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最新版本 GitHub Desktop 3.3.4

GitHub Desktop 3.3.4

GitHub Desktop 3.3.4
GitHub Desktop 是一個無縫的方式來貢獻於 GitHub 和 GitHub Enterprise 上的項目。 GitHub Desktop 允許開發人員同步分支,克隆存儲庫等等。拉請求,合併按鈕,叉隊列,問題,頁面,維基:所有令人敬畏的功能,使共享更容易。但是,這些東西只有在您將代碼推送到 GitHub.

GitHub Desktop 之後才會很好。功能:

您會在側邊欄中找到您正在處理的所有項目。如果您正在開始一個新項目,請使用存儲庫下拉菜單創建一個新的存儲庫或直接從 克隆現有的存儲庫.

分支 off
分支對於在 GitHub 上提出更改和審查代碼是必不可少的,而且它們始終可用在存儲庫視圖的左上角。只需選擇當前分支來切換分支或創建一個新的分支.

Craft 完美的 commit

同步分支 61353896 同步按鈕將您的更改推送到 GitHub 並在一個操作中拉下其他更改。它會通知您知道何時您尚未推送的更改或者 GitHub 上有未更改的新更改.

Clone 存儲庫只需點擊一次
當您將存儲庫添加到 Windows 的 GitHub Desktop 時,我們會自動將它們與您所屬的任何組織至。想要從 下拉一個倉庫?檢查網站上的按鈕.

“分支是 Git 的最佳特性之一,我們可以輕鬆地嘗試遠程分支機構,創建新的本地分支機構並發布分支機構以與其他人共享。”

注意:需要 Microsoft。 NET Framework 4.0 以便安裝和 GitHub 帳戶。

也可用:下載 GitHub Desktop 為 Mac


檔案版本 GitHub Desktop 3.3.4

檔案名稱 GitHubSetup.exe
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 GitHub, Inc.
更新日期 2017-04-01

What's new in this version:

GitHub Desktop 3.3.4
- Updated: Git Shell updated to v2.11.0 containing a lot of performance improvements
- Updated: Git LFS updated to v1.5.5
- Updated: Posh-Git updated to the latest version
- Fixed: Hang when logged into a GitHub Enterprise instance that is in maintenance mode

GitHub Desktop 3.3.3
- Updated Git Shell updated to v2.10.2

GitHub Desktop 3.3.2
- Updated: Git Shell updated to v2.10.1 which updates Curl to 7.50.3 and fixes some issues working with repositories over HTTPS with domains that use self-signed certificates
- Fixed: Unable to resize the app to a width of 1024

GitHub Desktop 3.3.1
- Updated: Force usage of TLS 1.2 when the client supports the protocol

GitHub Desktop 3.3.0
- Updated: Git Shell updated to v2.10 which includes major performance improvements to interactive rebase among other enhancements
- Updated: Git LFS updated to v1.3.1
- Fixed: Dpi scaling on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition caused blurry fonts

GitHub Desktop 3.2.0
- Added: New button to open a repository in Atom or Visual Studio
- Updated: Git Shell updated to v2.9.0.1
- Improved: Better error message when publishing a repository that already exists on the server
- Fixed: Crash due to an unhandled COMException thrown by the default text input spellchecker

GitHub Desktop 3.1.1
- Fixed: Crash when using a Windows theme with drop shadows enabled

GitHub Desktop 3.1.0
- New: Dark theme now available from Options menu
- Added: Icons indicating whether a file was added, removed or modified
- Fixed: Unable to add repository which exists at drive root
- Fixed: Crash due to incorrect handling of input arguments on launch
- Fixed: Crash due to COM exception when interacting with Taskbar
- Fixed: Crash when scanning filesystem for local repositories
- Fixed: Created SSH keys not added to ssh-agent on first launch
- Fixed: Crash due to decoding malformed parameters on restart
- Updated: Posh-Git now includes new icons in prompt
- Updated: Git Shell updated to v2.8.1
- Updated: Git LFS updated to v1.2.0
- Updated: Git Shell adds Visual Studio 2015 developer tools and other common tools to $PATH

GitHub Desktop 3.0.17
- Fixed: Crash when updating the Windows taskbar with information but the taskbar is not ready or not found

GitHub Desktop 3.0.16
- Fixed: Excessive memory allocations in large repositories that caused out of memory errors
- Fixed: Commit selection would stop working if one commit failed to load
- Fixed: Various memory and performance improvements
- Updated: Git Shell updated to v2.7.4

GitHub Desktop 3.0.15
- Improved: Reduced memory consumption when pruning merged branches
- Improved: Reduced memory consumption by requesting smaller avatars

GitHub Desktop 3.0.14
- Fixed: Posh-Git update does not work for users running Powershell v2

GitHub Desktop 3.0.13
- Added: Issue suggestions when creating commit messages by pressing the # key
- Updated: Git Shell updated to v2.7.1
- Updated: Posh-Git now includes new icons in prompt
- Fixed: Crash when trying to rapidly load diffs for multiple Git-LFS files
- Improved: Local branches that have been merged into the default branch are automatically pruned
- Improved: Arrow keys and Page Up/Down can can be used to scroll through diffs

GitHub Desktop 3.0.12
- Fixed: Updated Authenticode certificate to replace obsolete SHA1 certificate
- Fixed: Rare crash when hovering over commit graph

GitHub Desktop 3.0.11
- Fixed: Unable to view diffs in LFS-enabled repositories

GitHub Desktop 3.0.10
- Improved: CTRL + ~ opens Git Shell in addition to ~
- Improved: CTRL + Enter creates a PR when used within the pull request panel
- Improved: Updated Git LFS to v1.1.0
- Fixed: Cloning large Git LFS-enabled repositories would fail when exceeding one hour
- Fixed: Rare crash when saving git attributes in repository settings
- Fixed: Extracting Git shell components could fail when using certain anti-virus programs
- Fixed: Git LFS accessible when launching using shell.ps1

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