Connectify Hotspot

最新版本 XRECODE 1.87 (64-bit)

XRECODE 1.87 (64-bit)

XRECODE 1.87 (64-bit)
Connectify Hotspot 是您的 Windows PC 或筆記本電腦的軟件路由器。通過 Connectify Hotspot,您可以將您的 PC 變成一個真正的 WiFi 熱點,並與任何其他 PC 或移動設備共享您的計算機的互聯網連接作為 Wi-Fi。

Connectify Hotspot 功能:

輕鬆創建 Wi-Fi 熱點並連接所有設備
只需你的 Hotspot 的名字和密碼,你準備好了。 Connectify Hotspot 不僅僅是世界上最強大的熱點軟件,它也是最簡單的。只要給你的熱點一個名字和密碼,你就準備好了.

Connectify Hotspot 可以讓你輕鬆地把你的電腦變成一個 Wi-Fi 熱點,所以你可以與所有的設備共享互聯網。只需點擊一下按鈕,即可將有線連接轉換為 WiFi,甚至與 Wi-Fi 共享現有的無線網絡.

您的熱點自動採用 WPA2-PSK 加密,就像傳統的路由器一樣。也就是說,所有用戶都可以獲得最安全,最安全的 WiFi 共享體驗.


忘記傳輸 USB 拇指驅動器。你不知道那些事情在哪裡。枯燥無味的 USB 驅動器一去不復返了。 Connectify Hotspot 是唯一的軟件路由器,可讓您無線發送文件直接連接到設備,甚至不需要 Internet 連接。在一個理想的世界中,我們可以通過這種方式傳遞一切,但現在只是文件。獲取 PRO 或 MAX 解鎖無限制的文件 flings.

注意:2(兩)天試用版。需要.NET Framework。有限的功能.


檔案版本 XRECODE 1.87 (64-bit)

檔案名稱 setup_xrecode3_win_64bit_1.87.exe
檔案大小 22.6 MB
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Nomadio
更新日期 2018-12-15

What's new in this version:

- updated to opus 1.3
- added Chinese Simplified translation
- added new pattern element %disc3%. The same as %disc%, only if value is 1/1, it will be discarded
- added way to access value for tags with multiple values, e.g. %genre(1)% will return the 1st value of the multiple genres
- added option to merge SACD using the source compression (DSD/DST), i.e. if it's compressed as DST, the resulting merge file will be as created as DST as well (see under Program Settings/SACD)
- added option to automatically close Metadata window when retrieving Metadata from internet for the inserted CD (will pick the 1st available option and close)
- fade in/out can now be specified also as 0.2 till 0.9 seconds

- fixed issue when "Reuse original CUE if possible" was used together with "Create files in source folder"
- show dialogue box when extract method is not applicable for the input format
- fixed issue when track no in Metadata editor was automatically set to several albums at once
- fixed issue while opening some dff files
- fixed issue when incorrect CUE file was created when merging files directly to the removable device
- fixed issue when "Remove Silence" was not removing silence from the end of the file
- fixed issue when all (not only checked) tracks where analysed from Utilities/ReplayGain
- fixed issue when silence was detected incorrectly for some files
- fixed issue when program got stuck while merging SACD file per folder

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