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最新版本 GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.84

FreeFileSync 歷史版本列表

FreeFileSync 是一個免費的開源軟件,可以幫助你同步文件和同步文件夾的 Windows,Linux 和 Mac OS X. 它的目的是為了節省您的時間設置和運行備份工作,同時具有良好的視覺反饋沿途.FreeFileSync 不施加任何人為限制您可以同步的文件數量。實際上,超大同步作業的唯一限制因素是可用內存量:對於每個 1 GB 的 RAM,FreeFileSync 可同時同步大約 17... FreeFileSync 軟體介紹

FreeFileSync 11.16 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Allow to select and remove invalid config file
- Migrated all HTTPS requests to use libcurl (Linux, macOS)
- Set keyboard focus on config panel after startup
- Added computer name to log file trailer
- Context menu instead of confirmation dialog for swap sides
- Fixed config selection lost after auto-cleaning obsolete rows
- Install app files with owner set to root (Linux)
- Don't override keyboard shortcut "CTRL + W" (macOS)
- Migrated key conversion routines deprecated in OpenSSL 3.0
- Boxed app icon to fit OS theme (macOS)
- Fixed manual retry after automatic update check error
- Fixed missing ampersands in middle grid tooltip

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.84 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.84
- Fixed: issue with subdomain account import

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.83
- fix: issue with nested macros usage

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.81
- Fixed: Yandex PR mapping

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.80
- fix: wrong multi-redirect detection (301->302 was a 301 instead of 302)
- new: added 3 new engines by forum user cherub

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.79
- new: improved wordpress engine (again)

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.78
- improved wordpress engine
- script engine improved

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.77
- select project dialog improved
- improved proxy handling
- less memory usage when editing projects

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.76
- new: improved text captcha solving

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.75
- fix: problem with target urls growing endlessly

- less cpu and memory usage
- improved captcha handline with thread limit set
- added text captcha q/a import from csv file

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.74
- improved target site processing
- improved proxy sources
- new debug mode filter

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.73
- fix:  redirect/indexing links not getting saved to site lists
- new: improved wordpress engine again

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.72
- added more tools to debug mode dialog
- improved "Crawl URLs" dialog
- wordpress posting without classic editor plugin

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.71
- new: image/video placement options added

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.69
- added some new engines done by cherub
- improved captcha handling
- proxy type detection improved

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.68
- new: improved wordpress engines

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.67
- fix: Article Froge with WordAI made some issues
- new: added some more shortcuts for modify/import submenu
- new: option to send URLs to one random or all indexing services

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.66
- proxy sources updated
- proxy handling improved
- added a new indexing service
- ability to uncheck engines not being able to use images or videos

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.65
- fixed: imported accounts where not submitting in some situations
- new: improved macro handling in URLs
- new: added a new article engine

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.64
- fix: account saving useless data and slowed things down

- added a new captcha service
- support for macros in URLs
- updated generic urls

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.63
- support for macros in URLs
- updated generic urls
- improved some engines based on cherub's suggestion

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.62
- new: issue with crawling URLs/Anchor texts

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.61
- added engine
- improved debug mode

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.60
- new: improved cookie system when submitting/scraping

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.59
- new: competitor analysis improved

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.57
- new: added new temporary email providers
- fix: minor issues on account import

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.56
- new: proxy scraper is testing and auto updating the proxyjudge URL

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.55
- improved submission speed again (just a bit)
- added a new engine done by our forum member cherub

- proxy checking issue
- issue with project status 'Remove' fixed

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.54
- new: improved speed
- new: chrome specific header updates

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.53
- new: improved proxy handling

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.52
- fix: issue with SpinnerChief and X_Spinner API

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.51
- fix: some more WordAI API fixes

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.49
- recaptcha custom scriting issue

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.47
- some engines updated
- shortcuts for popup menus are back

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.46
- new: ability to change brightness, satuartion and color of skin

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.45
- new: minor tweaks on gui
- fix: minor bug on footprint studio

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.43
- new: openssl update

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.41
- improved GUI with popup menu icons

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.40
- deadlock with translate

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.38
- issue with update server

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.37
- new: improved some engines
- fix: delete link mode issues with multi accounts per site
- new: improved proxy sources

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.36
- reverification is removing links only if it failed 5 times in a row
- improvecha detection
- improved proxy testing
- improved some engines
- started work on a web-interface

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.35
- Added blacklist check for verified links

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.34
- new: improved reverification

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.32
- Improved some engines
- Added support for recaptcha v3 in some more captcha seervice

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.31
- Duplicate a tier project was broken
- New: groups can be duplicated as well now

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.30
- new: improved some engines
- fix: minor issue with the custom link format script command

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.29
- new: option to skip submission to domains with same IP
- fix: issue with google translate

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.28
- Improved recaptcha detection

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.27
- New: less cpu usage, less memory usage
- New: better speed with URL handling/checking
- Fix: minor bug with engine filtering

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.26
- New: improved speed

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.25
- GSA SEO Indexer will no longer be used when unchecked in global options

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.24
- Improved some engines

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.23
- New: new contextual article engine WPForo added

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.22
- fix: tier display structure fixed
- new: the last verified urls will be filtered when
- you want to show logs of one project only

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.21
- New: improved some engines
- Fix: PHPInfo Exploit engine didn't work

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.20
- Improved some engines
- Less cpu and memory usage

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.19
- Problem with URL Shorteners not having correct anchor text

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.18
- Fix: the tier "indexable only" filter was not correctly working

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.17
- another possible issue on tree listings

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.16
- Fix: possible issue on tree listings

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.15
- fixed: SpinnerChief API was no longer working when using advanced parameters -> removed them now

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.14
- dateformat in stats

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.12
- Issue with captcha handling when being random

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.11
- Problem with redirect types
- Improved some engines
- Option to use captcha services in random order

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.10
- Api issue with some captcha services

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.09
- improved cpu usage/speed
- improved meta redirect detection
- improved cpu usage/speed

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.08
- new: improved cpu usage/speed

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.07
- improved disposible email parsing
- ability to export articles with title as first line

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.06
- fix: recaptcha v3 solving for CapMonster Cloud
- new: improved redirect detection

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.05
- some engines improved
- URL-in-URL detection improved

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.04
- gui color for redirect types changed
- pr check improved
- redirect detection improved (anchor text is used for exact type)

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.03
- minor re-verification bug
- fix: issue when checking email accounts
- new: added a new web20 engine

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.02
- Fix: minor issue with email verification and ending projects
- Fix: minimize to tray way always used even when unchecked
- New: backlink indexer api changed/improved

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.01
- Fix: proxy-reset on failer was partly broken

GSA Search Engine Ranker 15.00
- New: improvements on account related submissions

FreeFileSync 11.15 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Play sound reminder when waiting for user confirmation
- Enhanced crash diagnostics with known triggers
- Defer reporting third-party incompatibilities until after crashing
- Support running FreeFileSync from Dokany-based encrypted volumes
- Fixed Server 2019 not being detected for log file
- Use native representation for modified config (macOS)
- Improved WinMerge detection for external app integration

FreeFileSync 11.14 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Authenticate (S)FTP connections using OpenSSL 3.0
- Fixed E_NOINTERFACE error after synchronization
- Preempt crashes due to Nahimic Sonic Studio 3

DBeaver 21.2.1 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

Data viewer:
- Boolean value render configuration was redesigned
- Special format for "time/timestamp with timezone" types was added
- Advanced paste: configuration dialog was added
- Radix transformer was fixed
- Numeric transformer was added
- Geometry data type editor was fixed (Exasol, Oracle)
- Value panel now saves last used content viewer settings

Data transfer:
- Output settings configurator was fixed
- External process execute was fixed (backslash escape)
- Import from XLSX: column mapping was fixed
- Database dump configuration page was fixed (Mysql, PostgreSQL)
- Data load performance was improved (thanks to @deepaksenthilkumar)
- SSH tunnel: jump server configurator was fixed (port number)
- Windows shortcuts (lnk) resolution was added
- ERD: columns sort support was added
- Confirmation dialog UI was redesigned

Metadata search:
- Search in object comments configurator was fixed
- Search page was fixed for cross-database search PostgreSQL
- Database session manager refresh was fixed
- DB2: columns, procedures and functions search support was added
- Firebird: calculated fields support was added
- Greenplum: table DDL was fixed (unique keys)
- H2: procedure aliases support was added

- Composite data type support was fixed
- UDF parameters support was fixed
- Foreign table comments support was added

- External table columns metadata read was fixed
- Char data type support was fixed
- Timeout error recovery was added
- Driver version was upgraded to 2.0
- Geometry data types support was improved
- SQL Server: cross database metadata search support was added
- Vertica: metadata search and full-text search support was added
- Linux installers (deb, rpm) were improved. App shortcut links were fixed
- Eclipse 2021-06 is new base platform
- DBeaver now requires Java 11
- MacOS X M1 installer was added (beta)

SoftEther VPN Gate Client Plugin 2021.09.20 build 9760 查看版本資訊


MAMP PRO 5.0.1 查看版本資訊


MAMP PRO 5.0 查看版本資訊


DBeaver 21.2.0 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

Data transfer:
- Value binding mode switcher was added (affects performance)
- Automatic columns mapping was fixed
- Import from files/relational tables into document oriented databases was fixed
- Column length detection was improved
- SSH tunnel: jump server support was added
- Tasks management view: task folders were added
- Navigator: show tables from different schemas in a single list (optional)
- Connection driver settings: problem with non-editable properties was fixed

Data editor:
- Toolbar commands enablement handler was fixed
- Detached text/binary editor was fixed
- Row coloring: LIKE and REGEX filter value editor was fixed

SQL editor:
- Extraction of queries from source code on paste: problem with line feeds was fixed
- Multibyte unicode numbers handler was improved (app hang fixed)
- Main windows title now shows proper information about the current editor
- Greenplum: stored procedures auto-completion and navigation was fixed

- Multi-column foreign keys navigation was fixed
- Auto-completion for quoted identifiers was improved
- Active schema detection was fixed
- Floating point numbers formatting was fixed

- Data transfer performance was significantly increased (up to x10000)
- Tables and procedures DDL was improved (security definer was added)
- Stored procedures search and auto-completion was fixed
- Timestamp value editor was fixed (in native date formatting mode)
- Snowflake: driver configuration was fixed (JNA dependencies)
- Many minor UI and database-specific bugs were fixed

FreeFileSync 11.13 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Manage default filter settings via GUI
- Copy full file paths to clipboard (CTRL + C)
- Preserve clipboard contents until after program exit
- Always enable external command if independent of file items
- Fixed ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND masking real file access error