Brave Browser (64-bit)

最新版本 Brave Browser 0.62.31 (64-bit)

Brave Browser 0.62.31 (64-bit)

Brave Browser 0.62.31 (64-bit)
新的勇敢的瀏覽器 64 位自動阻止廣告和跟踪器,使其比目前的瀏覽器更快,更安全。除了真實的內容,一切頁面的加載速度都是驚人的。最多 60%的網頁加載時間是由每次在您最喜歡的新聞網站上打開頁面時加載到各個位置的基礎廣告技術引起的。其中 20%的時間花在加載試圖了解更多關於你的東西上。下載勇敢的瀏覽器 64 位脫機安裝程序安裝程序!

Brave 底層是一個基於 Chromium 的網絡瀏覽器,這意味著它的性能和網絡兼容性是非常相似的基於 Chromium 的其他瀏覽器.

Brave 瀏覽器功能:

Browse 更快 61225896Brave 塊跟踪和侵入性的廣告,可以放慢你在網絡上.

Brave 64 位讓你和你的信息更安全,有效地屏蔽你從第三方跟踪和 malletin.

Browse Better
With 勇敢,你可以選擇是否看到廣告,尊重您的隱私或支付網站直接。無論哪種方式,您都可以在幫助資助內容創作者方面感覺良好.


Brave 將網站重定向到 HTTPS
“我們已經將 HTTPS Everywhere 集成到每個勇敢的瀏覽器中,以確保您始終將您的位移到最安全的管道。下載勇敢的瀏覽器 64 位離線安裝程序安裝程序!

阻止塊跟踪像素和跟踪 Cookie

也可用:下載 Brave Browser for Mac


檔案版本 Brave Browser 0.62.31 (64-bit)

檔案名稱 BraveBrowserSetup.exe
檔案大小 1.1 MB
系統 Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Brave Software Inc.
更新日期 2019-03-18

What's new in this version:

Brave Browser 0.62.31 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Brave Browser 0.62.27 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Brave Browser 0.61.44 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Brave Browser 0.61.38 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Brave Browser 0.61.36 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Brave Browser 0.61.34 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Brave Browser 0.60.28 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Brave Browser 0.60.24 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Brave Browser 0.59.35 (64-bit)
- Fixed issue with sync library

Brave Browser 0.59.34 (64-bit)
- Added Sync
- Added ability to claim BAT grants using the reward panel
- Added support for custom tip amounts for publishers
- Added ability to enable and disable WebTorrent via Brave settings
- Added request confirmation before opening external applications
- Added dark theme support for Developer Tools
- Improved the Brave welcome experience
- Enabled viz service display compositor
- Reduced user fingerprint by always returning constant values for navigator.mimeTypes and navigator.plugins
- Replaced several icons under Brave Rewards with new icons
- Fixed auto-contribution table being corrupted when changing "Minimum page time before logging a visit" via Brave Rewards settings
- Fixed publishers being removed from the auto-contribution table when "Minimum page time before logging a visit" is changed and Brave is upgraded or restarted
- Fixed reward panel not always displaying Welcome screen on first click which caused issues creating wallets
- Fixed several instances of incorrect crypto addresses being displayed in Brave Rewards
- Fixed weight for each publisher within auto-contribution not being calculated correctly
- Fixed Widevine notifications not appearing under YouTube and Amazon Prime when viewing premium content and Widevine is not installed
- Fixed PDFs being opened in Brave even though "Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Brave" has been enabled in Brave settings
- Fixed disabling auto-contribution also disabled YouTube tipping
- Fixed notifications under Brave panel not being dismissible in certain instances
- Fixed several instances of rewards panel not displaying YouTube publishers due to different URLs
- Fixed pending contributions to unverified publishers not being dynamically updated under Brave Rewards
- Fixed Brave Rewards summary sometimes displaying incorrect tip amounts
- Fixed non-verified publishers not being displayed in Brave panel when unchecking "Allow contributions to non-verified sites" in Brave Rewards settings
- Fixed "Next Contribution Date" under Brave Rewards displaying incorrect dates in some instances
- Fixed non-verified sites being added into auto-contribution table when "Allow contributions to non-verified sites" has been disabled
- Fixed "Send My Tip" button under Brave panel not displaying cursor
- Fixed specific headers for promotional campaigns not being used when Brave first starts up
- Fixed not being able to make Brave the default browser under Linux
- Fixed favicon not appearing on several custom brave:// pages
- Fixed Brave Shields blocking images when device language is set to Japanese
- Fixed several strings under the hamburger menu not being translated
- Fixed several icons under the toolbar that appeared too thick when not using retina screens
- Upgraded Tor to
- Upgraded Chromium to 72.0.3626.81

Brave Browser 0.58.21 (64-bit)
- Added new contribution flow for unverified publishers
- Removed icon fetching for unverified media publishers
- Fixed several CORS issues due to Brave Shields
- Fixed JavaScript being able to load Brave schemes
- Fixed not being able to exclude websites from the auto-contribute table under Rewards
- Fixed auto-contribution table not being updated correctly in certain situations
- Fixed auto-contribution still occurring when Rewards is disabled or the auto-contribution toggle is toggled off within Rewards
- Fixed recurring tipping still occurring when Rewards is disabled
- Fixed not being able to play media on Reddit
- Fixed images failing to upload on GitHub
- Fixed not being able to login into
- Fixed videos failing to load on
- Fixed not being able to login into
- Fixed not being able to search on
- Fixed not loading in Brave
- Fixed "Save Link As..." being disabled under the right click context menu when selecting "brave://sync" in settings

Brave Browser 0.58.18 (64-bit)
- Added text snippets under the tip panel and tip banner when a publisher hasn't been verified
- Removed all images for unverified publishers on Brave Rewards
- Removed YouTube favicons for unverified publishers in tip table under Brave Rewards

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