Core Temp

最新版本 OCCT 8.0.0

OCCT 8.0.0

OCCT 8.0.0
Core Temp 是一個緊湊,沒有大驚小怪的小腳印,但功能強大的程序來監視處理器溫度和其他重要信息。 Core Temp 的獨特之處在於它的工作方式。它能夠顯示系統中每個處理器的每個獨立核心的溫度!您可以通過不同的工作負載實時查看溫度波動。 Core Temp 也是主板不可知論的。 Core Temp 易於使用,同時還可以實現高級別的自定義和可擴展性。下載 Core Temp Offline Installer Setup!

支持的 AMD 處理器:
所有 FX 系列。所有 APU 系列。所有的 Phenom / Phenom II 系列。所有速龍 II 系列。所有 Turion II 系列。所有的 Athlon64 系列。所有的 Athlon64 X2 系列。所有的 Athlon64 FX 系列。所有 Turion64 系列。所有 Turion64 X2 系列。所有的閃龍系列。 (K8 和以上)所有 Opteron 處理器。單核 Opteron 從 SH-C0 修訂版開始。 (基於 K8)支持的英特爾處理器:
所有 Core i3,i5,i7 系列。所有的 Atom 處理器。所有 Core Solo 系列。所有 Core Duo 系列。所有 Core 2 Duo 系列。所有 Core 2 Quad 系列。所有 Core 2 Extreme 系列。所有賽揚 M 400 和 500 系列。所有賽揚系列。所有奔騰系列。所有至強(基於核心)處理器。


檔案版本 OCCT 8.0.0

檔案名稱 OCCT8.0.0.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Arthur Liberman
更新日期 2021-03-08

What's new in this version:

- changed the minimum size of the window to better reflect recent changes
- Added the test start date & time to the test log
- more code cleanup
- Highly optimized UI startup time
- Greatly lowered CPU Usage
- Major code cleanup and optimization pass to the code base

- AMD isn't going to release a GeForce anytime soon

- Improved the graphs title by truncating only the test name, not the value, if there isn't enough room for both
- Updated and now with AMD Snapshot support
- Charts have been completly revamped and are now single-line
- if a value has a decimal part, it is now always displayed, up to two digits decimal
- Voltages are now displayed as 3-digit decimal numbers
- Tuned default sensor rules to better account for AMD CPUs
- removed "Nvidia" "AMD" and "Intel" from the device names in the usage graphs

- Sysinfo : allowed for multiline headers (especially useful for memory)
- Sysinfo : added very detailed information about memory modules

- better layout for almost all test options
- Rewrote the test settings layout
- Added a test log to see what's going on internally - and report more detailed information
- Rewrote test status indicator and summary

- Added "Advanced thread settings" option
- Added a "select active core" option in the advanced thread settings
- Added a "Core cycle" option to switch active cores at a specified period
- Added an option to invert active cores at a specified period

- Report: lots of enhancements to the personal report ( looks & infos)
- Settings: Changed many things in the settings ( especially layout). This will trigger a settings file reset though

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