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最新版本 Adobe Photoshop CS6 Update

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Update

Adobe Photoshop 系列產品是發揮您的數字圖像最好的終極遊樂場,將它們轉化為任何您可以想像的事物,並以非凡的方式展示它們。 Adobe Photoshop - 獲得行業標準 Adobe Photoshop 軟件中的所有最先進的編輯,合成和繪畫功能,以及可用於創建和增強 3D 圖像和基於動畫的內容的工具。 Adobe Photoshop - 充分利用功能強大的新型攝影工具和突破性的功能,實現卓越的圖像選擇,圖像修飾,逼真的繪畫,以及廣泛的工作流程和性能增強。

Adobe Photoshop 功能:
編輯和增強成像魔術效率更高最先進的攝影工具使用 Adobe Camera Raw 控制色彩和色調專業處理圖像直觀地創建電影和視頻內容創建出色的設計和藝術作品具有高級功能的複合圖像利用簡化的工作流程以用戶啟發式改進節省時間擴大您的覆蓋面注意:30 天試用。 2 GB 的雲存儲。有限訪問服務和嘮叨屏幕.

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檔案版本 Adobe Photoshop CS6 Update

檔案大小 26.2 MB
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Adobe Systems Inc
更新日期 2013-10-29

What's new in this version:

For convenience and reliability, we highly recommend that you apply this update directly from within Photoshop. To do so, choose Help > Updates in Photoshop CS6 and apply all of the updates listed under Adobe Photoshop CS6 in the Adobe Application Manager.

This Adobe(R) Photoshop(R) CS6 update addresses a number of issues discovered after Adobe Photoshop CS6 (13.0) was released.

Notable bugs fixed (Mac & Win):
- Transformed text layers have character and paragraph settings that are different/inconsistent from previous versions
- While transforming type the values are updated correctly in the Character Panel but not the Options Bar
- Text returns incorrect tracking value after transform.
- After a transformation, changing leading values for text by scrubby slider unpredictable
- Multi-line text not rendered correctly in saved PDF files

Notable Windows specific bugs fixed
- While using Photoshop (e.g. Color Picker or Layer Styles) PS launches browser with Help URL and crashes
- Move Tool context menu to links layers broken

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The Adobe Photoshop CS6 update addresses a number of issues discovered after Adobe Photoshop CS6 (13.0) software was released. For details, please see:

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