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最新版本 Bitwig Studio 2.2.3

Bitwig Studio 2.2.3

Bitwig Studio 2.2.3
F-Secure Internet Security 的屢獲殊榮的保護讓您可以使用電腦上網,購物,使用網上銀行而不用擔心。 F-Secure Internet Security 自動保護您和您的 PC 免受惡意軟件,黑客和身份盜用。只要你上網,你的銀行交易是安全的銀行保護,你可以決定什麼樣的內容,你的孩子可以和不可以看到。

F- 安全的互聯網安全特點:

Easy 安裝
安裝 F -Secure Internet Security 現在是超級簡單和快速,現在你可以安裝 F -Secure Internet Security 即使在受感染的 Windows PC 上,也可以讓您更輕鬆地在設備上恢復安全狀態。整個安裝包已經做得更輕,所以你可以享受更順暢的安裝,而無需重新啟動計算機。即使在升級後.


我們的瀏覽保護現在包括對 https 加密網站的保護。因此,當您使用 Facebook,Gmail,Twitter 或其他啟用 https 的網站時,我們仍然可以保護您免受惡意鏈接和您的孩子的不適當內容的鏈接.


注意:30 天試用版.


檔案版本 Bitwig Studio 2.2.3

檔案名稱 Bitwig Studio 2.2.3.msi
檔案大小 196 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 F-Secure Corporation
官網 https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/internet-security
更新日期 2017-12-20

What's new in this version:

- Support for Joué controller

- Potential engine crash on macOS when unplugging audio interface while being used
- Engine crashing on macOS when using lots of samples (in Sampler or Clips)
- Engine crashes when toggling off MIDI clock for a MIDI output that is being sent to from a HW Instrument
- Controller API: Names of clips in the clip launcher wasn't sent to the script (Affects Nektar P1/P4/P6)
- Loading a saved project does not restore the track record arm states anymore
- Removing stop button for clip slot has no effect when launching scene while track is armed
- Regression since 2.2: VST settings revert to default when changing Buffer Size in unsaved project
- Engine crash when using CoreAudio aggregate device with 190 channels (2x RME and 1x Apollo)
- Bounced audio events are sometimes not audible after bouncing a clip multi-selection on macOS
- App freezes with max cpu load after undoing "insert silence" in some projects
- When doing a quantized jump in the arrangement to a point with automation data and the track was playing an audio crossfade at the time of the jump, automation playback would be played back wrong
- Crash when creating search strings from characters entered via the touch screen keyboard on Windows (e.g smiley)
- Some clips created in v1 seem to crash v2
- Note editor (in clip mode) opens in wrong position when clicking on a clip content overview in arranger
- Classic LFO should not re-trigger on NOTE OFF event
- Drag and drop using touch not working properly on Linux

- Improved Audio Engine CPU-load when using many tracks

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