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最新版本 DiskGenius 5.12

DiskGenius 5.12

DiskGenius 5.12
Earth Alerts 是一個基於 Windows 的應用程序,可以讓您近乎實時地監控世界各地發生的各種自然災害事件。警報通知,報告和圖像為用戶提供了一種方便的方式來查看發生的自然現象,無論是在家中還是在一些遙遠的角落!

Earth Alerts 使用各種組織提供的在線資源,如國家天氣服務,美國地質調查局和史密森學會(僅舉幾例),以確定“地球母親”目前正在這個星球上展開什麼樣的活動.

要使用 Earth Alerts,你只需選擇特定的自然災害 - 地震,海嘯,火山,熱帶氣旋,野火,山體滑坡,惡劣天氣,當地天氣等 - 以及您感興趣的地點。然後,應用程序將自動從互聯網上提供的各種實時數據饋送中檢索最新信息,並將其呈現給您,方便地安排報告,地圖和圖像。自 2005 年以來,公眾已經可以獲得這些信息。在此期間,經歷了一些重大的改進。作為一個愛好,一個人的生產和一個愛的勞動,構思和創造 Earth Alerts 是一個(耗時)的寵物項目在過去幾年

注意:需要.NET Framework.


檔案版本 DiskGenius 5.12

檔案名稱 DGEngSetup512766.exe
檔案大小 55.92 MB
系統 Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 South Wind Technologies
更新日期 2019-07-10

What's new in this version:

- Support modifying GUID partition parameters
- Support changing MBR signature and disk GUID
- Partition list adds Attribute tab to show partition status (hidden, active, read-only)
- When backing up system partition by files, directories like "Desktop" "Music" and "Pictures" can be excluded

- Enhance operations and controls for file copy, supporting Skip, Pause and ways to handle preset errors, and supporting shutting down computer after file copy completes
- Improve the displayed content for file copy details
- Check if destination partition space is sufficient prior to copying files and give prompt if there is not enough free space
- Optimize user experience of file preview function
- Disk partition map shows "Basic" "Dynamic" and partition table type for current disk
- In the partition and folder tree area, the read-only partition displays a lock icon
- FAT32 file system is used by default when creating an ESP partition
- Enhance file recovery function for NTFS partitions
- Enhance recovery function for video format file of hard disk recorders
- Enhance the function of getting and showing disk SMART information
- The partition information pane shows device path in the form of HarddiskVolume
- A warning is prompted when saving partition table after modifying dynamic disk partitions
- Operations like format, hide partition, erase free space, restore partition, etc. are forbidden on dynamic partitions
- Prompt users to update software when partition backup image created by a higher version is accessed by a low version

- Fixed a byte order display issue for EXT4 partition UUID
- Fixed an issue that certain Office documents couldn't be previewed
- Fixed an issue that in the rare case functions like backing up partition table couldn't be used
- Fixed an issue that in some situations partition map of dynamic disks displayed incorrectly
- Fixed an issue that cluster size was incorrect after formatting exFAT partition according to the default cluster size
- Fixed an issue that partition map didn't update smoothly after changing the size of program interface
- Fixed an issue that in rare cases partition error occurred to Quick Partition function
- Fixed an issue for Quick Partition function that happened during saving and loading default settings
- Fixed an issue that write disk error occurred when resizing other types of partitions on a disk that contains Linux partitions
- Fixed an issue that partition might be lost after saving partition table for a disk that contains Linux partitions
- Fixed an issue in some cases files under Recovered Types were not classified by extensions.
- Fixed an issue that the program might stop responding when recovering files from NTFS partition.
- Fixed an issue that in some cases lost BitLocker partitions couldn't be recovered.
- Fixed an issue of displaying drive letter for dynamic volumes.
- Fixed an issue that in some cases MBR wasn't restored after restoring system partition from image file.
- Fixed an issue that EFS encrypted file data was incorrect after restoring NTFS partition backup.
- Fixed an issue that Goto directories was not accurate after recovering files from exFAT partitions.
- Fixed an issue in the function of FAT32 file recovery.
- Fixed an issue that the restored FAT32 partition might not be open if it was backed up by sectors or structure.

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