Adobe Camera Raw

最新版本 Adobe Camera Raw 13.0

Adobe Camera Raw 13.0

Adobe Camera Raw 13.0
Adobe Camera Raw,它允許您導入和增強原始圖像,自 2003 年首次發布以來一直是專業攝影師必備的工具。支持 Adobe Camera Raw 的應用程序包括 Photoshop,Photoshop Elements,After Effects 和 Bridge。此外,Adobe Lightroom 建立在相同的功能強大的原始圖像處理技術 Adobe Camera Raw.



注意:需要 Adobe Photoshop.

也可用:下載 Adobe Camera Raw 為 Mac


檔案版本 Adobe Camera Raw 13.0

檔案名稱 CameraRaw_13_0.exe
檔案大小 474 MB
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Adobe Systems Inc
更新日期 2020-10-19

What's new in this version:

New Color Grading for more color control:
- Camera Raw now offers a robust color grading tool - three-way color wheels - which provide powerful color controls for shadows, midtones, and highlights at the same time. You can also adjust the overall color of your image using the Global control. Color Grading replaces Split Toning and provides more control to adjust colors in your image. Take your images to new creative heights by adjusting the color wheels in any combination to create subtle, vivid, complementary, or contrasting looks.

GPU support for faster local corrections editing:
- Experience smoother and faster rendering of edits while applying Linear and Radial Gradients, painting with the Brush Tool or adjusting multiple sliders for local corrections while GPU acceleration is turned on

Customize your workspace:
- Show or hide Edit panels easily
- You can now choose to display only those Edit controls that you need in your workspace. There is also a Compact Layout option in Camera Raw Preferences

Other enhancements:
- Enhanced Zoom
- Now get greater control over zoom levels with Box zoom. Draw a box on an image while pressing the Ctrl on Windows or Command on macOS to zoom in your preferred selected area

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