最新版本 DAX Studio 2.14.0

DAX Studio 2.14.0

DAX Studio 2.14.0
DiskDigger 是一個程序,從您的硬盤驅動器,內存卡,USB 閃存驅動器中刪除和恢復丟失的文件— 你的名字!無論您是否意外地從計算機中刪除了某些文檔或照片,重新格式化了相機的存儲卡,或者想要查看舊 USB 驅動器上潛伏的文件,DiskDigger 就在這里為您提供幫助.

DiskDigger 可以從大多數類型的介質恢復已刪除的文件計算機可以讀取:硬盤,USB 閃存驅動器,存儲卡,CD,DVD 和軟盤.

DiskDigger 有兩種操作模式,您可以在每次掃描磁盤時進行選擇。這些模式被稱為“深挖”和“深挖”。

注意:需要.NET Framework。無法保存恢復的文件和嘮叨屏幕.


檔案版本 DAX Studio 2.14.0

檔案名稱 DaxStudio_2_14_0_setup.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Defiant Technologies, LLC.
官網 http://diskdigger.org/
更新日期 2021-01-18

What's new in this version:

- Added help text when the edit control is empty
- Added privacy settings
- Added options for improving the readability of the xmSQL in Server Timings
- Added "Multiple Queries Detected" dialog when pasting in queries from Power BI Performance Analyzer that came from a Composite model
- Help Ribbon updates
- Updating link in help ribbon to Analysis Services forum
- Query Builder moved out of preview status
- Benchmarking moved out of preview status
- Enabled Discussions on the github site
- Adding Query Builder documentation to daxstudio.org
- Updating AdomdClient and TOM references to v19.14
- Added retry logic when fetching Database and Model lists
- #450 Last Updated is now shown in local time instead of UTC
- Added keyboard short cuts in metadata pane to work with Query Builder
- #492 added description to function tooltip

- crash when doing Replace All with an invalid RegEx expression
- crash when clicking Refresh Metadata after connection has dropped
- #469 Server Timings busy spinner was activating incorrectly when doing Clear Cache
- #467 Database Name was being incorrectly injected into all new connections when DAX Studio was opened from External Tools in Power BI Desktop
- #466 PBI XMLA connections not being parsed correctly
- #457 crashing on startup after setting view hidden objects = false in options
- #356 Clear Cache throwing errors against PBI XMLA endpoint
- #449 Connection lost during Benchmarking
- a trace timeout issue when connecting to PBI XMLA endpoint (sometimes it is still necessary to increase the default timeout to 90 seconds or more)
- Builder
- a bug when filtering dates that reported an error parsing an empty string
- the ability to drag KPI components into the Query Builder
- a crash when trying to alter the expression for a dynamic format string for a calculation group item
- hang when pasting in code with extremely long lines (tens of thousands of characters)
- #451 up/down keys not work consistently
- #446 Aggregate rewrite events causing an error
- #444 to use correct culture in csv export
- #445 defaulting the selected model to the base model not the first perspective
- an issue with the trace layout options not displaying
- a bug with swap delimiters feature and block comments
- a number of small fixes that should address some issues that came in via crash reports, but these reports were all submitted anonymously so for many of them it is impossible to verify that the fix has worked as we have no steps to reproduce the issue and the fix is based on assumptions of the cause of the issue.
- drag/drop of text not working within editor
- #475 proxy auth error when entering AAD credentials
- #485 Swap delimiters incorrectly affecting functions with periods in the name
- #486 Define Measure not using Separator specified in Options
- #497 Define Measures not working when connected to a model with active translations
- #499 Added table name when querying for column references
- #501 avoiding bug with EXCEPT function in Query Builder

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