最新版本 BitComet 1.61

BitComet 1.61

BitComet 1.61
BitComet 是一個快速和易於使用的 BitTorrent / HTTP / FTP 下載客戶端。它是 P2P 文件共享免費軟件,也是為高速分發而設計的最流行的 P2P 協議之一。 BitComet 支持同時下載,DHT 網絡(trackerless),下載隊列,Torrent 包中的選定下載,快速恢復,磁盤緩存,速度限制,自動端口映射,代理和 IP 過濾。

為什麼選擇 BitComet?長時間播種:加速下載和恢復死亡的洪流洪流分享:下載時下載磁力 URI:啟動 BitTorrent 下載沒有.torrent 文件,使用 DHT 網絡。下載時預覽:下載過程中可以預覽.avi .rmvb .wmv 等視頻文件。 Crose 協議下載:受益於 HTTP / FTP / eMule 下載源,而 BitTorrent 下載。將文件對齊邊界:更好地製作洪流,完全兼容舊版本。智能連接優化:自動設置配置以匹配您的連接類型。智能磁盤緩存:內存緩存用於降低硬盤的讀寫頻率,延長設備的使用壽命。智能磁盤分配:減少磁盤碎片。 DHT 網絡:啟動 BitTorrent 下載,無需連接任何跟踪器。 Windows 中的自動配置 ICF(Internet 連接防火牆)和 ICS(Internet 連接共享)。自動配置路由器中的 UPNP 端口映射(路由器需要 UPnP 支持)。禁用或設置 torrent 文件的優先級:文件可以跳過下載,或設置為更高 / 更低的優先級,允許您選擇首先完成哪個文件。還支持 Multi-tracker,DHT,utf- 8 擴展和 UDP 跟踪協議 v2。注意:建議用戶在安裝此廣告支持的應用程序時注意.8997423


檔案版本 BitComet 1.61

檔案名稱 BitComet_1.61_setup.exe
檔案大小 18.13 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 BitComet Team
更新日期 2019-11-04

What's new in this version:

GUI Improve:
- improve filter for auto torrent download from RSS feed
- do not display unknown as name for tasks created from HTTP URL of torrent file
- new command in context menu of RSS article list: copy torrent link
- show tooltip when mouse hover on status column of peer list
- check disk boost service when program starts, display fix notification if not installed
- task finish popup changed to toast notification of Action Center in Windows 10
- auto update interval of RSS feed changed to the shorter one of user setting and feed setting
- add new setting bittorrent.anti_leech_banned_ports in Advanced page of Options window
- The option window automatically adjusts the window size according to the minimum size of the page when switching pages
- add search options box in Advanced page of Options window

GUI Bugfix:
- the setting of max number of RSS article works incorrectly
- refresh task properties dialog after meta-data downloaded right away
- fix display problem of floating window with HiDPI scale
- remove obsoleted option: display task properties dialog after meta-data downloaded for Magnet link
- publisher info not displayed in BitTorrent task properties dialog
- copy RSS feed URL will get RSS feed web-page URL

Core Improve:
- Improve compatibility with XML file formats returned by RSS feeds
- for the option that start a new task from waiting queue when total download speed lower than setting value, also stop a slowest task at the same time
- switch to IE11 render mode for RSS web-page in Window 10

Core Bugfix:
- The Magnet link task addition time is changed from the time of torrent file downloaded to the time of task created
- problem about the auto refresh interval for RSS feeds

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