Advanced Installer

最新版本 Advanced Installer 9.1

Advanced Installer 9.1

Advanced Installer 是一個 Windows Installer 創作工具,它使開發人員和系統管理員能夠輕鬆構建可靠的 MSI 軟件包,以滿足最新的 Microsoft Windows 徽標認證要求並遵循建議的 Windows Installer 最佳做法。 Advanced Installer 是在非常靈活的許可模式下發布的。核心應用程序是 100%免費使用的商業和非商業目的。我們還提供各種商業許可證下的可選功能和附件.

Advanced Installer 特點:

用戶友好,完全由 GUI 驅動,無需學習腳本,無需編輯數據庫,無需編寫 XML

使用嚮導開發,導入現有 IDE 項目,集成到自動構建工具和源代碼管理系統中.




基於標準 Windows Installer 技術的嚴重安裝程序提供回滾, autoupdates,等 61225896
Advanced Installer 的狂熱支持團隊隨時準備幫助你任何安裝問題,你可能有。

利用現有投資。重新包裝舊的安裝程序,導入 MSI,WiX 項目。使用開放格式,避免專有陷阱.

注意:這是一個統一的軟件包,包含完整的 Advanced Installer 應用程序,其中包括免費軟件,專業版,用於 Java,企業和架構師功能。免費軟件功能可以隨時通過創建一個“簡單”類型的項目來訪問.


檔案版本 Advanced Installer 9.1

檔案名稱 advinst.msi
檔案大小 42.35 MB
系統 Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Caphyon Ltd
更新日期 2012-05-12

What's new in this version:

New features in this release:
- Windows 8 Consumer Preview support
- Silverlight applications support
- Import Visual Studio 11 projects
- Visual Studio 11 integration
- Adaptive fonts and text styles for enhanced UI
- Redesigned Media view
- NET Framework 4.5 predefined launch condition and prerequisite
- IIS 8.0 predefined launch condition
- Internet Explorer 10 predefined launch condition and search
- MySQL Server 5.5 predefined prerequisite
- SQL Server 2012 Express predefined launch condition and prerequisite
- Apache HTTP Server 2.2.22 predefined prerequisite

Enhancements to existing features:
- Added Run as Administrator option for "Launch file or open URL" custom action
- Improved upgrade behavior for multiple instances
- Added text styles support for hyperlink controls in enhanced UI
- Automatically remove sequence when deleting a custom action
- Automatically add stop slideshow event when using custom stop trigger
- Improved user account picker
- Disable service authentication controls when a service can interact with the desktop
- Moved all package language options in Translations view
- Improved action lists in Custom Actions view

Bug fixes:
- Crash when selecting AI_APP_FILE property in Table Editor
- Crash when building from command line using advinst.exe with ICE validation enabled
- Crash when moving a sequence in Custom Actions view
- Exception when icons are not extracted successfully from a file
- Crash when importing an MSI with a missing table referenced in Validation table
- Merge module CABs were not inserted in the EXE bootstrapper for mixed 32/64-bit packages
- Custom actions list was not sorted after renaming a custom action
- Feature builds were not saved correctly
- Custom icons for CommandLink buttons were not displayed in Dialog Editor
- Custom action targets were limited to 255 characters
- Browse for SQL servers wizard allowed duplicated entries
- Custom actions were not selected correctly from project summary view
- Scheduled tasks were not uninstalled if a repair was performed
- Dialogs did not support conditions which started with a string value
- Test installation UI failed for products which were not registered with Windows Installer
- Web installer with CAB per-feature did not leave the generated CABs in the output folder

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