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最新版本 FinePrint 9.37

FinePrint 9.37

FinePrint 9.37
Garmin Express 是保持您的地圖更新的一站式商店。 Garmin Express 自動將可用的地圖更新下載到您的計算機,並在新地圖準備好安裝時提醒您。你甚至可以控制下載時間表。 Garmin Express 可讓您將所有收藏夾從一個設備轉移到另一個點擊。這不可能更簡單。不要再失去你的數據。 Garmin Express 可以很容易地備份和恢復保存的地址,路線和航點從您的計算機.

Garmin Express 是您的基本工具來管理您的 Garmin 設備。更新地圖,高爾夫球場和設備軟件。您甚至可以註冊您的設備.
更新地圖更新軟件註冊您的設備備份,恢復和傳輸收藏夾安裝免費的語音和車輛下載產品手冊注意:需要 Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6; 並需要多達 13 GB 的可用磁盤空間。

也可用於:下載 Garmin Express 為 Mac


檔案版本 FinePrint 9.37

檔案名稱 fp937.exe
檔案大小 73.73 KB
系統 Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Garmin Ltd
更新日期 2019-03-28

What's new in this version:

FinePrint 9.37
- Assorted bug fixes and performance improvements

FinePrint 9.36
- Assorted bug fixes and performance improvements

FinePrint 9.35
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused pdfFactory to become unresponsive when the mouse was right-clicked
- Fixed a bug that caused extraneous white lines to appear in the onscreen preview
- Fixed display and scrolling bugs that sometimes happened when fine-zooming in thumbnail view (i.e. Ctrl+Alt+0, Ctrl Alt +, Ctrl Alt-)
- Fixed incorrect page numbering that sometimes happened when job separation is enabled

FinePrint 9.34
- display and performance improvements
- fixed a bug that sometimes caused bitmaps on rotated pages to be imaged incorrectly
- better usability when working with line and shape notes

FinePrint 9.33
- (Server Edition only) Fixed problems with deploying server-based settings to clients when UAC is enabled. Publish settings can now be done from any server admin account

FinePrint 9.32

- All executable files (*.exe, *.dll) and all driver files (*.cat) are now dual-signed with EV SHA-1 and SHA-256 code signing certificates. You can get more information here

Fixed incorrect page numbering that sometimes happened in the following cases:
- Booklets where the total number of pages is not a multiple of 4
- Repeated pages
- Job separation
- Letterheads that use the “Always apply all pages” option

FinePrint 9.31
- performance improvements
- rollup of various bug fixes

FinePrint 9.30
- The default app font is now larger (Calibri 9pt)
- The default app font can now be customized in the Settings dialog
- Keyboard users can now use the Tab key to navigate through the toolbar buttons
- You can now drag and drop snapshot selections from pdfFactory Pro to other apps (e.g. Windows Explorer, Google Maps)

FinePrint 9.25
- Resizing thumbnails by dragging the grab handle in the lower right corner of a thumbnail page now shows real-time feedback
- Resizing the main window or the pane divider now shows real-time feedback
- Thumbnails now automatically snap to “best fit” sizes when they are resized. Holding down the Ctrl key overrides this behavior and allows total control over thumbnail sizes.
- Performance improvements, particularly with large documents
- Fixed problems imaging large bitmaps (e.g. photos, scans) that were broken up into separate pieces when printed by the application
- Bug fixes and performance improvements when imaging bitmaps and line art that use transparency
- Ctrl+A (Select All) now works correctly in edit controls on the Layout tab
- Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when the print job contained a ‘%’ character
- The simulated punch holes that are drawn when gutters are enabled now conform to accepted standards for both English and Metric paper sizes
- New and improved keyboard shortcuts for zooming: Ctrl + (Zoom In), Ctrl – (Zoom Out), Ctrl 0 (Fit Page), Ctrl Alt + (Zoom In, small amount), Ctrl Alt – (Zoom Out, small amount), Ctrl Alt 0 (Thumbnail view), F11 (enter/exit Full Screen)

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