Artec Studio

最新版本 Artec Studio (64-bit)

Artec Studio (64-bit)

探索 Artec Studio 3D 掃描軟件的功能,該軟件使用 Artec 掃描儀的數據或 3D 傳感器(如 Kinect)進行入門級 3D 建模!強大的 3D 成像軟件對於順暢的掃描體驗至關重要。這實際上控制著掃描儀如何捕捉數據和精確度。 Artec Studio 功能最先進的 3D 數據算法,使您的結果高精度,同時使 3D 掃描直觀和用戶友好.

沒有必要事先準備好你的對象,只需指向 3D 掃描儀和拍攝。同類最佳的紋理和幾何追踪算法,可實現最快和最平滑的掃描體驗。自動繼續允許您停止掃描,然後立即拿起你離開的地方。

無論您是 3D 掃描新手,需要 3D 數據處理的分步指導,還是經驗豐富的用戶加快工作流程,Artec Studio 的突破性自動化處理功能為 3D 掃描提供了新的視角.

Artec Studio 特點:

無論您選擇自動駕駛還是手動模式,Artec Studio 都不會對精度造成任何影響.

Artec Studio 具有全面的高級設置,讓有經驗的用戶可以完全控制和靈活運用.


便攜式 3D 掃描處理
掃描和處理您的數據全部在平板電腦上!與 Artec 電池組結合使用,您可以完全移動 3D 掃描解決方案!

直接兼容 CAD
Artec Studio 11 個功能可直接導出到 Design X 和 SOLIDWORKS,使掃描更加容易。

Scan with 3D sensors
A 開始探索 3D 掃描世界的好方法:Artec Studio Ultimate 版本也兼容 3D 傳感器,例如 Windows 的 Kinect,所以你可以學習所有你需要的技能,成為一個真正的 3D 掃描專業人士。

注意:30 天試用版。無法保存項目和導出掃描.


檔案版本 Artec Studio (64-bit)

檔案名稱 ArtecStudioTrial-v14.0.3.350-x64-57e780d.exe
檔案大小 495 MB
系統 Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Artec Group
更新日期 2019-06-04

What's new in this version:

Support for New Devices:
- Artec Micro desktop scanner

New Features:
- Global registration algorithm for Artec Ray scans (including those without spheres or targets)
- Export of multiple DXF cross-sections to a single file (as polylines) directly to SOLIDWORKS
- Glare reduction tool for texture application algorithm
- New Auto-position button for aligning the origin with the camera view
- New Bridges tool for interactively filling holes
- Automatic brightness adjustment to prevent overexposure (Scan panel)

- Easier to change scanner preset for algorithms (drop-down menu in Tools panel)
- Global registration was improved and Fine registration is no longer required for processing
- Texture mapping is now up to 800% faster
- Animated movement of 3D data
- Sound indicates when and algorithm is complete
- Exported meshes now employ project name as a default file name
- Transformation and Positioning tools automatically enable coordinate grid
- Auto-alignment is optional for Autopilot
- Import from Leo dialogs now support double-click for faster navigation
- Adjusted the minimum size of 3D brush in Editor panel
- Added new parameters for triangulating Ray scans

Resolved Issues:
- Orthogonal view projection is now improved
- 3D brush in Editor panel now displays the correct color (green) during deselection
- Fixed color distribution for surface-distance map
- Fixed an issue that caused Eraser 2D brush to always select through thin objects

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