Ashampoo Photo Commander

最新版本 RubyInstaller 2021.1

RubyInstaller 2021.1

RubyInstaller 2021.1
Ashampoo Photo Commander 是全面的解決方案來查看,編輯和組織您的照片,包括地理標記!帶上訂單到您的照片庫,一次批量優化多個文件或輕鬆創建和設計自己的日曆,賀卡和幻燈片。在幻燈片顯示在外部顯示屏或投影儀上的同時,控制並瀏覽 PC 上的幻燈片!只需點擊幾下,初學者,業餘愛好者和專業人士都將取得驚人的成果。 Ashampoo Photo Commander 為 PC 是驚人的!

Ashampoo Photo Commander 特點:

Pefectly 組織 - 巨大收藏包括

現代手機和相機使用地理標記將數據存儲在每次拍攝的位置。 Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 不僅處理這些數據,而且將把經度和緯度變成可用的地址!度假,家庭或與商業相關的照片現在比以往更容易訪問!

您的圖片缺少地理標記?沒問題!自己創建任意數量的照片,不需要專業知識。只需填寫位置或地址,你就全部設置好了。從現在開始,Photo Commander 可以根據位置對圖片進行過濾,無論您的收藏有多大,都可以幫助您準確找到要查找的內容。或者根據您最近的旅程從頭到尾瀏覽您的度假照片 - 不可能更簡單.


圖像編輯? You bet

即時使用和個性化定制的賀卡,網絡相冊和日曆從 JPG 和 RAW 圖像轉換 GPS 數據到具體的位置按國家,城市,街道甚至街道號碼令人著迷的設計工具,讓您獲得最大的創造力輕鬆切割個人和物體即用型和個性化的可定制賀卡,網絡相冊和日曆超過 60 種令人驚嘆的效果注意:10 天試用版可以延長至額外 30 天 registration.


檔案版本 RubyInstaller 2021.1

檔案名稱 RubyMine-2021.1.exe
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Ashampoo
更新日期 2021-04-07

What's new in this version:

Ruby 3 support:
- RubyMine now supports .rbs files and is able to provide more relevant code completion

Collaborative development:
- Code With Me is now bundled with the IDE, allowing you to edit code remotely together with your peers

- Added integration with JetBrains Space

- We’ve added the ability to manually select and run multiple tests in a run configuration

Version control systems:
- Improvements for the pull request process
- The ability to copy a file from another branch
- The ability to configure a profile for pre-commit inspections
- Support for Git commit message templates
- New action to save files to the shelf

Web technologies and frameworks:
- HTML files preview right in the IDE
- Selector specificity for style sheets
- Improved support for Stylelint
- MDN documentation is now bundled with RubyMine
- Support for CSS modules in Vue
- Better completion for symbol names in JavaScript
- Now you can set up the colors of JSDoc elements, including JSDoc tag values and types, as you like
- The ability to suppress JavaScript and TypeScript inspections for specific files
- A few UI enhancements for the HTTP client
- You can now specify which file types you want to use ESLint for
- A new inspection for HTTP usages

UI and UX improvements:
- In split view, double-clicking an editor tab will maximize it
- You have the ability to extend the search scope to external files
- The font weight is now adjustable
- RubyMine now shows tooltips one after another to prevent them from overlapping
- Windows users can now quickly access recent projects
- To continue improving accessibility, we’ve added more labels to UI elements on the Welcome screen, in the Project Structure view, and in the VCS log
- You can now select the terminal output using a right-click or a shortcut

- JSONPath support
- Support for JSON Lines
- Docker support improvements
- Improved Run/Debug Configuration dialog for Docker configurations
- Experimental support for BuildKit
- UI enhancements for multi-stage Dockerfiles
- The ability to cancel a Docker run
- Completion for environment variables and macros for Docker mounts
- Completion for image names in Dockerfiles

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