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Comodo Firewall

Comodo Firewall
Comodo 的免費防火牆是您抵禦病毒,蠕蟲,木馬,黑客和所有互聯網威脅的第一道防線。 Comodo 的防火牆使用默認拒絕保護來防止威脅的發生,而不是僅僅在已經太晚的時候檢測到它們。每當一個未知的軟件被引入到你的系統中時,Comodo Firewall 將它與一個超過一千五百萬個受信任文件和應用程序的白名單進行交叉引用。如果要求訪問的文件在列表中,Comodo Firewall 可以確保您的計算機可以安全地執行該文件。如果沒有,Comodo Firewall 會提醒你,一個可能的惡意文件正在嘗試進入你的 PC.6235896
最新版本看到了安全性和可用性方面的重大飛躍,增加了基於雲的掃描和無法識別的文件的行為分析 - 使得 Comodo Free Firewall 無與倫比在檢測零日攻擊。在默認設置下,基於雲的病毒掃描程序將自動掃描未知和不可信的文件,然後在文件在我們的雲服務器上進行行為分析的同時,在本地機器的虛擬環境(沙箱)中運行,以便它不能修改或影響您的“真實”系統的數據。這種保護您的 PC 的突破性方法意味著只有受信任的應用程序才能運行。惡意軟件和不受信任的文件沒有得到任何重要的東西附近,你可以使用你的電腦不中斷嘮叨警報。該軟件還擁有強大的包過濾防火牆,可以幫助您安全地連接到互聯網,同時阻止黑客進入連接。它易於使用,並具有吸引人的界面,使初學者可以根據自己的喜好更改設置.

Comodo Firewall 自動更新,並享有著名的編輯選擇獎。現在下載並找出為什麼預防性保護是未來的安全技術。 Comodo Firewall 對於 Windows 來說是完全免費的.

5 最重要的秘密為什麼 Comodo Firewall 不同:
沒有復雜的配置問題對於業餘用戶來說非常完美快速學習用戶行為來提供個性化的保護用戶友好的,有吸引力的圖形界面許多配置選項讓技術人員配置就像他們喜歡基於 DDP 的安全性一樣,您可以隨時了解和安全地使用電腦


檔案版本 Comodo Firewall

檔案名稱 cmd_fw_installer.exe
檔案大小 5.4 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Comodo Group, Inc
更新日期 2019-07-10

What's new in this version:

Comodo Firewall
- This version will no longer updated on Windows XP and Windows Vista essentially making it the last supported version for those OSes. This is due to SHA1 deprecation. Future versions will also have a minimum system requirement on Windows 7 of Service Pack 1

- Dumps of cmdinstall appears after installation on Windows 7
- WMI errors are present in Windows Event Log
- Number of unrecognized files in the CIS widget is not recalculated after system reboot

Comodo Firewall
- Added ability to remove vendors rated by Comodo from Vendor List

- The issue where system becomes unresponsive with specific viruscope settings
- The issue where non PE files cannot be submitted by 'Submit Files'
- The issue where user rating was not applied in 'Vendor List' for vendor with name starts with space

Comodo Firewall

New for CIS 2019:
- Full Microsoft Redstone 5 Support
- Long path and case sensitive filenames support
- ELAM protection
- Extended Containment Rule "Created By" criteria with "Rating" attribute
- Extended sanbox rules with a vendor as a criteria
- Extended Vendor List with User rating
- "Heuristic Command-Line Analysis" and "Embedded Code Detection" for scanning and monitoring of auto-run entries
- Powershell_ise analysis support
- Option to automatically scan plugged-in devices
- Simplified installation
- First network zone detection is performed in background
- Widget is hidden by default but can be changed with an install setting available through the Options button
- Updated AV engine
- Overall performance and stability improvements
- WDSC integration performance and stability improvements

- Fixed extended OS boot time in some cases
- Fixed defect where full scan fails in some rare cases
- Unrecognized file does not launch in Sandbox second time after first viruscope detection
- Defect where 'Cmdagent.exe' consumes 40-50 % CPU constantly in some cases
- Rules for Website Filtering can't be added if all rules was deleted
- Uninstall of CIS Premium is periodically failed
- cmdagent.exe unexpectedly terminates in some rare cases
- Defect where cmdagent.exe unexpectedly terminates after install CIS with Secure Shopping on XP
- Sandboxed .bat scripts are displayed as cmd in active processes list
- Containment resetting process takes a long time in some cases
- Not able to play videos in Facebook inside sandboxed Opera
- BSOD when playing Freeridesgames games
- This release has be rolled out for new users. We shall be rolling out updates for existing users over the next few weeks

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