最新版本 Eagle 1.11.0

Eagle 1.11.0

Eagle 1.11.0
Genymotion 是 100%符合 Android API,因為我們遵循與每個 Android 設備工廠完全相同的規則。但是,我們生產的 ISN&rsquo 的; 噸的設備,它大局; 這麼多:它大局; 為您構建和測試您的應用程序完美的 Android 環境。改變您的 GPS 位置,網絡質量或電池充電水平,而不必離開辦公桌。你甚至可以模擬電話或文字,看看你的應用程序將如何反應。這些只是 Genymotion 特有的許多功能中的一小部分。 Genymotion 免費下載 Windows PC 的最新版本。這是 Genymotion.

Use 的完整的離線安裝程序安裝您的筆記本電腦的攝像頭為你的 Android camera.

Plugins 視頻源 / 測試 tools
Genymotion 與 Android SDK 工具兼容,Eclipse 和 Android 的 Studio.

Test 您的應用程序與各種充電水平,看看它是如何處理那些使用案例.

在各種 Android 瀏覽器中測試您的網站:Android 的 Webkit,Android 的 Firefox 以及更多!

使用 GPS 小部件輕鬆開發和測試基於地理位置的應用程序.

Genymotion 適用於 Linux,Windows 和 Mac OS X.

注:需要 Oracle VirtualBox.

也可用:下載 Genymotion 為 Mac


檔案版本 Eagle 1.11.0

檔案名稱 Eagle-1.11-build9.exe
檔案大小 76.5 MB
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Genymobile
更新日期 2020-04-08

What's new in this version:

More supported formats:
- .skp(SketchUp)
- .dwg(AutoCAD)
- .psb
- .aac, .flac, .m4a
- .cdr(macOS)
- .xlsx(Windows)

New Features:
- Use shortcut F to highly improve the efficiency of categorizing images
- New hover to preview feature, which allows you to browse image details in the quickest manner with the least actions needed
- Added 105 new icons to cover more comprehensive usage scenarios
- With the Password Lock feature, you no longer have to worry about your precious ideas would get shoulder-surfed
- WebP format conversion

- You can now create new folders/smart folders under a selected folders by right clicking
- You can now “Expand/Collapse All Folders” in the right click menu
- You can now “Expand/Collapse All Folders” by pressing `/` key
- Added “Go to Top” button to the sidebar
- Greatly improved the performance when scrolling the sidebar (120% ↑)
- You can now switch to “Search All” by pressing `⌘+Alt+F` / `Ctrl+Alt+F`
- Added “Pink” color for icons (folders, smart folders, tag groups
- You can now sort folders by Titles
- You can now quick switch libraries by pressing `⌘+L` / `Ctrl+L`
- Optimized the process when dragging files into locked folders
- You can now drag “folders/smart folders” into Quick Access directly

- You can now press `+` `-` to zoom in/out (no longer need to hold `⌘` or `Ctrl` )
- Removed "Ascending/Descending" option in "Order by" list for better usability, now the order options are listed in the menu respectively
- You can now sort by “Duration”
- You can now preview WebP animations by hovering mouse over the images
- The "Show subfolder contents" checkbox will be displayed more clearly in the List to improve visibility.“
- You can “Expand/Hide” subfolder list on top of the List
- You can now open multiple files with default applications at once
- Holding on back/forward buttons to top left corner of the List will prompt out browse History menu
- Reduced spacings in the List for better space utilization and a more aesthetic appeal

- You can now “Manually change order” for filter conditions
- You can now open up “frequently used filter conditions” by pressing the corresponding shortcut keys
- Added “Folder” filter condition
- Changed the icon for color filtering tools for a more intuitive impression

GIF Player:
- Added “previous/next” frame buttons in GIF player

- You can now multi-select Tags in Search Result by holding `⌘` / `Ctrl` + click on tags
- You can now copy image tags to clipboard as plain text
- You can press `⌘/Ctrl+C` to copy tags as plain texts into clipboard in All Tags
- Added an option to sort tag groups by “Tag counts”

You can now fill in the URL box by simply dropping "paths" or "links" in it

Quick Search:
- Now you can press “J”,to quickly jump between folders
- Now you can click on “the name of the parent folder” to open it in Go To Folder window

Smart Folder:
- Added the “folder” condition when setting up smart folders
- When the date selector is opened up, it should select an approximate time frame automatically instead of specifying current date every time.
- Added “Not null” value for smart folder’s filtering rules

- You can multi-select categories by holding `Ctrl` / `⌘` when saving images to save your time
- Images just added into Eagle will be auto-selected to reduce unwanted actions
- The Batch save function will now identify images with lower definition to prevent stretching when previewing

Filter audio files by BPM:
- Added “BPM” attribute to audio files, which applies to filter and smart folders feature

Detail View Mode:
- Enhanced the interaction animation when "Zoom in/out" in detailed view mode for smoother experiences
- When the mouse moves away from popup windows, the toolbars will be hidden for clearer preview experiences
- Now you can double-click psd, psd, ai files to preview in high-definition (Windows)
- Now you can double-click on psd, psb, ai, doc, excel, ppt, key, pages, numbers, xmind, exr, hdr files to preview in high-definition (macOS).
- When using mouse wheel for the first time, Eagle will now ask preferred behavior for the mouse wheel(Zoom, Previous/Next image, Vertical Scroll).
- You can now flip images horizontally (For preview only, the file won’t be modified)

Random Mode:
- You can now specify folders in Random mode

Image Cropping:
- Now you can adjust selected areas by Arrow keys, hold Ctrl/⌘ + Arrow keys to adjust size, hold Shift, to shift 10 pixels. These allows a more precise and handy image cropping.
- You can now press Enter to finish cropping

Combine Image:
- Added “Orientation, Align, Margin” options when merging
- You can now open Combine Image function by shortcut key `⌘+Shift+M` / `Ctrl+Shift+M`

Batch rename Font files:
- Sometimes the title of font files don’t go in line with the actual name, and renaming them one by one would be too time-consuming. Now, you can just right-click on the font you want to rename, then select “More” > "Rename with Font Family” to rename them quickly.

- Added “Capture Full Screen” feature

Published the browser extension dedicated for Microsoft Edge:
- Optimized performance when loading List for HDD / other slower hard drives (approx. 40% ↑)
- Improved app’s performance when initializing (approx. 15% ↑)
- Optimized the algorithm for keyword search, the performance is boosted approx. 50%↑
- Fixed an issue where the folders with the same name cannot be distinguished in the Quick Categorize tool (Parent folder’s name will be displayed when hovering mouse over the folder)
- Enhanced the thumbnails’ clarity in batch save interface
- Enhanced the application stability, preventing backend crashes in rare cases
- Enhanced the interaction animation effects for better sense of speed
- Reduced the flashiness when switching between images
- Memory scroll location when switching between All Tags and List tabs

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug that files won’t be removed from the original folder when dragging multiple folders
- Batch renaming now supports the use of symbol #
- Fixed an issue where images the List will be blurred under 125%/150% display size in Win 10
- Fixed an issue where adding bad .sketch files will cause the app to freeze in macOS
- Fixed a bug that "Revert Image Search " did not work properly
- Fixed a bug where a source file cannot be copy-pasted to other software (Windows)
- Fixed a bug where images displayed in Safari cannot be dragged into Eagle
- Fixed a bug that filters cannot find out webm, cd, ico file formats properly
- Fixed an issue where unexpected timeout when importing audios will cause backend task queue to freeze
- Fixed an issue where importing corrupted audio files will cause application backend to crash
- When showing all comments of the image, the one hovered over will be displayed on top, rather than being covered by other comments
- Fixed a bug that in rare cases, dragging images inside the app will be misjudged, resulting in adding duped images
- Fixed an issue where comments cannot be added in GIF player
- Fixed a bug that in rare cases, the screen will twitch when deleting images in random mode
- Fixed a bug that changes in image notes/comments/URLs won’t be saved if clicked on other folders instead of clicking on spacings in the List
- Fixed an issue where links in PDF files can’t be opened
- Fixed an issue that copy-paste images function may encounter unexpected error if the image is being used by other programs (Windows)
- Fixed a bug that tga files cannot be added in rare cases
- Fixed an issue where the order of images imported from Artstation is inconsistent
- Fixed a bug that the height/width of SVG images are incorrectly analyzed

Eagle 1.11.0 相關參考資料
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... southern Division Carrizo Springs 72.7 41.2 57.0 2.2 98 || 7 ||22 || 16+ 3 || 0 || 4 || 0 || - 18 -1.11 .0 0 3 || 0 || 0 Eagle Pass 70.2 40.2 55.2 2.2 90 || 6 || 23 16 1 ol.

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Us. 5 5. fl.==_E 1: 1 UEEES :3- 15 -0 see 14 .u1_n Q35! 18 1|! :! ea in else 1...! 1.11.0 1 m : 3. anon: on. an 8.1! on nvlzoien Iazlowa 1C. inns: 12!! elluokl . 5.5.

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