Atom (64-bit)

最新版本 NTLite (64-bit)

NTLite (64-bit)

NTLite (64-bit)
Atom 64bit 是一個文本編輯器,它是現代的,平易近人的,但對核心有破壞性的工具 - 一個你可以自定義的工具,但是也可以高效地使用而不需要觸摸配置文件。您可以從數以千計的為 Atom 添加新特性和功能的開源軟件包中進行選擇,或者從頭構建一個軟件包並將其發布給其他人使用。 Atom 預裝了四種 UI 和八種語法主題,分別為黑色和淺色。 Atom 免費下載最新版本的 Windows PC。它是 Atom.

的完整脫機安裝程序安裝程序。如果找不到要查找的內容,也可以安裝由 Atom 社區創建的主題或創建自己的主題。自定義和風格的 Atom 64bit 很容易。您可以使用 CSS / Less 來調整 UI 的外觀和風格,並使用 HTML 和 JavaScript 添加主要功能。看看設置 Atom 的視頻。 Atom 是一個使用 HTML,JavaScript,CSS 和 Node.js 集成構建的桌面應用程序。它運行在 Electron 上,這是一個使用 Web 技術構建跨平台應用程序的框架.

Atom 功能:

Atom 適用於所有操作系統。您可以在 OS X,Windows 或 Linux 上使用它.

搜索並安裝新包,或者從 Atom.

Smart 自動完成
ATIom 開始創建自己的內容 - 智能靈活的自動完成,幫助您更快地編寫代碼.

文件系統 browser

將 Atom 界面分割為多個窗格,以便跨文件比較和編輯代碼。


也可用:下載 Atom for Mac


檔案版本 NTLite (64-bit)

檔案名稱 NTLite_setup_x64.exe
檔案大小 10.3 MB
系統 Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Atom Team
更新日期 2019-03-12

What's new in this version:

NTLite (64-bit)
- General: Temporarily removed expired tool certificate (blocked by admin popup)

NTLite (64-bit)
- Source: Windows 10 Preview 20H1 build 18336 support
- Source: Unload all mounted images in a folder option
- Unattended: Disable mode, to remove any unattended settings from the image
- Unattended: Autofill ‘Windows PE’ sub-option, sets only the boot segment with host choices
- Components: ‘Text Services Framework (MSCTF)’ – 64 and 32 bit
- Components: ‘Microsoft Edge’ compatibility option
- Settings: ‘Action Center’
- Settings: ‘Typing insights’

- Components: ‘Windows Performance Recorder’ split from ‘Performance Counters’
- UI: Preset file operations unlocked during processing and loading
- UI-Translation: Thanks for Turkish (SALiH DRD), Spanish (Oleada), Russian (Den-s),
- Portuguese-Brasil (Igor), Italian (gabritb01), French (tistou77), Dutch (René),
- Chinese Traditional (Matt), Chinese Simplified (Gskening), Arabic (thamermousa)

- Source: Host Refresh crash if using ESD image
- Components: Win10 1803 IE removal breaking ms-settings shortcuts after a CU update
- Components: Win10 1903 ‘Display Policy Service’ removal Settings – Display crash
- Components: DISM full Rebase had issues after some removals
- Components: ‘UAC’ and ‘Input Service’ 64 bit removal could break 1809 setup
- Components: VMware Guest compatibility removed (not necessary at this point)
- Updates: .NET 3.5 template 32 bit detection
- UI: boot.wim Settings applying in certain situations not going to 100%

NTLite (64-bit)
- Source: Windows 10 Preview 1903 build 18329 support

- Components: ‘VMware Guest’ compatibility option
- Components: ‘Push Notifications Service’ removes more
- Components: Removed ‘UAC’ from ‘Store’ and ‘OOBE’ compatibilities
- Components: Removed ‘Radio Management’ from ‘WLAN’ compatibility
- UI-Translation: Thanks for French (tistou77), Turkish (SALiH DRD)

- Components: Various SFC errors after removals
- Components: Better cumulative update support after removals for a DISM rebased image

NTLite (64-bit)
- Source: Windows 10 Preview 1903 build 18323 support

- Updates: Allowing ‘Get Latest Updates’ on secondary instances of this tool
- General: Settings are now applied before Update Cleanup (enables DISM full rebase if set)
- Components: ‘Windows Update’ moved under ‘WinSxS Database’, for more flexibility in trimming ‘WinSxS’
- UI-Translation: Thanks for French (tistou77), Turkish (SALiH)

- UI: Host Refresh wizard could stop after making the ISO, before the actual setup initialization
- Updates: Update cleanup had leftovers, now improved while maintaining the better cumulative update compatibility
- Components: Cumulative Update compatibility improved on refreshed lite ISOs (e.g. 1809.107)
- Components: Minor SFC scannow fixes
- Components: ‘Spell Checking’ removal was breaking the Group Policy editor filter
- Components: ‘Enterprise Data Protection’ removal could hang ‘Preparing Windows’ on Win10 1511

NTLite (64-bit)
- Components: ‘Connected Devices Platform User Service’ split from ‘CDPSVC’
- Components: ‘Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support’ split from ‘Windows Error Reporting’
- UI: Existing ISO file overwrite warning added to the Apply preview
- UI: Allowing adding latest online updates during a Host Refresh session
- UI-Translation: Thanks for French (tistou77), Russian (Den-s), Arabic (thamermousa), Chinese Simplified (Gskening), Greek (Soulimiotis)

- Components: RuntimeBroker errors after some removals (mostly 19H1 Preview)
- Components: ‘People’ app removal wasn’t hiding the tray option
- Components: ‘Store’ live removal was leaving an empty stuck taskbar shortcut
- Components: ‘Remote Desktop Server’ removal breaking live cumulative update post-reboot
- Components: Apps could be crashing if IE and Edge both were removed
- Source: boot.wim loading could hang
- Registry: Integration of a unicode REG file support

NTLite (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

NTLite (64-bit)
- Post-setup: Duplicate entries in some situations

NTLite (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

NTLite (64-bit)

- Components: Improved 1809 Windows Update compatibility after removals
- Components: .NET Cache component removal leftovers
- Components: ‘Printing’ removal in some cases breaking image installation
- Components: ‘Internet Explorer’ removal breaking Edge
- Components: ‘Photo Codec’ removal breaking desktop and tray icons
- Components: ‘Windows Connection Manager’ breaking Settings – Network Center
- Components: Win7 ‘Sound Themes’ removal if default sounds kept
- Unattended: Post-setup page and SetupComplete are now allowing duplicate lines
- UI: File-Settings was disabled after processing

NTLite (64-bit)

- Components: Win 8.1 ‘Windows Store’ split from ‘Core Metro Support’
- Components: ‘Remote Desktop Services ActiveX Client’ split back from ‘Remote Desktop Client’, needed for HyperV
- UI-Translation: Thanks for German (KrX), Italian (gabritb01), Arabic (thamermousa), Chinese Simplified (Gskening), Korean (Redrabbit)

- Components: ‘Mobile PC’ removal breaking ‘Windows Connection Manager’
- Components: ‘SMB Server Common’ removal was breaking ‘HyperV’
- Components: ‘Telemetry Client’ removal was breaking Store-updated ‘Mail’
- Components: ‘HyperV’ removal could break Visual Studio setup
- Components: Win 8.1 ‘Windows Search’ removal was breaking ‘Shell Search’
- UI: Blue text more readable in a dark theme

NTLite (64-bit)

- Unattended: Optional ‘Computer name’ prompt during setup, select or type [Prompt] to enable it

- UI: ‘Removed files’ counter and image sizes now show hard links
- UI: Max number of tool instances increased to 2x of CPU threads
- UI-Translation: Thanks for French (tistou), Turkish (SALiH)

- Components: 1809’s new PSFX update format compatibility after removals (error 0x800f0982)
- Components: ‘Bitlocker’ removal breaking 1809 Cumulative Update install
- UI: Startup delay while checking temp folder permissions
- UI: Various minor UI fixes

NTLite (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

NTLite (64-bit)

- Source: Win10 RS5 (1809) Build 17763 support (also many existing components were not detected)
- Source: Win10 Preview Build 18237 support
- Components: ‘Remote Desktop Licensing’

- Components: ‘Encrypting File System (EFS)’ Feature split from the service (needed for RS5)
- UI-Language: Thanks for Korean (Redrabbit)

- Components: Unchecking ‘EVR’ fixed and reduced popups for tied components
- Components-Win10: ‘MobilePC Location’ component detection on RS4+

NTLite (64-bit)

- Tweaks: Cortana – Activity recommendations when switching devices
- Tweaks: Cortana – Use my signed-in devices history
- Components: ‘Recovery Reset support’ compatibility option
- Components: ‘Nvidia driver setup installer’ compatibility option
- Components: ‘Spotify’ compatibility option

- Source: Windows 10 build 17755 RS5 preview support
- Components: Dynamic depenency linking among Apps
- Components: SMBv2 split into the Client and Server
- UI-Components: Unchecking master component will prompt before unchecking far dependees

- Components: ‘Mixed Reality’ removal was breaking ‘Sensor Data Service’
- Components: ‘Store’ removal was breaking ‘Sticky Notes’
- Components: ‘LockApp’ removal could break Start menu
- UI: Unattended-Join network could select both radio buttons at once
- UI: Minimized error prompt blocking view

NTLite (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

NTLite (64-bit)

- Tweaks: ‘Command Prompt in directory context menus’
- Tweaks: ‘Remote access to administrative shares’
- Tweaks: ‘Show People on the taskbar’
- Components: Manual option to permanently protect components in the settings.xml ‘LockComponents’

- Components: Disabling the Explorer warning “Indexing service not running” if Search is removed
- UI: Thanks for French (tistou), Chinese Simplified (Gskening)

- Components: ‘Tablet PC’ and ‘Telemetry Client’ removals were breaking the ‘Sticky Notes’ app
- Components: Driver removal better separates multiple versions of the same driver

NTLite (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

NTLite (64-bit)

- Source: Win10 RS5 17686 support
- Source: Load preset Overwrite/Append options

- UI-Translation: Thanks for French (tistou)

- UI: Cancelling a second instance of the tool would crash on closing

NTLite (64-bit)

- Updates: ‘Clean update backup’ split into modes (DISM, Compatible and Complete)
- Components: VPN support compatibility option

- UI: Light theme updated for more contrast
- UI-Translation: Thanks for French (tistou), Italian (gabritb01)

- Updates-1803: Error 87 could happen in some environments when integrating a cumulative update with configuring Features
- Updates-Win7: Platform update integration order improvement, solves some extra Windows Update detection
- Components-1083: ‘ICS’ removal could cause OOBE setup reboot
- Components-Win7: ‘DWM’ removal could cause a ‘dwmapi.dll’ setup error
- Components-Win7: Search removal was breaking Shell search

NTLite (64-bit)

- Source: Edit image edition Name and Description in the context menu
- Updates: .NET Framework 3.5 template option (Add-Template)

- UI-Translation: Thanks for Italian Installer (bovirus)

- Source: Delete edition was temporarily hanging the UI
- Components: Defender removal could remove the empty Run key, now protected for compatibility

NTLite (64-bit)

- Updates-1803: Integration error 32 when combining KB4135051 and .NET CAB
- Components: ‘Spell Checking’ and ‘Windows Update’ removals were causing Settings Language Options crash
- Components: ‘Mail’ removal could break the time tray Calendar popup
- Components: ‘Storage Service’ removal was breaking the Settings Apps list
- Components: ‘Skype’ app had no calling sound after some removals
- Components: ‘User Data Storage’ removal could crash the Mail app
- Components: ‘TPM’ removal could break the Firewall and Defender control panels
- Components-1607: ‘Hyper-V Guest’ removal could break a cumulative update install

- UI-Translation: Arabic and Chinese Simplified

NTLite (64-bit)

- Settings-1709+: ‘Reopen my apps after an update or restart’
- Settings-1803: ‘Fullscreen optimizations’

- UI-Translation: Thanks for French (tistou), Chinese Traditional (Matt), Russian (Den-s)

- Updates: 1803 CU KB4100375 could popup an error after integration if used together with Adobe Flash update
- Unattended: Duplicate commands on repeat preset load could cause setup error
- Components-1803: Various leftovers
- Source: ESD compression now uses a number of cores instead of threads, for stability
- General: Multi-instance stability improvements in extreme scenarios

NTLite (64-bit)

- UI-Translation: Thanks for Arabic (thamermousa), Farsi (Mona mon), Italian (gabritb01)

- Source: 1803 RS4 Enterprise edition crucial package not detected message
- UI: Export progress during ESD to WIM conversion

NTLite (64-bit)

- Settings: ‘Accent Color (LogonUI)’

- Source: Win10 RS4 17128 support
- Components: ‘Storage Service’ in Win10 polished and unlocked as safer to remove

- Components: Photos could autoclose after being removed and reinstalled from Store
- Components: LTSB image Windows Store detection
- Components: SFC removal was breaking VC-runtimes in Windows 7
- Components: EventLog removal could cause an OOBE loop in Win10 14393
- Components: ‘Language Pack setup’ removal made live only, breaks Settings-search if removed from image
- Components: Scanner drivers were protected from removal if Printing kept
- Settings: ‘Accent Color’ on images, Windows setup resets the value
- UI: Export progress bar could show incorrect values when multiple images were processed in sequence
- UI: Image Tasks checkboxes were not set correctly initially

NTLite (64-bit)

- UI: Preset list header clickable for sorting by name
- UI: Better progress bar behavior when exporting multiple editions and preparing data

- Post-setup: There could be command reordering mismatches after reloading previously edited image
- Components: Snapping tool removal was breaking OneNote (Desktop Experience missing message)
- Components: Removing Maps or Printing were breaking the Photos app
- Components: MiracastView removal could cause a long lasting blank screen on logon after 1607 CU install
- Components: Now allowing printer drivers removal if Printing and Windows Update kept (updating support balancing)
- Components: Containers removal could break Sysprep
- UI: Windows versions listed like before, in pre-RS4 (e.g. Windows 10 Pro instead of Windows Professional)

NTLite (64-bit)

- Settings: ‘Display the lock screen’
- Settings: ‘Display last user name in logon screen’
- Settings: ‘Use classic logon’
- Components: ‘Volume Shadow Service API’

- Source: Win10 RS4 17093 support
- UI-Translation: Thanks for French (tistou), Korean (Redrabbit), Chinese Traditional (Matt), Farsi (Mona mon),
- Portugues-Brasil (Igor), Spanish (Oleada), Arabic (thamermousa), Chinese Simplified (Gskening and jockeysoft),
- Dutch (Rene), Italian (gabritb01)

- Components: Bluetooth removal was breaking Windows Mobile Hotspot Service
- Components: Bitlocker removal could break cumulative update in some cases
- Unattended: CopyProfile option was set in the wrong stage, non-functional
- Source: Crash could happen after saving the image

NTLite (64-bit)

- UI-Translation: Thanks for Italian (gabritb01), Czech (Tom)

- Updates: Language package integration wasn’t applied to boot.wim
- Source: boot.wim image edition deletion protection with ‘Manual setup’ kept unlocked for optional removal

NTLite (64-bit)

- Source: Win10 RS4 17074 support
- Components: ‘Recovery Agent’ split from ‘Windows Recovery’ (needed for Bitlocker/TPM and UEFI/dual boot menus)
- Components: ISO image components, those outside of a WIM, grouped in their own section
- Components: Improved Feature configuration support after removals, use Windows Update compatibility option
- Components: Improved cumulative update component removal cleanup

- Components-Win10: ‘MicrosoftStickyNotes’ removal was breaking ‘Edge’ PDF functionality
- Components-Win10: ‘Mixed Reality’ and ‘Media Streaming’ detection in N-editions
- Components: ‘IE Engine’ removal was breaking some portable apps
- Components-Win7: ‘Accessibility’ removal was breaking ‘Accessibility On-Screen Keyboard’
- Unattended-Win7: Localized images Administrator enabling
- UI-Translation: French, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Portugues-Brasil

NTLite (64-bit)

- Settings: Added Expand/Collapse buttons

- Components: Win7 Shell Search removal was breaking Libraries
- Components: Loading preset after opening compatibilities was crashing
- Drivers: Inserting drivers from a directory named windows* would not show anything
- Post-setup: Adding second Command through the UI would do nothing, false duplicate detection
- UI: Tool visual style was not properly saved between restarts

NTLite (64-bit)

- Source: Windows 10 RS4 17046 support
- Source: O&O Bluecon v15 boot.wim support
- Components: WinSxS Component Store removal includes update packages

- Post-Setup: Command sorting could be mixed on some preset loads
- Post-Setup: Command applying would not indicate progress in identical commands with different parameters
- Components: Win10 1607 ‘Firewall’ and ‘Performance counters’ removals were breaking Metro UI
- Components: Win7 Search removal was breaking library shortcuts

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