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最新版本 cURL 7.67.0

cURL 7.67.0

cURL 7.67.0
Adobe DNG Converter 是一個免費的實用程序,可以將 600 多個攝像機的文件轉換為 DNG 格式,使您能夠輕鬆將相機專用的原始文件轉換為更通用的 DNG 原始文件.

Digital Negative 的開發旨在解決缺乏專有和開放的標準每個數碼相機創建的獨特的原始文件。 DNG 允許攝影師將其原始相機文件歸檔為單一格式,便於將來進行編目和訪問。隨著格式規範免費提供,任何開發人員都可以構建支持和利用 DNG 的軟件。欲了解更多信息,請訪問數字負片頁面。

添加了以下相機的支持。訪問 Camera Raw 頁面以獲取支持的攝像機的完整列表.


檔案版本 cURL 7.67.0

檔案大小 5.7 MB
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Adobe Systems Inc
更新日期 2019-11-08

What's new in this version:

- curl: added --no-progress-meter
- urlapi: CURLU_NO_AUTHORITY allows empty authority/host part

- BINDINGS: five new bindings addded
- CURLOPT_TIMEOUT.3: Clarify transfer timeout time includes queue time
- CURLOPT_TIMEOUT.3: remove the mention of "minutes"
- ESNI: initial build/setup support
- FTP: FTPFILE_NOCWD: avoid redundant CWDs
- FTP: allow "rubbish" prepended to the SIZE response
- FTP: remove trailing slash from path for LIST/MLSD
- FTP: skip CWD to entry dir when target is absolute
- FTP: url-decode path before evaluation
- move -p for mkdir, remove -j for make
- HTTP3: fix invalid use of sendto for connected UDP socket
- HTTP3: fix ngtcp2 Windows build
- HTTP3: fix prefix parameter for ngtcp2 build
- HTTP3: fix typo somehere1 > somewhere1
- HTTP3: show an --alt-svc using example too
- INSTALL: add missing space for configure commands
- INSTALL: add vcpkg installation instructions
- README: minor grammar fix
- altsvc: accept quoted ma and persist values
- altsvc: both backends run h3-23 now
- appveyor: Add MSVC ARM64 build
- appveyor: Use two parallel compilation on appveyor with CMake
- appveyor: add --disable-proxy autotools build
- appveyor: add 32-bit MinGW-w64 build
- appveyor: add a winbuild
- appveyor: add a winbuild that uses VS2017
- appveyor: make winbuilds with DEBUG=no/yes and VS 2015/2017
- appveyor: publish artifacts on appveyor
- appveyor: upgrade VS2017 to VS2019
- asyn-thread: make use of Curl_socketpair() where available
- asyn-thread: s/AF_LOCAL/AF_UNIX for Solaris
- build: Remove unused HAVE_LIBSSL and HAVE_LIBCRYPTO defines
- checksrc: fix uninitialized variable warning
- chunked-encoding: stop hiding the CURLE_BAD_CONTENT_ENCODING error
- cirrus: Increase the git clone depth
- cirrus: Switch the FreeBSD 11.x build to 11.3 and add a 13.0 build
- cirrus: switch off blackhole status on the freebsd CI machines
- cleanups: 21 various PVS-Studio warnings
- configure: only say ipv6 enabled when the variable is set
- configure: remove all cyassl references
- conn-reuse: requests wanting NTLM can reuse non-NTLM connections
- connect: return CURLE_OPERATION_TIMEDOUT for errno == ETIMEDOUT
- connect: silence sign-compare warning
- cookie: avoid harmless use after free
- cookie: pass in the correct cookie amount to qsort()
- cookies: change argument type for Curl_flush_cookies
- cookies: using a share with cookies shouldn't enable the cookie engine
- copyrights: update copyright notices to 2019
- curl: create easy handles on-demand and not ahead of time
- curl: ensure HTTP 429 triggers --retry
- curl: exit the create_transfers loop on errors
- curl: fix memory leaked by parse_metalink()
- curl: load large files with -d @ much faster
- docs/HTTP3: fix `--with-ssl` ngtcp2 configure flag
- docs: added multi-event.c example
- docs: disambiguate CURLUPART_HOST is for host name (ie no port)
- docs: note on failed handles not being counted by curl_multi_perform
- doh: allow only http and https in debug mode
- doh: avoid truncating DNS QTYPE to lower octet
- doh: clean up dangling DOH memory on easy close
- doh: fix (harmless) buffer overrun
- doh: fix undefined behaviour and open up for gcc and clang optimization
- doh: return early if there is no time left
- examples/sslbackend: fix -Wchar-subscripts warning
- examples: remove the "this exact code has not been verified"
- git: add tests/server/disabled to .gitignore
- gnutls: make gnutls_bye() not wait for response on shutdown
- http2: expire a timeout at end of stream
- http2: prevent dup'ed handles to send dummy PRIORITY frames
- http2: relax verification of :authority in push promise requests
- http2_recv: a closed stream trumps pause state
- http: lowercase headernames for HTTP/2 and HTTP/3
- ldap: Stop using wide char version of ldapp_err2string
- ldap: fix OOM error on missing query string
- mbedtls: add error message for cert validity starting in the future
- mime: when disabled, avoid C99 macro
- ngtcp2: adapt to API change
- ngtcp2: compile with latest ngtcp2 + nghttp3 draft-23
- ngtcp2: remove fprintf() calls
- openssl: close_notify on the FTP data connection doesn't mean closure
- openssl: fix compiler warning with LibreSSL
- openssl: use strerror on SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL
- os400: getpeername() and getsockname() return ebcdic AF_UNIX sockaddr
- parsedate: fix date parsing disabled builds
- quiche: don't close connection at end of stream
- quiche: persist connection details (fixes -I with --http3)
- quiche: set 'drain' when returning without having drained the queues
- quiche: update HTTP/3 config creation to new API
- redirect: handle redirects to absolute URLs containing spaces
- runtests: get textaware info from curl instead of perl
- schannel: reverse the order of certinfo insertions
- schannel_verify: Fix concurrent openings of CA file
- security: silence conversion warning
- setopt: handle ALTSVC set to NULL
- setopt: make it easier to add new enum values
- setopt: store CURLOPT_RTSP_SERVER_CSEQ correctly
- smb: check for full size message before reading message details
- smbserver: fix Python 3 compatibility
- socks: Fix destination host shown on SOCKS5 error
- test1162: disable MSYS2's POSIX path conversion
- test1591: fix spelling of http feature
- tests: add `connect to non-listen` keywords
- tests: fix narrowing conversion warnings
- tests: fix the test 3001 cert failures
- tests: makes tests succeed when using --disable-proxy
- tests: use %FILE_PWD for file:// URLs
- tests: use port 2 instead of 60000 for a safer non-listening port
- tool_operate: Fix retry sleep time shown to user when Retry-After
- travis: Add an ARM64 build
- url: Curl_free_request_state() should also free doh handles
- url: don't set appconnect time for non-ssl/non-ssh connections
- url: fix the NULL hostname compiler warning
- url: only reuse TLS connections with matching pinning
- urlapi: avoid index underflow for short ipv6 hostnames
- urlapi: fix URL encoding when setting a full URL
- urlapi: fix unused variable warning
- urlapi: question mark within fragment is still fragment
- urldata: use 'bool' for the bit type on MSVC compilers
- vtls: Fix comment typo about macosx-version-min compiler flag
- vtls: fix narrowing conversion warnings
- winbuild/ Add vssh
- winbuild/ Fix line endings
- winbuild: Add manifest to curl.exe for proper OS version detection
- winbuild: add ENABLE_UNICODE option

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