Adobe Camera Raw

最新版本 SmoothVideo Project (SVP)

SmoothVideo Project (SVP)

SmoothVideo Project (SVP)
Adobe Camera Raw,它允許您導入和增強原始圖像,自 2003 年首次發布以來一直是專業攝影師必備的工具。支持 Adobe Camera Raw 的應用程序包括 Photoshop,Photoshop Elements,After Effects 和 Bridge。此外,Adobe Lightroom 建立在相同的功能強大的原始圖像處理技術 Adobe Camera Raw.



注意:需要 Adobe Photoshop.

也可用:下載 Adobe Camera Raw 為 Mac


檔案版本 SmoothVideo Project (SVP)

檔案名稱 svp4-online.exe
檔案大小 9.5 MB
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Adobe Systems Inc
更新日期 2019-12-10

What's new in this version:

SmoothVideo Project (SVP)
- fixed seek detection in DirectShow players (again)
- fixed possible video hang after seeking when using Intel GPU
- fixed possible false frame rate change detection after seeking in mpv
- fixed possible crash on start when running in VM

SmoothVideo Project (SVP)
- don't apply "recover HDR colors" to the files containing "hdr=on" madVR's tag
- fixed not needed script reloading in some cases when entering fullscreen mode
- automatic registration in trial mode

SmoothVideo Project (SVP)
- Windows 10: experimental "dark mode" support (see "App. settings" menu)
- Windows: fixed possible stuttering because of false seek detection
- fixed wrong frame size detection for some 4K rips
- Windows: updated to Qt 5.12.5

SmoothVideo Project (SVP)
- VLC: support for major updates in VLC plugin ver.
- use last selected video profile when there're several equally scored profiles available

SmoothVideo Project
- VLC: HDR detection, DX11 hardware decoder support
- added 80/144 Hz as a target rates in UI
- Windows DPI change: don't restart when some code/cast/download jobs are running; keep "SVP disabled" status
- more weight for the "Video player" profile condition
- Mac: ignore /Applications/ = fixed various minor UI issues

SmoothVideo Project
- Ability to reset manual profile options to predefined values
- Improved HDR color fix for DirectShow players
- Artifacts masking improved and it's now on by default
- Option to launch SVP disabled

SmoothVideo Project
- Windows: preliminary support for full HW acceleration via NVIDIA Optical Flow (Turing GPUs only!)
- "Adaptive pattern" video profile option
- Windows: auto-restart Manager when switching display scaling (fixes fonts and UI scaling)
- Search in "All settings" window
- Updated to Qt 5.12.2

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