Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

最新版本 Altova XMLSpy 2020 Release 2 (64-bit)

Altova XMLSpy 2020 Release 2 (64-bit)

Altova XMLSpy 2020 Release 2 (64-bit)
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC(以前的 Adobe Reader)比其他 PDF 軟件更強大,是用於查看,打印和註釋 PDF 的免費可信標準。而現在,它已經連接到 Adobe Document Cloud— 所以在計算機和移動設備上處理 PDF 文件比以往更容易。您可以點擊免費下載按鈕,從我們的網站上下載 Adobe Acrobat Reader for PC 離線安裝程序.

Acrobat Reader DC 具有新的現代外觀。這包括一套完整的評論工具來添加便簽,突出顯示文本,並在您的 PDF 上使用線條,形狀和圖章.

查看和註釋 PDF 文件
使用 Acrobat Reader DC,您甚至可以打開和查看 PDF 文件。使用一套完整的評論工具,可以輕鬆地為文檔添加註釋.

通過 Mobile Link,最近查看的文件可以輕鬆地從您的所有計算機,瀏覽器和移動設備進行訪問。無論您上次查看的是哪個文件夾.

將 PDF 轉換為 Word
只需點擊一下鼠標即可獲得附加的 Adobe Document Cloud 服務。在 Reader 內部,您可以訂閱激活其他功能來創建 PDF 文件並將其導出到 Word 或 Excel。  

填寫,簽名並發送 PDF 表格
告別紙質表格。相反,請在 PDF 表單上輸入回复。添加您的電子簽名。以電子方式提交表格。並為您的記錄保存一份副本.

使用 Adobe 和 Microsoft 工具來管理和部署更新。獲得對各種文檔安全標準的支持。使用免費的 Acrobat SDK 擴展閱讀器功能。更多信息:下載 Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 為 Mac


檔案版本 Altova XMLSpy 2020 Release 2 (64-bit)

檔案名稱 MissionKitEnt2020rel2_x64.exe
檔案大小 393 MB
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Adobe Systems Inc
更新日期 2020-03-17

What's new in this version:

Validation on edit:
- The new Validate on Edit feature flags validation and well-formedness errors as you type in Text View and JSON Grid View. Every text change triggers validation in the background, so you can fix errors and immediately see if they are valid without the need to manually validate the file.
- Detailed information about validation or well-formedness errors is available in the messages window or on mouse-over of the error icon in Text View as well as in JSON Grid View

Validate as you edit a JSON document or XML document:
- Getting immediate, detailed information about errors as you edit a document helps save both time and frustration compared to addressing errors after longer periods of editing
- This feature can be switched on/off in the program options, as well as via a toolbar icon

Auto-backup of documents during editing:
- XMLSpy can now automatically backup any file as it’s being edited. This way, in the unlikely event of a software or computer shutdown, the user won’t lose his or her work. Green, yellow, red, and grey file modification symbols indicate whether a file is backed up, when a backup is pending, if a backup is not currently possible, and if backups have been disabled by the user. The user has full control over whether to run automatic backups and with what frequency.

Improvements to XPath Debugger:
- The XPath Debugger in XMLSpy lets developers move step-by-step through the evaluation of an XPath or XQuery expression against the active file to analyze the results for the corresponding step of the evaluation. At each evaluation step, the part of the expression being currently evaluated is highlighted and the result of evaluating that step is shown in the Results pane
- Now, in v2020r2, even more helpful details are provided in the call stack window: Users can now see the context and variables at each step in the call stack

Call stack history in XPath debugger:
- This, in addition to speed improvements in the XPath Debugger, make testing and debugging XPath/XQuery easier than ever
- New namespace options in generated (C++, C#, Java)code
- When generating Java, C#, or C++ program code from an XML Schema, programmers can now create elements with user-defined namespace prefixes, a frequent customer request

Support for X3D files:
- XMLSpy provides built-in support for numerous file types, with support added in v2020r2 for X3D (eXtensible 3D), a file format used for representing and communicating 3D scenes and objects embedded in applications.

Support for additional database versions:
Support for Informix, PostgreSQL, and SQLite in XMLSpy and other Altova products has been updated to include the latest versions of those databases:
- Informix 14.10
- PostgreSQL 12
- SQLite 3.31

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