FlashBack Pro

最新版本 FlashBack Pro 5.29.0 Build 4315

FlashBack Pro 5.29.0 Build 4315

FlashBack Pro 5.29.0 Build 4315
FlashBack Pro 是創建教程,演示或培訓材料的屏幕錄製應用程序。記錄你的電腦屏幕。創建引人注目的視頻和演示文稿。輕鬆分享您的電影,並在任何設備上查看。通過添加文字,聲音和圖像到您的屏幕錄製創建引人入勝的電影。閃回屏幕錄像機的強大的編輯工具創建精美的演示文稿.

FlashBack 屏幕錄像機捕捉您的 PC 屏幕的任何部分,並將其變成一個視頻文件。在屏幕上繪製,添加筆記和圖像.


導出您的電影在任何主要的視頻格式,或直接上傳到 YouTube 或 FlashBack Connect.

注意:30 天的試用版。水印上錄製的視頻.


檔案版本 FlashBack Pro 5.29.0 Build 4315

檔案名稱 bbflbk5.exe
檔案大小 24.3 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Blueberry Software Product
官網 https://www.flashbackrecorder.com/
更新日期 2018-02-01

What's new in this version:

FlashBack Pro 5.29.0 Build 4315
- Fix (Pro only): problem with keyframes in imported video files
- Fix: audio was corrupted on export to QuickTime and MP4 formats, in v5.28
- Fix (Pro only): copy-pasting a textbox that paused the movie while being displayed for a set duration, did not copy the pause

FlashBack Pro 5.28.0 Build 4309
- Records from ASIO audio devices
- Fix: possible crash when webcam is unavailable
- Improves appearance of localised versions of FlashBack when running on English Windows.
- Improves audio quality when exporting to MP4 with openh264 codec.
- Color codes objects in the timeline bars.
- Fix: incorrect naming of microphone and ‘pc sounds’ sound tracks
- Adds MP4 and AVI export formats to FlashBack Express
- Fix: the ‘Minimise when recording’ menu item in recorder would appear to be ‘on’ when it was actually set ‘off’ and vice-versa

FlashBack Pro 5.27.0 Build 4280
- Fix: opening FBR files with a very long folder path name produced an error
- Fix: crash on player close
- Fix: crash on startup due to FBConnect upload agent
- Fix: player did not remember the folder last opened between sessions
- Fix: issue where the Recorder tried to save to the Temp folder
- Added an 'Export' option to the post-recording dialog
- Fix: identically named sound sources caused an issue where they could not be recorded
- Increased maximum webcam FPS to 30

FlashBack Pro 5.26.0 Build 4259
- Fix: when the webcam preview window is first shown, some webcams could be incorrectly displayed
- Fix: a 'division by zero' error could be displayed on WMV import
- Fix: a problem exporting to Quicktime when the movie contained pauses
- Fix: Express batch exporter should only export top WMV format
- Fix: cannot hide webcam if frames are selected in which it is not displayed
- Simplifies scaling options for MP4 exports
- Fix: crash in batch export for some FBR files
- Increased maximum webcam FPS to 30
- Fix: identically named sound sources caused an issue
- Recordings now opened by default when recording stops, for PCs with 8Gb and above
- Fix: Recorder could try to save as to the temp folder when file size limiting was used
- Fix: when using the 'Open' function, the Player was not defaulting to the previously used folder

FlashBack Pro 5.25.0 Build 4229
- Fix: improvements to webcam capture code (now uses MSMF)
- Fix: Flashback Connect upload form - movie names could overlap 'copy' and 'open' links
- Fix: recording could freeze if the webcam was not initialized correctly
- Licence now only downloaded once when multiple instances of FlashBack are run
- Player is pre-loaded only for PCs with 8gb and higher RAM
- Fix: sound source names containing Japanese characters could not be selected for recording
- Fix: MPEG recording mode quality level setting was not saved
- Added tooltip hint for volume level controls
- Fix: the help text for FBAPI wrongly stated that it was only available for TestAssistant
- Fix: added workaround for exception in Win 32 SaveAs function
- Added option to turn off/on Player pre-loading for previewing recordings
- Fix: incorrect audio formats could be displayed when there are no audio recording sources

FlashBack Pro 5.24.0 Build 4208
- Fix: message about requesting an express licence could be displayed when running Pro

FlashBack Pro 5.23.0 Build 4205
- Express now displays 'Try Pro' panel
- Changed how unsaved temporary files are handled - its believed this could be causing file corruption
- Fix: various problems could be caused when the FPS of an inserted MPEG movie was different from the movie it was inserted into
- Fix: transitions could be displayed incorrectly when changing the duration of objects before the transition so that they are displayed at the start of the transition
- Fix: incorrect webcam preview displayed when rotation was enabled
- Improved memory handling of very large movie files
- Improved EXE player performance for MPEG movies
- Added support for NV12 format in import of AVI files
- For command line recording of a region, the region selection dialog is no longer shown
- Added workaround for issue with the progress form displayed during the stop recording operation
- Fix: the default Windows audio recording source could not appear in the 'mic' list. We now list all non-mic and non-pc speakers sources in the 'mic' list.
- Fix: when running from the command line on a PC with multiple monitors, the monitor selection dialog no longer appears
- Fix: to the GDI to MPEG format converter
- Fix: dragging an image across a transition could cause an error in special cases
- Fix: inserting frames into an MPEG movie, when the MPEG track had different FPS than the FBR could cause issues

FlashBack Pro 5.22.0 Build 4178
- Fix: The layout of the recorder window could be incorrect after maximising and minimising
- Fix: could not upload to Youtube, due to API changes

FlashBack Pro 5.21.0 Build 4172
- Adds note about business-personal licensing to licence.rtf
- Removes 'Webcam' title from webcam recording window
- Fix: incorrect drawing of sound clips
- Fix: 'webcam-only' recordings no longer prompt you to review/save/discard when recording stops - you can only save them
- Implemented 'Resync waveform with audio' feature
- Fix: rapid deleting, selecting and playback could cause a freeze in player

FlashBack Pro 5.20.0 Build 4158
- Fix: improved the process to move-copy the temp recording file to prevent possible errors.
- Added option to rotate webcam image 180 degrees.
- Fix: Recorder did not remember the last folder used in the file -> Open Movie feature.
- Fix: the GDI -> MPEG movie conversion utility was creating broken movies.
- Fix: problems with transitions - when objects were in the final frame of the transition, and in updating the transition cache.
- Fix: unicode characters in textbox and button style names caused an error.
- Fix: improved efficiency of processing the crash tracking file.
- Fix: if the review option was being used from the Recorder when recording stops, and the movie triggered a request to convert it to MPEG mode in Player, this could cause a Player crash.
- Improved the About, Splash and Welcome dialogs for high-DPI monitors
- Moves the UI to record windows and regions to the main recorder window

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