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最新版本 Bandicam Screen Recorder 4.6.4 Build 1728

Bandicam 歷史版本列表

記錄一切(遊戲 + 電腦屏幕),並保存為 AVI,MP4 文件。 Bandicam 是最好的遊戲,視頻和桌面屏幕錄製軟件。您可以錄製 WOW,Minecraft,iTunes,YouTube,PowerPoint,網絡攝像頭,Skype,視頻聊天,流媒體視頻和桌面屏幕沒有滯後。下載 Bandicam Windows 的離線安裝程序安裝 Windows.Bandicam 在錄製時壓縮視頻,並使用更低... Bandicam 軟體介紹

Bandicam Screen Recorder 4.6.4 Build 1728 查看版本資訊


Insomnia Core 2020.4.1 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

Major Changes:
- Switch to new MacOS Developer Certificate
- Improve backward compatibility of Response Body tags

Minor Tweaks:
- Handle server-side OAuth2 redirects to non-existent protocols
- Save and pre-select last used export format
- Add shortcuts to collapse and expand all nodes on Windows and MacOS

Bug Fixes:
- Fix PDF response viewer

XRECODE 1.105 (64-bit) 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- fixed issue when incorrect sample rate was used when converting multi-channel 96Khz file to mp3

Bandicam Screen Recorder 4.6.4 Build 1727 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- The Primary Sound Device (Speakers) was changed from "Disable" to "(Default Output Device)" when Bandicam restarted
- The computer screen was recorded in the wrong position when using the rectangle screen recording mode under certain conditions
- Other minor bugs have been fixed

Intel HAXM 7.6.5 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Optimized internal storage structure for CPUID feature set
- Fixed a performance issue caused by a regression
- Fixed some warnings from static code scan
- Introduced a new installer framework for Windows

MATLAB R2020b 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- MATLAB Online Accessibility: Use a screen reader to interact with the Command Window and create scripts and functions
- Live Editor Images: Add alternative text to images
- Live Editor Images: Change the size of images
- Live Editor Hyperlinks: Navigate to existing files from a live script or live function using links
- Live Editor Export: Export all live scripts and live functions in a folder to a standard format
- matlabRelease Object: Query MATLAB Release Information
- Query Parallel Functionality: Determine if support for Parallel Computing Toolbox functionality is available
- Comparison Tool: Compare text files in MATLAB Online
- Language and Programming:
- pattern Object and Functions: Match patterns in text functions
- extract Function: Extract substrings from strings
- Functions: New validation functions for arguments and properties
- underlyingType, isUnderlyingType, and mustBeUnderlyingType Functions: Query the underlying data type of classes
- height and width Functions: Return number of rows or columns in an array
- Class conversions: Assignment operations convert more classes into built-in data types
- Functionality being removed or changed

Data Analysis:
- Implicit Expansion: For calendarDuration, categorical, datetime, and duration arrays, automatically expand dimensions of length 1 when applying element-wise operations and functions
- normalize Function: Scale data by interquartile range
- groupsummary Function: Summarize data using functions that require multiple input arguments
- fillmissing Function and Clean Missing Data Live Editor Task: Specify maximum gap size to fill
- Clean Outlier Data Live Editor Task: Define outliers based on percentile thresholds
- Functionality being removed or changed
- Data Import and Export:
- readstruct and writestruct functions: Read and write structured data in XML files
- readlines function: Read the lines in a text file as a string array
- Spreadsheet files: Customize formatting when writing data to spreadsheet files with PreserveFormat and AutoFitWidth
- imread function and Tiff object: Read images from Aperio SVS and TIFF files containing JPEG2000 compression
- ArrayDatastore object: Create datastores from in-memory data
- Datastore: Transform multiple datastores using the transform function
- FileDatastore object: Shuffle and create subsets of a FileDatastore
- writeall function: Write data from text and spreadsheet files to different row groups in Parquet files
- fileparts function: Parse file names specified as cell arrays of character vectors and string arrays
- Audio devices: Refresh the available audio devices using the audiodevreset function
- Audio files and web-based data: Read and write remotely stored audio files using audioread, audiowrite, and audioinfo
- HDF5 files and web-based data: Read and write remotely-stored HDF5 files using existing HDF5 functions
- HDF5 files: Read and write file names encoded using Unicode characters
- Scientific File Format Libraries: NetCDF library upgraded to 4.7.3
- Image File Format Libraries: LibTIFF library upgraded to version 4.1.0
- Bluetooth Interface: Support for communicating with Bluetooth devices
- TCP/IP Client Interface: New functions and properties
- Serial Port Interface: Improved performance
- Functionality being removed or changed
- Mathematics:
- Optimize Live E:ditor Task: Solve optimization problems interactively
- pagemtimes Function: Perform matrix multiplication on pages of N-D arrays
- pagetranspose and pagectranspose Functions: Transpose pages of N-D arrays
- svdsketch Function: Compute SVD factors of low-rank matrix sketch
- Functionality being removed or changed

- bubblechart, bubblechart3, and polarbubblechart Functions: Create bubble charts in 2-D, 3-D, and in polar coordinates
- Swarm charts and Scatter objects: Visualize distributions of discrete data
- scatter Function: Vary the transparency across all points
- tiledlayout and nexttile Functions: Improved placement of legends, and colorbars, and shared decorations
- axis Function: Pad axis limits to show plotted data near the limits more clearly
- Titles, Subtitles, and Axis Labels: Add subtitles to plots, and align titles and axis labels with the plot box
- Data Tips: Customize data tip content on standalone visualizations
- turbo Colormap: jet colormap alternative with more perceptually uniform transitions
- Colormap Editor: Customize colormaps using modernized interface
- boxchart Function: Use color to differentiate between box charts
- im2gray and cmap2gray: Convert images and colormaps to grayscale
- validatecolor Function: Calculate normalized RGB triplets for color names, hexadecimal color codes, or integer values
- Markers: Specify horizontal or vertical line markers for plots
- surfc and meshc Functions: Specify Z-level for contours on surface and mesh plots
- animatedline Function: Create animated lines in polar plots
- colororder Function: Control colors in geographic bubble charts
- Functionality being removed or changed

App Building:
- uitable Function: Configure column widths to use weighted variable or to automatically adjust to fit data
- scroll Function: Scroll to the top or bottom of a text area programmatically
- WindowStyle Property: Create modal UI figures
- Icon Property: Specify custom icons for UI figure windows and toolbar push and toggle tools
- WordWrap Property: Wrap long text to fit the width of certain UI components
- Enable Property: Turn interaction off and on for buttons and panel groups
- BackgroundColor Property: Set the background color for grid layouts
- Custom Components: Develop your own class of UI components
- App Designer: Allow only one running instance of your app at a time
- App Designer: Change the stacking order of UI components
- App Designer: Add and configure toolbar components on the App Designer canvas
- App Designer: Draw UI components on the App Designer canvas
- App Designer: Find differences and merge apps
- Graphics Support: Create more plots in apps with full support for any type of axes
- Graphics Support: Identify coordinates and display text by clicking or tapping
- App Capture: Capture user interfaces using exportapp and getframe
- App Testing Framework: Perform choose gestures on context menu items
- App Testing Framework: Perform drag gestures on axes and UI axes
- App Testing Framework: Perform gestures on push tools and toggle tools
- Functionality Being Removed or Changed

- sum Function: Improved performance summing the first dimension of numeric arrays
- polyfit Function: Improved performance fitting data
- accumarray Function: Improved performance with fill values and certain function handles
- spdiags Function: Improved performance constructing sparse banded matrices
- uilistbox: Improved performance when setting multiple items in a list box
- uitree: Improved performance when creating many nodes in a tree
- Data Tip Markers: Improved rendering performance of data tip markers in surface plots of large data sets created in UI figures and MATLAB Online

Software Development Tools:
- Code Compatibility Report: Unsupported Functionality Will Now Issue Warning
- Dependency Analyzer: Export to archive and generate a dependency report
- Source Control: Improved workflow to set up Git source control
- Projects: Change project definition file type and preserve source control history
- Unit Testing Framework: Run tests in parallel on clusters and clouds
- Unit Testing Framework: Run tests in parallel with standalone applications
- Unit Testing Framework: Report the validity of shared test fixtures
- App Testing Framework: Perform choose gestures on context menu items
- App Testing Framework: Perform drag gestures on axes and UI axes
- App Testing Framework: Perform gestures on push tools and toggle tools
- Functionality being removed or changed

External Language Interfaces:
- C++ Interface: Support for nullptr
- C++ Interface: Create interface with C++ source files
- Python: Version 3.8 support
- Python: Terminate Python interpreter and start new one in same MATLAB session
- mxCreateString C Matrix API functions: UTF-8 support
- MATLAB Data API: Create matlab::data::Object arrays
- Compiler support changed for building C++ interfaces, MEX files, and standalone MATLAB engine and MAT-file applications
- Functionality being removed or changed

Hardware Support:
- Live Editor Task: Interactively capture images from USB Webcam interactively and generate MATLAB code in a live script.
- Functionality being removed or changed

PyCharm 2020.2.2 查看版本資訊


Bandicam Screen Recorder 4.6.3 Build 1725 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Improved the sound device selection UI. (The Primary Sound Device is split into speakers and microphone.)
- Improved the pen/highlighter drawing performance in drawing mode

Bugs fixed:
- Bandicam could not run in Windows Vista from version 4.6.1
- Other minor bugs have been fixed

Insomnia Core 2020.4.0 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

Minor Tweaks:
- Attach code fold marker to themes
- Copy version info to clipboard (#2480 by Innoxious)
- Improve readability of search results
- Deterministic importing of Swagger 2
- Improve performance of raw response viewer
- Honor servers variable defaults for OpenAPI3 import
- Add Kotlin and Axios code generation support
- Add manual prettify for multipart editor

Bug Fixes:
- Fix variable autocomplete
- Consistent export dropdown verbiage
- Fix bulk query editor
- Verbiage fixes
- Fix links in the repository root
- Improve version check script output

XRECODE 1.104 (64-bit) 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- fixed issue when encoding .opus files to .wma using 2-pass encode method
- fixed encoding of 7.1 files to alac
- fixed issue when lossy to lossless confirmation was shown for copy operation
- fixed issue when tag value for DISCTOTAL and TRACKTOTAL were not read from mp3 files