should force showing their output
- Preferences: Android keystore alias should check for spaces and block with a description of how to fix
- Debugger: DS_Map key output in instances tab does not show bitshifted integers
- Debugger: Always uses the IP for the last Mac in device manager, which might not be the targeted Mac
- Debugger: GMS2 Runner.exe creates new inbound rule each time you debug
- Resource Tree: Pressing Enter after searching for a resource does not open the resource
- My Library: DPI scaling removes refresh button and squashes Search
- Search + Replace: Can't resize window
- Game Options: Mac is missing 'Enable Retina' option
- Game Options: UWP Publisher Name is missing from the UWP Game Options
- Tutorials: Crash when clicking 'Get More Tutorials'
- Licensing: Buying GMS2 products will require log out/in to properly update your licence
- Build Android: Cannot build for Android VM if the path to the NDK has not been set
- Build UWP: Certificate install not prompted / isn't performed as part of pfx install, causes builds to fail to install on phone

Known Issues:
- If you have cached Ubuntu build output for projects you will need to clean these to avoid a "already connected" error (just need to do this once)
- Explorer file dialogs can sometimes fail to open. This is a Windows 10 Creators Update issue and has been seen failing in other applications
- Welcome Page is still disabled during start-up - it can still be accessed via the Help menu, so new users can still get to these videos and links
- Runtime download/activation has been seen to crash the IDE occasionally during subsequent startup
- Closing and reopening the Marketplace tab can cause issues downloading some assets thereafter, need to restart GMS2 to fix
- Dead instances of Window's RuntimeBroker application can block attempts to use the manual in the IDE - just get a white page
- UWP requires you to have the older SDK tools installed as well as the current ones, not just the current ones

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