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最新版本 GoldWave 6.55

Audacity 歷史版本列表

Audacity 是一個開源的,跨平台的音頻編輯和錄音機。 Audacity 可以錄製和播放聲音並導入和導出 WAV,AIFF,MP3 和 OGG 文件。使用剪切,複製和粘貼功能(無限制的撤消功能)編輯您的聲音,混合曲目,或將效果應用到您的錄音。下載 Audacity 用於 Windows 的脫機安裝程序安裝程序。 Audacity 還具有內建的振幅包絡編輯器,可自定義的頻譜圖模式和音頻分析應用程... Audacity 軟體介紹

GoldWave 6.55 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Improved 64 bit VST support
- Presets in Auto Cue.
- Several important fixes and other improvements

Thunderbird 78.10.0 (64-bit) 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Usability & theme improvements on Windows

Various security fixes:
- Out of bound write due to lazy initialization
- Use-after-free in Responsive Design Mode
- Secure Lock icon could have been spoofed
- More internal network hosts could have been probed by a malicious webpage
- Blob URLs may have been granted additional privileges
- Arbitrary FTP command execution on FTP servers using an encoded URL
- Incorrect size computation in WebAssembly JIT could lead to null-reads
- Port blocking could be bypassed
- Race condition when reading from disk while verifying signatures

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Audacity 3.0.2 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

Better Diagnostics:
- As well as bug fixing we have also added more detailed reporting into Audacity to track down some hopefully not too common problems with the new format we introduced in 3.0.0. If you see an unexpected error message with a “Show Log…” button on it, please send the log to [email protected], tell us how the problem happened, and whether it’s repeatable. We think, but do not know for sure yet, that some problems some users of 3.0.0 have had may be caused by networked drives which are slower than drives on the same laptop. We’ve increased a ‘timeout’ which should fix that.

Macro Output:
- Users of the Macro feature in Audacity to process multiple files will find there is a new preference, Macro output, for where the results are put. The old way of doing things put the results with the files being processed. You can still do that if you want to keep doing it that way by adding an extra step in your macros.
- Untangling Code:
- In parallel with 3.0.2 and 3.0.0 work, we’ve been doing a lot of other work on Audacity on another branch that is for the future and not in 3.0.2. Paul Licameli has been untangling dependencies in Audacity and making many graphs of the structure to guide what to untangle next. Here is a small extract of one of those graphs.
- If code is hard to work with, we work more slowly. These changes to untangle the code should make Audacity more flexible, and make it easier to work with the code. We kept these changes out of 3.0.0 and 3.0.2, as the changes were substantial and the important aup3 work took precedence. Hopefully the more flexible cleaner structure will be a big win for future versions of Audacity.

- 3.0.2 has some simple to do but important bug fixes. The compressor effect was not working for longer selections. We were also very occasionally getting an error messages at start up of Audacity, requiring a restart of Audacity. You can read more about what we did for 3.0.2 on the New Features page of the manual.

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Thunderbird 78.9.1 (64-bit) 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Support recipient aliases for OpenPGP encryption. Documentation can be found here.

- The key and signature parts of the message security popup on a received message could not be selected for copy/paste
- Various UX and theme improvements
- Various security fixes

Thunderbird 78.9.0 (64-bit) 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- New mail notification displayed old messages that were unread
- Spaces following soft line breaks in messages using quoted-printable and format=flowed were incorrectly encoded; existing messages which were previously incorrectly encoded may now display with some words not separated by a space
- Some fields were unreadable in the Dark theme in the General preferences panel
- Sending a message containing an anchor tag with an invalid data URI failed
- When switching tabs, input focus was not moved to the new tab
- Address Book: Syncing a read-only Google address book via CardDAV failed
- Address Book: Importing VCards with non-ascii characters would fail
- Address Book: Some values may not have been parsed when syncing from Google address books.
- Add-ons Manager did not show if an addon used experiment APIs
- Calendar: Removing a recurring task was not possible
- Various security fixes

QGIS 3.18.1 (64-bit) 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Following on from the feature-filled releases of QGIS 3.14 and QGIS 3.16, QGIS 3.18 introduces a host of enhancements and new features, along with a long-awaited feature - Native Point Cloud support in QGIS! Thanks to the efforts of Lutra, North Road, and Hobu, QGIS is now able to import and render point cloud data in various formats by leveraging the Open Source PDAL library. This functionality has been introduced due to the success of a crowd-funding campaign and would not have been possible without the support of the QGIS community and contributors. Thank you to all those involved in realizing this incredible milestone!
- As QGIS Desktop 3.18 bids farewell to the DB2 database provider, it introduces support for users of the SAP HANA database system.
- The QGIS ecosystem has also seen some exciting changes in the form of the QGIS HUB which is an extension of the plugin site which now supports the distribution of community-developed styles, projects, and even processing models.
- We would also like to extend a big thank you to the developers, documenters, testers, and all the many folks out there who volunteer their time and effort (or fund people to do so) to make these releases possible. From the QGIS community, we hope you enjoy this release! If you wish to donate time, money, or otherwise get involved in making QGIS more awesome, please wander along to QGIS.ORG and lend a hand!
- QGIS is supported by donors and sustaining members. A current list of donors who have made financial contributions large and small to the project can be seen on our donors list. If you would like to become an official project sustaining member, please visit our sustaining member page for details. Sponsoring QGIS helps us to fund our regular developer meetings, maintain project infrastructure, and fund bug fixing efforts. A complete list of current sponsors is provided below - our very great thank you to all of our sponsors!

Audacity 3.0.0 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

New Features:
MP3 exports and imports without padding:
- Audacity now supports LAME's gapless playback info, allowing MP3s to be exported and imported without additional padding
- Other applications that support the LAME tag, for example audio player applications, will be able to read MP3 files exported by Audacity without the padding

- In less than a month we have fixed a further 41 bugs in this maintenance release

Key P1 bugs fixed:
- Crash when importing (or editing) to a disk with insufficient disk space available
- WAV Export runs 6 to 7 times slower than on 2.3.3
- Macros with Nyquist effects don't apply saved parameters
- Mix Stereo down to Mono fails if space at start of track
- With an empty rules list in "Extended Import" prefs - Tab or Home crashes Audacity

Key P2 bugs fixed:
- Undocking meter toolbars while playing/recording results in a frozen meter
- A region label gets split on inserting audio when Sync-lock is turned on
- Time toolbar displays incorrect time if project rate isn't 44100
- Time toolbar: Opening and closing preferences resets format to hh:mm:ss
- Nyquist Effects do not display a Progress Dialog if run from a Macro.
- Real-time effects - Enable checkbox has no effect
- Mix and Render to New Track selects left channel of new stereo track
- Audacity 2.3.3 config with Spectral Selection toolbar corrupts lower dock in 2.4.x and can crash
- Possible crash when clearing text field in Gain dialog

Thunderbird 78.8.1 (64-bit) 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- New mail notification did not occur for newly arrived messages if previously received mail was unread
- Directory for saving multiple attachments was not remembered between saves
- Opening a message from the command-line using "-mail " failed
- Automatic account setup did not use the provider email and display name
- Newly-added identities were not listed in the account manager until it was closed and reopened
- Account provisioner did not properly handle UTF-8 data
- Copying a large message to an IMAP server would sometimes prematurely display a time-out error
- OpenPGP: Various errors when importing keys
- OpenPGP: Public keys attached to an outgoing email did not have "Content-Description" set
- Address Book: CardDAV sync errors did not retry until Thunderbird was restarted
- Calendar: Changing the cache mode of a CalDAV calendar connection would lose the username of the account
- Calendar: Add-on calendars were sometimes not visible after restarting
- Calendar: The preview for a recurring task did not use all available space in the dialog window
- Installer: Option to keep distribution directory on upgrade did not work