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最新版本 Bandicam Screen Recorder 4.5.6 Build 1647

Bandicam 歷史版本列表

記錄一切(遊戲 + 電腦屏幕),並保存為 AVI,MP4 文件。 Bandicam 是最好的遊戲,視頻和桌面屏幕錄製軟件。您可以錄製 WOW,Minecraft,iTunes,YouTube,PowerPoint,網絡攝像頭,Skype,視頻聊天,流媒體視頻和桌面屏幕沒有滯後。下載 Bandicam Windows 的離線安裝程序安裝 Windows.Bandicam 在錄製時壓縮視頻,並使用更低... Bandicam 軟體介紹

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Bandicam Screen Recorder 4.5.6 Build 1647 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Improved the screen capture performance when using the enhanced capture method
- Improved the screen shaking issue when using the around mouse screen recording mode
- Less of the red-colored rectangle window will be recorded than before when using the enhanced capture method
- Bugs fixed
- The mouse cursor and mouse click effects were displayed in the wrong position after resizing the rectangle window
- Other minor bugs have been fixed

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Electron 7.1.10 (64-bit) 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Fixed BrowserWindow.setFocusable(true) not working on Windows
- Fixed set-cookie header not passed in net module
- Fixed an issue where custom stream protocols would sometimes not complete responses when the data stream ended
- Fixed crash when restoring minimized hidden window on Windows
- Fixed issue where non-zero size pixels in CSS styles could be rounded down to zero size pixels
- Fixed memory leak when using javascript generator functions

Other Changes:
- Fixed potential hang when sending syncronous IPC messages on process shutdown

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What's new in this version:

Nessus 8.9.0
New features:
- Streamlined Sensor Deployment - Capability to include environmental configuration variables as part of a sensor installation
- For more information, see Mass Deployment Support in the Nessus User Guide

- Open SSL v1.1.1 Update - Nessus scanners will leverage OpenSSL v1.1.1 as part of this release
- This causes impact to the ciphers and SSL versions supported. For more information, see the knowledge base article
- Capability for Nessus to support plugin databases greater than 4 GB
- This causes an automatic full recompilation of the plugins upon first startup after upgrade, which may take several minutes

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed issue where a user was unable to login to Nessus using a certificate
- Fixed issue where remediation tab was not being displayed
- Fixed issue where a basic user could not view results in Nessus Manager
- Fixed issue where a scan with a policy with mixed plugin families would not run
- Fixed issue related to upgrading on Windows platforms from earlier versions of Nessus
- Fixed issue with cloud scans aborting

Nessus 8.8.0
New Features:
- Red Hat 8 Support - Nessus now supports Red Hat 8 as a supported host operating system
- Agent key update confirmation - A confirmation prompt now appears when a user a
ttempts to update the Nessus Agent key

- Log rotation max_files default change - The default value for number of log files retained when rotating logs has changed from 100 to 10. This change applies to backend.log and www_server.log files, and will cause the oldest files to be rotated off if the new maximum is exceeded. Customers can modify the number of log files retained by changing the setting in the log.json file

Bug Fix:
- Fixed an issue where ping doesn't work in a static route network environment
- Fixed an issue where some appliances were consuming their available disk space with logs by reducing the default log rotation Max_Files value to 10
- Fixed an intermittent issue where blackout windows were not enforced by Nessus Manager
- Fixed an intermittent issue where agent policies may have been missing a selected tag
- Fixed a presentation issue in the UI with very long folder names
- Fixed an issue where blackout windows were not enforced immediately after 00:00
- Fixed an issue where an agent unlinked from UI cannot relink from agent CLI
- Fixed an intermittent issue with heartbeats not properly timing out in the NASL recv() function

Nessus 8.7.2
New Features:
- International Character Display: Added ability to properly store and display international characters in Nessus scan results.
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where linked scanners had intermittent SSL errors if they could not reach

Nessus 8.7.0
New Features:
- Nessus Manager Clustering Enhancements: Support for agent migration into Nessus Manager clusters is now available. Clustering no longer requires a licensing flag, and is available to be configured for all customers using Nessus Manager for large agent installations.
- Tenable Research News Widget: In Nessus Essentials, RSS feed-based notifications present recent publications from Tenable Research in the UI, providing a live view of the ongoing research and publications of Tenable's cutting-edge Research organization.
- Host Discovery Scan Wizard: New users of Nessus Essentials and Nessus Professional trial are presented with a scan wizard upon first use of the product to walk through the process from host discovery to vulnerability scanning. Now it only takes a couple clicks for new users to create and execute their first scan.
- Licensing transparency for Nessus Essentials and Nessus Professional Trial: A new License Utilization page gives Nessus Essentials and Nessus Professional trial users visibility into the hosts that have consumed their licensed pool of hosts, as well as the length of time before each asset will no longer count against the license.
- Updated Host Discovery Results Page: Refreshed the results page for Host Discovery Scans to present more relevant information. Users can now see port, host, and OS information when available, based on the type of discovery scan performed.
- Launch scans from result set of another scan: Users can now select hosts from one scan result set to open or launch a new scan with those hosts pre-populated as targets.
- Scan templates have been grouped by type: Scan templates have now been grouped by type and will fall into one of the following categories: Discovery, Vulnerability, and Compliance.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where all agent filters are removed when removing just one.
- Fixed an issue with Nessus compliance filters returning zero results.
- Fixed an issue where Nessus Manager blackout window was not being enforced.
- Fixed an intermittent issue where a scan ran outside of the scheduled scan time when daylight savings time started.
- Fixed an issue where managed scanners were displaying templates that are only available through
- Fixed an issue where the re-balance button for clustering was not always responsive on first pass.
- Fixed an issue where disabled scans may not run after being re-enabled.
- Fixed an issue where the unread/read scan(s) indicator in the UI was sometimes incorrect.
- Documented the possible agent status values returned from the Nessus/Agents API in the online API documentation.

Nessus 8.6.0
New Features:
- In-Product Notification Enhancements - Improved expiration notifications by adding call to action, upsell links, and added the ability for users to dismiss them until the next scheduled reminder. Added new dynamic strings to enable future notification functionality. Also added new notification history to allow users to review previous notifications.
- Watermarked reports for Nessus Essentials and Nessus Pro Trials - Added watermarks to exported reports for Nessus Essentials and Nessus Pro evaluations.
- Enterprise Supportability: Scan and Policy Ownership - Our enterprise users of Nessus often have personnel changes that require them to change or remove users from their system. This feature allows administrators to claim ownership of user content.
- Telemetry Enhancements - Added an advanced setting that allows users to opt out of providing telemetry reporting back to Tenable. Telemetry information ensures that users will benefit from more intuitive and useful features and capabilities in future Nessus releases. Please refer to the documentation describing advanced settings for more information.
Bug Fixes:
- Bug Fix Defect ID
- Fixed an issue where users were unable to filter the agent list by IP address in Nessus Manager 00832160
- Fixed an issue with exporting HTML custom reports containing non-standard character sets 00775714
- Fixed an issue where multi-homed machines would not honor the forced source IP command 00801670
- Fixed an issue with scan result filters no longer accepting a comma delimited list of values 00832101, 00833265
- Fixed an issue when attempting to add agents by search results to agent groups 00832160
- Fixed an issue where plugin attributes were no longer included in .nessus files sent to, by adding a config setting to re-enable the attributes 00840184, 00848793
- Fixed an issue where the scanner health page does not appear to display CPU usage correctly
- Fixed an issue with scan plugin filters
- Fixed an intermittent issue with displaying records in the Vulnerabilities view
- Fixed a number of UI presentation issues
- Fixed typo in the advanced settings for Max HTTP Connections
- Fixed an intermittent issue with Agent 'status' on Agent Detail page is not displaying state correctly
- Fixed an issue where 'Plugin Family' filter is not working as expected and showing "no result found"
- Fixed an issue with agent group deletion work flow
- Fixed an issue where search agent count is not displaying correctly
- Fixed an issue where search functionality wasn't as inclusive as expected
- Fixed an issue where unlicensed scanners show as "expired"
- Updated OpenSSL version to 1.0.2s.
- Fixed a potential issue in XMLRPC API affecting Windows installations

Bandicam Screen Recorder 4.5.5 Build 1632 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Bandicam now maintains the aspect ratio when resizing the rectangle window (while holding the Shift key or recording)
- The maximum FPS has been changed from 144 to 1000

Bugs fixed:
- The rectangle window was displayed in the wrong position in Windows 7 (DPI Aware bug)
- Other minor bugs have been fixed

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