CopyTrans Manager

最新版本 Mailspring 1.5.2

Mailspring 1.5.2

Mailspring 1.5.2
CopyTrans Manager 是免費的 iTunes 替代品。輕量級和易於使用,它允許您管理 iPhone 歌曲,視頻,播放列表等等,而無需 iTunes。通過簡單的拖放操作,將音樂和視頻添加到任何 iPhone,iPod 和 iPad 上。編輯標籤信息並在旅途中自動查找歌曲作品。創建和重命名播放列表並重新組織內部的軌道。使用集成播放器,在 PC 上欣賞 iPhone 音樂.

將音樂添加到 iPhone,iPod,iPad 上 go
CopyTrans Manager 可讓您快速將音樂和視頻從 PC 直接拖放到 iPhone,iPod 或 iPad 上。一個輕量級的 iTunes 選擇。您也可以在多台電腦上使用 CopyTrans Manager,在 iPhone 或任何其他 iOS 設備上添加播放列表,播客,有聲讀物和鈴聲,而無需 iTunes 同步。

CopyTrans Manager 是功能強大的 iPhone,iPod 或 iPad 伴侶。編輯 iPhone 音樂和視頻標題。只需幾次點擊即可更改 iPod 曲目專輯名稱和流派,而無需 iTunes。您還可以編輯其他元數據,如曲目評級和歌詞.

管理 iPhone 或 iPod 播放列表
創建新的播放列表或輕鬆編輯已有的 iPhone 播放列表。使用 CopyTrans Manager 將歌曲和視頻添加或移除到自定義創建的 iPhone 播放列表。您還可以通過拖放來更改播放列表中歌曲的順序。 CopyTrans Manager 不需要安裝,可以組織 iPhone 播放列表,並且可以在不需要 iTunes 的情況下在一台或多台電腦上輕鬆地進行追踪.


檔案版本 Mailspring 1.5.2

檔案名稱 MailspringSetup.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 WindSolutions
更新日期 2018-11-06

What's new in this version:

- Mailspring now defaults to English for languages whose translations have not been manually reviewed by a contributor. You can customize the interface language via a new setting in Preferences > General
- Hundreds of translations have been manually reviewed and refined in German, Chinese, French and Korean
- When connecting a Yahoo Mail account, Mailspring notes that Yahoo requires an App Password. Provider-specific notes are also included in the "View Log" text for easier debugging
- You can now change the "Sender Identity" (the name that is sent in the From field with your email address) for each account in Preferences > Accounts

- Mailspring no longer aggressively autocompletes :10 to the :100 emoji, or :12 to the :1234 emoji, to avoid conflicts with typing times
- On macOS, Mailspring's spellchecker correctly transitions to the language you're typing in consistent with Linux and Windows
- The Emoji picker now works correctly when using Mailspring in a language other than English
- Shrinking Mailspring's UI using the "inteface zoom" setting no longer causes spellchecking "squiggles" to become invisible
- The "Does Not Contain" mail rule now requires that every item in the field not contain the text as expected, rather than just requiring that any one of the items (senders, recipients, etc.) not contain the text
- Mailspring's "Upgrade to Pro" modal no longer appears badly clipped when using a custom interface zoom level
- The fixed size "Add an Account" window now ignores custom zoom levels so that fields and forms are not clipped

- Mailspring now uses React 16.6 (up from 16.2), which fixes a few critical bugs including a problem where the interface could "lock" indefinitely if too many re-renders were backlogged

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