Firebird (32-bit)

最新版本 Firebird 2.0.1

Firebird 2.0.1

Firebird 2.0.1
Firebird 是一個關係數據庫,提供許多在 Linux,Windows 和各種 Unix 平台上運行的 ANSI SQL 標準功能。 Firebird 為存儲過程和触發器提供出色的並發性,高性能和強大的語言支持。 Firebird 項目是一個 C 和 C ++ 程序員,技術顧問和支持者在商業上獨立的項目,開發和增強了一個基於源代碼的多平台關係數據庫管理系統由 Inprise Corp(現稱為 Borland Software Corp)於 2000 年 7 月 25 日發布.

任何人都可以構建一個定製版本的 Firebird,只要修改可用,在相同的 IDPL 許可下,供他人使用和構建。免費的下載,註冊,授權或部署,甚至你分發 Firebird 作為你的商業軟件包的一部分。

Firebird 功能:
支持所有主要平台和操作系統多代架構強大和開發人員友好的 SQL 語言記錄和監控 Windows 可信認證開發工具(Firebird.NET,JayBird(Java),Delphi / C ++,PHP,FireRuby ...)真正的開源備份和恢復全文搜索也提供:下載 Firebird for Mac


檔案版本 Firebird 2.0.1

檔案名稱 Firebird-
檔案大小 4.24 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Firebird Project
更新日期 2007-03-21

What's new in this version:

- Background garbage collector doesn't need to read backversions of the active record
- Add support for Gentoo/FreeBSD detection
- IBO problems with FB >= 1.5.3 "Error with joins and auto-generated search query"
- Server crashes when performing GC during index creation (related to existence of expression indices on the same table)
- NBackup doesn't delete the delta file after successful backup on Win32 CS
- NBackup cannot backup a recently created database
- XNET (IPC) communication protocol does not work across sessions
- Bad optimization: left join (or )
- Circular index references in corrupt database causes fbserver to loop infinitely
- UNION vs UTF8 literals: arithmetic exception is thrown
- NBackup doesn't work in the interactive mode on Windows
- NBackup: Page-level deadlock (bugcheck 215) when attempting to lock/backup a database under load
- isc_get_client_xxx_version not fully compatible with IB's gds32.dll
- Linux install fails when x0rfbserver program is running
- isc_dsql_sql_info() returns unordered SQLVAR descriptors
- Bugcheck 167 (invalid SEND request) in SS when many parallel attachments begin to execute trigger not loaded into metadata cache
- ISQL doesn't print not-nullable blobs
- Wrong backup order for character sets and collations
- Server hangs eating CPU and performs huge I/O copying different codepage fields
- Remote Linux Classic crash
- GSEC hiding error - CryptAcquireContext
- Wrong parameter matching for self-referenced procedures
- Invalid results in SELECT, when index is used to evaluate "greater" operator in WHERE clause
- Possible stack corruption in DFWcheck_dependencies
- Core dump in CVT_move
- Wrong single-segment ascending index on character field with NULL and empty string values
- Command-line for Installation of SuperServer Component is not working
- LIKE clause doesn't work for computed values (at least in a view)
- Bad plan in outer joins with IS NULL clauses (dependent on order of predicates)
- Server crashes at runtime when an explicit MERGE plan is specified over a few JOIN ones
- Command-line switch /silent or /verysilent does not install the guardian
- Service attachments (over presumably Xnet) fail when Classic started with -x -i parameters
- UdfAccess check is performed after loading the library and executing its startup code
- Server crashes when being connected to via InterBase gds32.dll
- Server crashes if DDL statement execution raises an error
- AV at rollback and/or garbage collection if updated table has expression index with SELECT in it
- DISTINCT vs NULLS LAST clause: wrong order of NULLs
- Context already in use (BLR error)
- Database Update 1.5 to 2.0 fails
- FB SuperServer 32bit old threading, regularly restarts "fbserver terminated abnormally (-1)"
- fbclient.dll changes the security descriptor of the calling process
- Error reading data from the connection
- Bug in socket binding for database events
- GSTAT does not work using the localhost connection string
- AV when blob is used in expression index
- FB2 RC4 Linux Classic server crashes
- Incorrect shutdown, when database is in the phisical backup mode
- DDL - object in use

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