EaseUS Partition Master Free

最新版本 EaseUS Partition Master Free 13.0

EaseUS Partition Master Free 13.0

EaseUS Partition Master Free 13.0
EaseUS Partition Master Free 版本是一個 ALL-IN-ONE 分區解決方案和磁盤管理免費軟件。它允許您擴展分區(尤其是系統驅動器),輕鬆管理磁盤空間,解決 Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7(包括 SP1)和 Windows 8 下的 MBR 和 GUID 分區表(GPT)磁盤上的磁盤空間不足問題 32 位和 64 位系統。

Easeus 分區大師免費版是一個一體化的分區解決方案和磁盤管理免費軟件。三個主要功能:分區管理器,分區恢復嚮導和磁盤& 分區復制解決硬件 RAID,MBR& GPT 磁盤,可移動設備。該程序允許您拖放磁盤映射,以簡化您的工作。在擴展 NTFS 分區時不需要重啟,以最大限度地減少計算機停機時間.

EaseUS 分區管理器主要功能:

Partition Manager Solution
最佳解決方案創建,刪除,調整大小 / 移動,合併,拆分,擦除或格式化分區,以更好地使用硬盤驅動器容量.

磁盤 / 分區復制解決方案
輕鬆升級 / 遷移 / 複製基本磁盤分區,動態卷或 GPT 分區以進行數據保護或磁盤升級,無需重新安裝 Windows 系統.


在 Windows 和基於 WinPE 的可啟動磁盤下安全地最大化 PC 性能的最佳解決方案.



檔案版本 EaseUS Partition Master Free 13.0

檔案名稱 epm.exe
檔案大小 33.2 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Chengdu Yiwo
官網 http://www.partition-tool.com/personal.htm
更新日期 2018-12-04

What's new in this version:

EaseUS Partition Master Free 13.0

New Features:
- Revamped user interface: more streamlined and intuitive
- New feature: fast rollback protects data when move/resize processes are interrupted
- Now create WinPE bootable disk in any supported language

EaseUS Partition Master Free 12.10
New Features:
- Resize/Move partition faster with better performance
- Support to resize and move EXT2/3 partition

EaseUS Partition Master Free 12.9
- Stability improvements on partition merge function
- Ability to modify drive letter and volume label
- Resize dynamic volume which is distributed on both GPT and MBR disks with WinPE boot disk
- Multiple other fixes and improvements

EaseUS Partition Master Free 12.8
- New: Support GPT dynamic hard disk
- New: Completely support dynamic hard disk with 4096 bytes sector size
- New: Support resizing system partition on mirrored volume
- New: Support resizing dynamic hard disk with WinPE bootable media
- Improved the product to resize partition more quickly and safe
- Improved: If there is extend partition on basic disk, the volumes would be - splitted and cause boot issue after converting to dynamic
- Improved: Partition would become RAW/Unformatted after moving
- Improved: Unable to move dynamic volume by drag operation
- Bug fix: Location of created dynamic volume is different from previewed
- Bug fix: Partition is missed in Disk Map after Convert from MBR to GPT

EaseUS Partition Master Free 12.5
- Manage dynamic disks better – resize, format, move dynamic volumes and convert basic disk into dynamic
- Disk partitioning on large capacity hard disks of any sizes
- Simplify disk cloning process to get it done faster
- Make target disk same as the original one after cloning and solve bootable issue
- Improved: Reduce the size of installation package
- Improved:Optimize the resize and other functions to avoid some operations needs rebooting to execute
- Bug fix: Deleted dynamic volume would reappear after refresh in WinPE bootable disk environment

EaseUS Partition Master Free 12.0
New features:
- Support creating volumes on dynamic disk. (Not available in Free Edition)
- Minor update for the product UI
- Support Danish and Traditional Chinese
- Support the 4KB sector disk better
- Change the disk number to the same as in the system
- Bug fix: After converting the disk, there is missing/offline disk left in Windows Disk Management
- Bug fix: Partition lost or system failed to boot after converting or resize disk
- Bug fix: Pending operation cannot execute after rebooting
- Bug fix: System cannot boot from the cloned drive
- Bug fix: GPT disk cannot be convert to MBR in some cases

EaseUS Partition Master Free 11.10
- Change log not available for this version

EaseUS Partition Master Free 11.9
- Change log not available for this version

EaseUS Partition Master Free 11.8

New Features:
- Able to resize EFI partition on GPT disk
- Optimize the function converting disk from MBR to GPT
- Improve the quality of system disk clone
- Be capable of doing more operations without rebooting
- Newly support Italiano and Nederlands

List of features improved:
- Fix: Meaningless error information "unknown error"
- Fix: Partition is intact but reported as abnormal
- Fix: Some operations would abort in Native mode
- Fix: Support to resize Storage Space in Native mode

EaseUS Partition Master Free 11.5
- Convert GPT system disk to MBR safely
- Support ReFS file system
- Support Windows Storage Space
- Be capable of managing the Bitlocker partition

EaseUS Partition Master Free 11.0
- Clean and optimization tools keep your computer high-performance.
- Create more efficient WinPE bootable.
- Very easy to find commonly used functions.
- Migrate and clone system stably.

EaseUS Partition Master Free 10.8
- Convert system disk from MBR to GPT safely.
- Fixed some bugs.

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