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亞克力 WiFi 是一個免費的 WiFi 掃描儀,顯示 WiFi 接入點和連接的設備,顯示安全機制的信息,並獲得通用的 WiFi 密碼,由於插件系統。這個 WiFi 掃描器能夠從 802.11 / a / b / g / n / ac 網絡收集信息。市場上最先進的 WiFi 免費掃描儀現在可用於 Windows 10/8/7 / Vista。發現丙烯酸 WiFi 獨特的功能,你不會看到任何其他無線掃描儀或網絡分析軟件。

隱藏 WLAN 網絡的詳細信息。獲取隱藏的網絡 SSID 名稱與監視器模式 capture.

Packet viewer
它作為一個 WLAN 嗅探器顯示捕獲的網絡數據包.

Acrylic 創新的驅動程序自動與 Wireshark 集成,使 wireshark 捕獲 Windows 下的 WLAN 數據包.

Acrylic WiFi 功能:
接入點:WiFi 網絡信息(SSID / BSSID)和連接的用戶。信號電平:WiFi 信道和檢測到的設備的信號質量圖表。廣告資源:命名已知的 Wi-Fi 設備。密碼:WiFi 密碼和默認的 WPS 密碼(密碼測試)。頻道:WiFi 頻道掃描器和 WiFi 網絡通過 2.4Ghz 和 5Ghz 頻道。安全性:WEP,WPA,WPA2 和企業(802.1X)WiFi 網絡的網絡身份驗證和安全詳細信息。硬件:操作不需要特殊的硬件。為獲得最佳效果,請查看我們的顯示器模式兼容硬件列表注意:需要.NET Framework.


檔案版本 vMix

檔案名稱 vmix22.exe
檔案大小 268 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Tarlogic Security
更新日期 2019-02-14

What's new in this version:

- Change log not available for this version


GT - Easy to use, high-performance, animated graphics:
- Over 100+ animated title, scoreboard, ticker and social templates to choose from in HD and 4K
- Four way ticker support: create custom tickers with top, bottom, left or right scroll directions
- GT Designer Standard allows creating custom static titles and animated tickers in all vMix edition
- GT Designer Advanced allows creating custom animated titles along with the ability to import from Adobe Photoshop PSD files
- Spell check support added to built in vMix Title Editor
- New Clock dropdown box in Title Editor provides built in presets to add common clock formats to a title

MultiCorder (4K and Pro editions):
- Added support for recording Video Call sources in addition to Output1-4
- Individual MultiCorder settings can be saved in each preset

vMix Video Codec:
High quality, fault tolerant, low CPU codec suitable for post production editing on Windows.:
- ProRes-like codec with support for Adobe Premiere, Magix Vegas Pro and most other Windows video editing programs
- Supported in both the Recorder and MultiCorder
- Virtual PTZ (4K and Pro editions)
- Turns any input into a Virtual PZ camera with high quality, customisable digital zoom

Live Pause:
- Live Pause (Freeze Frame) Camera, NDI and Desktop Capture inputs by clicking the pause icon under the input

- New MultiView Output layout options
- Set the title bar either above or below the MultiView Output video previews
- Customise Preview/Output headings between fixed text and input names

- Updated NDI support to latest 3.8 SDK
- Included vMix NDI Config tool allows toggling between UDP and TCP transmission to allow optimising performance based on network requirements.
- Shortcuts
- SnapshotInput
- SetTickerSpeed
- TitleBeginAnimation
- LivePlayPause
- Controllers
- Stream Deck and Stream Deck mini support. Add the vMix plugin from the Stream Deck App store. Set buttons to live thumbnail previews via shortcuts, or colours via activators.
- Joystick Z axis support
- Joystick pressure sensitive support. Allows variable speed pan/title/zoom on supports PTZ cameras including the new Virtual PTZ.
- X-Keys HD15 GPIO support added

- Support for AJA Kona 5

- New GPU memory % indicator in status bar. This refers to special memory shared between the CPU and GPU and can be used to identify potential performance problems when using a large number of inputs
- Vimeo streaming provider now supports selecting a previous setup event to stream to
- SlideShow Properties window (for Photos and PowerPoint inputs) can now be resized. Rearranged image orders is now saved in the vMix preset
- New Copy From button in Input Settings can be used to copy Triggers, MultiView and Colour Correction between inputs
- New cog buttons on Preview and Output to open up associated Input Settings
- Added ability to solo Bus A or Bus B through Headphones output. Click the [S] button in the Bus mixer to toggle on/off
- Added support for resizable VST3 plugins

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