Cheat Engine

最新版本 Peerio 3.12.0

Peerio 3.12.0

Peerio 3.12.0
Cheat Engine 是一個開源工具,旨在幫助您修改在窗口下運行的單人遊戲,因此您可以根據自己的喜好使其更難或更容易(例如:發現 100hp 太簡單,嘗試玩最大 1 HP 的遊戲),但也包含其他有用的工具來幫助調試遊戲,甚至正常的應用程序.

它配備了一個內存掃描器,以快速掃描遊戲中使用的變量,並允許你改變它們,但它也帶有一個調試器,反彙編器,彙編器,speedhack,培訓師製造商,直接 3D 操作工具,系統檢測工具等等.

對於新用戶,建議閱讀本教程(安裝 Cheat Engine 之後,可以在您的程序列表中找到它),並且至少到達第 5 步,以便基本了解 Cheat Engine.

的使用注意事項:某些防病毒程序錯誤地將 Cheat Engine 的部分內容當作木馬 / 病毒.899997423


檔案版本 Peerio 3.12.0

檔案名稱 peerio-2-setup-3.12.0.exe
檔案大小 96 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Dark Byte
更新日期 2019-01-02

What's new in this version:

Peerio 3.12.0
- We've added new chat and file beacons to help guide new users around the app
- No more regrets. You can now easily rename a file
- We've added Jumbojis. Need we say more?
- Some improvements and bug fixes

Peerio 3.11.0
- We've expanded our URL previews in Peerio. You can now see previews from websites, including blog and news articles, social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, and more
- Some improvements and bug fixes

Peerio 3.10.3
- New Shared Folders, a new way to collaborate with your teammates in a secure, end-to-end encrypted workspace. Our new Shared Folders functionality allows you to add or remove teammates from a shared folder with ease.

Peerio 3.8.2
- No more missed messages! Peerio will now send push notifications to your mobile device when it detects that you've been idle on your desktop
- Express yourself even more! We've added a new set of emojis (unicode 11.0) to our library
- We've made some improvements to the sign in screen
- Some bug fixes and improvements

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