Disk Drill for Windows

最新版本 Disk Drill 4.0.486.1

Disk Drill 4.0.486.1

Disk Drill 4.0.486.1
Disk Drill for Windows 可以從幾乎任何存儲設備恢復您的數據。無論您丟失哪些設備的數據,如果您可以將它連接到 Windows,該軟件可以掃描它,並有很好的恢復丟失的數據的機會。即使您目前在直接訪問硬盤驅動器或外部設備時遇到問題,Windows 上的免費數據恢復軟件也有可能從中拯救數據。磁盤鑽取意味著恢復所有主要文件類型和文件系統.

如果在數據丟失後安裝了磁盤鑽取,可以使用 Disk Drill for Windows Basic 免費掃描和預覽丟失的文件。一旦確定文件可以恢復,您可以快速升級到 Disk Drill PRO 或 Enterprise 以獲取您的數據。但是,如果在丟失任何數據並打開數據保護功能之前先安裝 Disk Drill Basic,則可以免費恢復文件,而無需升級。保證恢復無形的複制刪除的文件和文件夾放入您的電腦的垃圾箱; 恢復保管庫保留所有已刪除文件的元數據記錄,以便可以快速恢復其名稱和文件位置。聰明。

Disk Drill 功能:

Any Drive
Windows PC 免費數據恢復軟件可以從任何存儲設備(包括內部和外部硬盤驅動器,USB 閃存驅動器,iPod,存儲卡等)恢復數據.

磁盤鑽具有幾種不同的恢復算法,包括 Undelete Protected Data,快速掃描和深度掃描。它將一次一個遍歷它們,直到找到丟失的數據.

Speed& 簡單
只需點擊一下就可以輕鬆完成:Disk Drill 只需點擊一下按鈕即可開始掃描。沒有復雜的界面,有太多的選擇,只需點擊,坐下來等待你的文件出現。

不同類型的硬盤和存儲卡有不同的數據存儲方式。無論您的媒體是 FAT,exFAT 或 NTFS 文件系統,是 HFS + Mac 驅動器還是 Linux EXT2 / 3/4,Disk Drill 都可以恢復已刪除的文件.

有時,您的數據仍在驅動器上,但分區已丟失或重新格式化。 Disk Drill 可以幫助你找到“地圖”到您的舊分區,並重建它,所以你的文件可以恢復。

恢復 Vault
除了刪除文件恢復,磁盤演習還可以保護您的電腦免受未來的數據丟失。 Recovery Vault 保留所有已刪除文件的記錄,使恢復它們變得更加容易.

注意:免費版本可以恢復到 2GB.6235896
也可用:下載 Disk Drill for Mac


檔案版本 Disk Drill 4.0.486.1

檔案名稱 adisk-drill-win.exe
檔案大小 44.69 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Cleverfiles
官網 http://www.cleverfiles.com/disk-drill-windows.html
更新日期 2019-08-16

What's new in this version:

The New Streamlined Look:
- We listened, observed, experimented and are ready to reveal our best Disk Drill for Windows ever. The new UI is clean, simple, and well-explained.

Improved Scan Results:
- We’ve revamped all recovery methods, adding a number of smart algorithms to dig up every slice of information. Disk Drill 4 scans faster, improves its data recovery in every way, reorganizes recoverable items in smarter more useful groups

Mount Scan Results as Disk:
- Disk Drill gets a new superpower: all recoverable data can be mounted as a virtual drive right in Windows Explorer dramatically improving recovery results verification

Improved Data Protection:
-Recovery Vault, the well-known data protection module in Disk Drill, becomes better and smarter, letting you protect and recover more for free

New image file formats in Disk Drill 4:
- WMF / APM and HEIC
- Panasonic RWL
- Sony SR2 and SRF
- GoPro GPR
- Epson ERF
- Mamiya MEF
- Minolta MRW
- Leaf MOS
- Olympus ORF
- Panasonic/Leica RAW
- Canon CR3 and JP2

File Labeling:
- When file meta-data is not recoverable, Disk Drill makes its best attempt to ensure you are still getting readable file names and structures. With the new labeling algorithms Disk Drill 4 improves parsing of XMP, IPTC and EXIF meta information and increases recognition accuracy for a great variety of image formats.

Expanded Disk Image Support:
- Disk Drill 4 adds DSK, BIN, DAT, RAW, DD, and VMDK to the list of supported disk image formats that can be scanned for lost data

Bitlocker Support:
- The new Disk Drill adds support for data recovery from Bitlocker-protected drives. It will automatically detect them and send the unlock request to the user

Bad Sectors Detection and Reading:
- Disk Drill implements several tolerance levels in handling bad sectors on storage devices and makes scanning more resistant to drive’s surface conditions

Better Preview of Even More File Types:
- We’ve completely overhauled our file previewing module and Disk Drill is now capable of displaying the contents of every file type you can preview in Windows Explorer

Search and Filtering Templates:
- A usual data recovery brings up thousands, if not millions, of recoverable files, Disk Drill now features a power search with familiar masking symbols like * and ?

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