Debut Video Capture

最新版本 Victoria 5.36

Victoria 5.36

Victoria 5.36
Debut Video Capture 適用於 Windows 的免費軟件可讓您輕鬆地從 PC 上捕捉視頻。使用 Debut 將 Windows PC 上捕獲的視頻直接保存到硬盤上。 Debut Video Capture 免費支持最流行的文件類型,包括 AVI,FLV,MKV,MPG,和更多。 Windows 首次亮相支持多種設備。這些設備包括網絡攝像機,網絡攝像機,甚至 VHS 錄像帶。隨著登場免費,你可以添加自己的文字或時間戳所拍攝的視頻。使用這個簡單的錄像機軟件在 Mac 或 PC 上捕捉視頻文件。

Debut 可讓您為視頻錄製添加字幕.

選擇用於捕捉視頻的大小和幀速率。也可以使用 Debut 創建 4:3 或 16:9 視頻。這種靈活性使得 Debut 成為為許多不同輸出(例如,YouTube,CD 或電視)創建視頻的完美人選。

Handy 視頻顏色調整

Debut Video Capture 產品特點:
將視頻直接錄製到您的硬盤錄製視頻為 avi,wmv,flv,mpg,mp4,mov 和更多視頻格式從網絡攝像機,網絡 IP 攝像機或視頻輸入設備(如 VHS 錄像機)軟件記錄整個屏幕,單個窗口或任何選定部分使用鼠標滾輪進行數字縮放,並拖動以滾動記錄窗口縮放鼠標功能將記錄窗口聚焦在光標上鼠標突出顯示聚光燈光標位置記錄單獨錄製視頻或同時錄製視頻和音頻同時錄製麥克風和揚聲器的音頻,是錄製視頻會議的理想選擇時間流逝的視頻錄製隨時創建視頻的照片快照添加自己的文字說明或視頻時間標記更改顏色設置和視頻效果錄製之前調整錄像的視頻分辨率,大小和幀速率使用“快速刻錄光盤刻錄”直接刻錄到 DVD 上呃適用於 VideoPad Video Editor 軟件注意:14 天試用版。試用期後,付費功能將被停用.

也可用:下載 Debut Video Capture 用於 Mac


檔案版本 Victoria 5.36

系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 未分類
作者 NCH Software
更新日期 2021-03-06

What's new in this version:

- Through the log menu, now not the log itself opens, but the folder with it. The log itself is still opened by double clicking on the window using the default Windows text editor.
- An attempt was made to fix a bug with freezing of some HGST models on versions 5.34 and 5.35. For this purpose, the algorithm for detecting "drives-werewolves" has been changed, and the likelihood of WD technological commands getting into HGST has been significantly reduced.
- Rewrote procedure for detecting real HGSTs. Now it works via USB too. Even on bridges that block registers.
- I got an Apple computer where in the GPT partition table, CHS is not equal to 0/0/2 and the size is FFFFFFE instead of FFFFFFFF. Victoria's GPT parser did not recognize such a table. I had to finalize the program.
- Fixed error detected by WDxxxx-22xST0 and some other (old-type drives), which the program considered Seagates.
- Improved recognition of "real" Samsung under the guise of Seagate (but so far this is used only inside the program).
- It turned out that SCT-Ext commands do not work on old WDs, which is why their temperature was not displayed on the passport page. It was possible to switch the SCT mode manually in the settings, but I fixed it in the code.
- Fixed a bug with knocking down the size of passport columns after a PCI scan in PIO.
- On request, it is possible not to change the working environment if the list of API devices has been updated (and it is also updated when USB drives are reconnected). The option is enabled by setting the checkbox on the "Settings" - "API" - "Do not reset settings when updating the list of devices" tab and is disabled by default. When this checkbox is activated, the following changes occur in the program behavior when updating the list of API devices and reconnecting USB drives, compared to previous versions: 1. The verification-read-write switch in the surface scan is not reset to the "read" position. 2.The SMART table and the log list are not cleared. 3. The HEX editor is not initialized. 4. End LBA is not restored to the maximum.
- In the previous version (5.35) the "interface check" function was activated. It soon became clear that some USB bridges "spoil the holiday" by displaying solid zeros instead of the data written to the buffer. Well, the program for the discrepancy - cursed. As usual, this is another joke from Seagate and their proprietary "Backup +" USB bridge. In the new version, the algorithm is improved and distinguishes such situations from real interface faults.
- The logic of the buttons for obtaining a "clean" and "extended" passport has been put in order: additional functions, such as SCT temperature, detection of "werewolves" and SMR drives, have been moved to the "EXT" button, and the "Passport" button has been returned to the ability to NOT send to the drive is nothing more. However, to preserve compatibility and habits - the old version is left by default, which can be changed to a new one in the "Settings" - "Passport" menu.
- Fixed bugs that could worsen the stability of the program when performing various actions.

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