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最新版本 DAX Studio 2.15.0

GnuCash 歷史版本列表

GnuCash 是個人和小企業的財務會計軟件,GNU GPL 免費授權,可用於 GNU / Linux,BSD,Solaris,Mac OS X 和 Microsoft Windows.6235896 設計易於使用,但功能強大而靈活,GnuCash 允許你跟踪銀行賬戶,股票,收入和支出。作為支票簿的快速和直觀的使用,它是基於專業的會計原則,以確保平衡的書籍和準確的報告。GnuCash 特點: 複式... GnuCash 軟體介紹

StaxRip 2.3.0 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Might break settings from previous version, so starting with new settings is recommended
- Might break templates and jobs from previous version, so checking or renewing them is recommended
- Changed menus from earlier versions must be restored, manually adjusted or need a global settings reset in order to see and use them
- Demux dialog attachments checkbox render bug fixed
- Demux dialog has buttons to enable/disable all attachment demuxing
- Fix possible crash when converting subtitles
- Disable eac3to preprocessing by default and extend re-muxing with ffmpeg to m2ts files
- Fix crash when extracting forced subtitles
- Rearrange settings sections
- Fix ffmpeg not being able to re-mux files with menus
- Fix ffmpeg demux issues
- Add missing parameters to ffmpeg calls
- aomenc 3.0.0-205-g0a5da45c7-x64-gcc10.2.0 Patman
- ffmpeg N 101743-gcad3a5d715-x64-gcc10.2.0 Patman
- Mp4Box 1.1.0 DEV rev635 g9c51f2274-x64-gcc10.2.0 Patman
- rav1e 0.5.0 alpha (p20210323-5-ge9efcf35)-x64-gcc10.2.0 Patman
- SvtAv1EncApp v0.8.6-76-g44486d233-x64-gcc10.2.0 Patman
- JincResize v2.0.2
- JPSDR 3.2.4 (Clang W7 AVX version)
- yadifmod2 v0.2.7
- VSFilterMod r5.2.4

SUMo 5.12.10 Build 486 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

SUMo 5.12.10 Build 486
- [Bug] Incorrect management of timeouts/comm abort
- [Bug] Crash when OpenSSL dll are removed (eg : WinXP compat)
- [Bug] Starting SUMO returns warning message that it is running in Degraded Mode - Server not available
- [Bug] "Degraded mode" indication (transient)
- [Bug] Lifetime licence key gets invalid during normal use
- [Refactoring] Updated German translation
- [Refactoring] Positive licence check should be considered as an evidence of server being online
- [Refactoring] Improve logics for server swapping due to low performance
- [Refactoring] Improving "heartbeat" logging
- [Bug] SUMo should not start on "Alternate" server without trying "Main" server first
- [New Feature] Log a line when exiting from Degraded mode
- [Bug] Undue "check licence" request to server
- [Refactoring] "Kaspersky" company name rationalization
- [New Feature] "CTRL+enter" as shortcut for "Open file Location"
- [Bug] Wrong identification of Spyder4Pro from Datacolor

SUMo 5.12.9 Build 481
- [Bug] Multiple detection for "XNView MP"
- [Bug] Load balancing too prone to send SUMo to the Alternate Server
- [Refactoring] Updated Portuguese translation
- [Bug] Wrong shortcut resolution
- [Refactoring] No more unneeded reload when drag'n'dopping files that can't be added
- [New Feature] More log in debug mode when drag'n'dropping shortcuts
- [Refactoring] Still some incorrect company name (GNU,..)
- [Refactoring] "" company name rationalization

SUMo 5.12.8 Build 480
- [Refactoring] "Sapphire TRIXX" multiple detection
- [Refactoring] "Sapphire Technology" company name rationalization
- [New Feature] Capacity to remove licence
- [Refactoring] Updated German translation
- [Bug] Graphisoft Licence manager shall not be identified as ArchiCAD
- [Bug] Wrong version reported for WD Drive Utilities by Western Digital
- [Refactoring] "McAfee UI Container" to be filtered out (sub product)
- [Refactoring] MultiCrashReport.exe to be filtered out
- [Refactoring] Boost scan speed by properly using FindFirst with correct extension

SUMo 5.12.7 Build 479
- [Bug] Wrong version identified for OpenHashTab leading to "OpenHashTab by namazso v v3.0.1 - SUMo reports Update available ("
- [Bug] Various incorrect misdetection with BitComet
- [Refactoring] "Stop" in checking shall be a "cancel-type" button (ESC as shortcut)
- [Refactoring] Updated Portuguese translation
- [Refactoring] "" to be renamed "VirtualDubMod"
- [Refactoring] Updated Italian translation
- [Refactoring] Updated French translation
- [Bug] Both "Zemana AntiLogger" and "Zemana AntiMalware" identified as "Advanced Malware Protection"

SUMo 5.12.6 Build 478
- [Refactoring] Product made of node.js shall not be identified as node.js
- [Refactoring] NodeJs "LTS" detection should not be executed on 3rd party modules
- [Refactoring] Incorrect identification for "SoftPerfect Network Scanner", "SoftPerfect Wifi Guard" ...
- [Refactoring] Standardize leading "SoftPerfect " in Softperfect product name

SUMo 5.12.5 Build 477
- [Refactoring] ArtMoney not properly detcted
- [Refactoring] NodeJS not supported for installed package (only portable)
- [Bug] Wrong version reported for UbiSoftConnect

SUMo 5.12.4 Build 476
- [Refactoring] node.js current LTS version shows as needing update
- [New Feature] Support software with LTS release (node.js)
- [Refactoring] "asupgr.exe" to be filterd out (subproduct)
- [Refactoring] Rename "UPlay by Ubisoft" to "Ubisoft Connect" by Ubisoft and use correct version
- [Refactoring] "wondershare update" to be filtered out
- [Refactoring] "maintenancetool" by "" to be filtered out
- [Refactoring] old MSEdge to be filtered out
- [Refactoring] "viBoot by Paramount Software UK Ltd" to be filtered out

SUMo 5.12.3 Build 475
- [Refactoring] Wrong detection for "Intel® Memory and Storage Tool (GUI)"
- [Refactoring] SandBoxie company name should now be "Xanasoft"
- [Refactoring] "IDM EasyUpdate" to be filtered out
- [Refactoring] "Medienverwaltungssystem *" to be renamed as "TagComplete"
- [Bug] HashTab not removed when OpenHashTab gets detected
- [Refactoring] Updated Chinese translation
- [Refactoring] Updated Japanese translation

SUMo 5.12.2 Build 474
- [Refactoring] "Nuance Communications, Inc." should now be named "Kofax Inc."
- [Refactoring] "Facebook" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] Missing company name for Driver Store Explorer (should be "Teddy Z")
- [Bug] Incorrect naming of WoW Classic
- [Refactoring] World of Warcraft branches identification (Retail, PTR, Beta)
- [Refactoring] Filter additional installers
- [Bug] Incorrect detection of CrystalDiskInfo Portable by PortableApps
- [Refactoring] Luminar 4 and Luminar AI are two different products

SUMo 5.12.1 Build 473
- [Bug] Update ICS library to 8.65 and OpenSSL to 1.1.1i
- [Refactoring] Luminar 4 and Luminar AI are two different products
- [Refactoring] SUMo should trim double backslashes in path
- [Refactoring] "ZabaraKatranemia Plc" to be renamed as "ZabKat"
- [Refactoring] "SplashScreenStarter" to be renamed as "Audials"
- [New Feature] Link to ChangeLog from Auto-Update Dialog

SUMo 5.12.0 Build 472
- [Refactoring] "CleanUp by CHENGDU YIWO Tech Development Co., Ltd" to be filtered out
- [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for "NVIDIA GeForce Experience"
- [Refactoring] Filter additional installers
- [New Feature] Registry based software detection
- [Refactoring] Company name rationalization for "Skylum"
- [Refactoring] "Micron" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] Remove trailing " MFC"
- [Refactoring] "Skymatic" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] Remove GPL* as company name
- [Refactoring] "AudioGrabber" identified as "Copies digital audio from cd's. Freeware"
- [Refactoring] "Evernote Corp." company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "VssFreeze-*.exe" to be filtered out
- [Refactoring] Flash Player Projector (StandAlone) should not be filtered
- [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for Miktex

SUMo 5.11.9 Build 470
- [Refactoring] Incorrect version reported for Ashampoo WinOptimizer
- [Refactoring] Multiple detection for "Ressource Hacker"
- [Refactoring] "ConsoleApplication1 by Abelssoft" to be filtered out
- [Refactoring] Updated Dutch translation
- [Refactoring] Updated Spanish translation
- [Bug] EaseUS products incorrectly detected as "Loader"

SUMo 5.11.8 Build 469
- [Refactoring] Improved NordVPN current version detection
- [Refactoring] "Unity Technologies ApS" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "nordvpn-service" to be filtered out
- [Refactoring] "EaseUS Partition Master Loader" to be named "EaseUS Partition Master"
- [Bug] Adobe Flash installer shall be automatically filtered
- [Bug] Firefox installer shall be automatically filtered

SUMo 5.11.7 Build 466
- [Refactoring] Updated Portugese (Brazil) translation
- [Refactoring] "Capture One" company name rationalization
- [Bug] Wrong version reported for "G Data Security Software by G Data Software AG"
- [Refactoring] Wrong version and company name reported for NordVPN
- [Bug] Non existing Ghostscript version being claimed as detected on system

SUMo 5.11.6 Build 465
- [Refactoring] "UltraCompare Lite" identified as "UltraCompare Professional"
- [Refactoring] "An executable program" by "" should be renamed to "Calibre"
- [Bug] "Glimpse Image Editor" incorrectly reported as "GIMP" with wrong version
- [Refactoring] "Wide angle software" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Tonec Inc." company name rationalization
- [Bug] "File Synchronization" by "Botkind, Inc" should be named "Alway Sync"
- [Refactoring] Updated German translation

SUMo 5.11.5 Build 464
- [Bug] ACDSee "normal" mixed with ACDSee PRO
- [Bug] "ACDSee Luxea" identified as "ACDSee"
- [Bug] ACDSee Ultimate and Video Studio wrongly detected as ACDSee
- [Refactoring] "CoffeeCup Software" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] SUMo shall be able to distinguish SiSoftware Sandra "Lite"
- [Refactoring] "Wacom" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "T-Clock *" products without company name should have "White Tiger"
- [Refactoring] "File Synchronization" by "Botkind, Inc" should be named "Alway Sync"
- [Bug] Japanese Translation Updated

SUMo 5.11.4 Build 463
- [Refactoring] Specific version processing needed for Farbar Service Scanner and MiniToolBox by Farbar
- [Refactoring] "Alien Skin Software, LLC" is now "Exposure Software, LLC"
- [Refactoring] Wrong version for Ant Download Manager by AntGROUP
- [Refactoring] "Black Tree Gaming" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] Product starting by "Intel " or "Intel(R)" or "Intel*PROSET" without company name should have "Intel" as company name
- [Refactoring] Merge "IntelR PROSet/Wireless" with "Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless"
- [Refactoring] "" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "daz 3D" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] Updated Russian translation
- [Bug] Russian translation issue

SUMo 5.11.3 Build 462
- [Refactoring] SUMo debug log shall contain "Dark mode activation" (in debug mode)
- [Bug] Wrong version reported for WD Security
- [Refactoring] Wrong company decoding for Snap Art
- [Refactoring] List background is white when dark mode is enabled from wizard of first run while list is empty
- [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for Maxthon when using file from AppDataLocal
- [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for iSCSIAgent
- [Refactoring] SUMo should not scan "Chrome_proxy" but should redirect to Chrome.exe
- [Refactoring] "RStudio" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Superfly Inc." company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] Updated Swedish translation
- [Refactoring] Updated Chinese translation
- [Refactoring] Updated Greek translation
- [Bug] "MPC-Beats by Akai" is incorrectly reported as "Media Player Classic - Black Editionats by"

SUMo 5.11.2 Build 461
- [Refactoring] Wrong company name for AviDemux
- [Refactoring] avidemux_cli.exe to be redirected to avidemux.exe
- [Refactoring] Wrong detection for "LINE"
- [Refactoring] LINE is incorrectly detected
- [Refactoring] Kitty company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] Company name rationalization for "Henrik Rydgard"
- [Bug] "default-browser-agent.exe" is reported as "Firefox" with an incorrect version.
- [Refactoring] "Individual Software" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] ASRock company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] Updated Hungarian translation
- [Bug] Wrong version reported for WSCC
- [Refactoring] Updated Swedish translation
- [Refactoring] Updated German translation

SUMo 5.11.1 Build 460
- [Refactoring] Use "bold" fonts for list item in Dark mode
- [Refactoring] "TeX Users Group" to be merged with ""
- [Refactoring] "FreeDownloadManager.ORG" to be merged with "Softdeluxe"
- [Bug] When resized in Dark mode, white grid lines re-appear
- [Refactoring] Updated Japanese translation
- [Refactoring] Updated Italian translation

SUMo 5.11.0 Build 459
- [Refactoring] New layout for Settings page.
- [Refactoring] "Andrzej Pluta (@Andy Ful)" company name rationalization
- [New Feature] Basic Dark Theme
- [Bug] Strawberry Perl product name consolidation
- [Bug] Multiple editions of Macrium Reflect, each with a different version
- [Refactoring] Wrong company identified for viBoot
- [Bug] Skipped list editor not showing centered to the Main Window
- [Bug] Settings not showing centered to the Main Window
- [Refactoring] Overlapping text/icons (Italian)
- [Refactoring] Improved company name for WinMTR
- [Refactoring] Wrong identification for WACUP
- [Refactoring] Wrong detection for "Thaiphoon Burner Super Blaster"
- [Bug] Wrong version reported for Brave Browser
- [Refactoring] Updated Japanese translation
- [Refactoring] Typo in implementation of 0004392
- [Refactoring] "Softmaker xx" product shall be named "xx"
- [Refactoring] "SoftMaker Software GmbH" company name rationalisation
- [Refactoring] "ykman-gui by" should be identified as "Yubikey Manager by Yubico"
- [Refactoring] Missing company name for WizTree (64 bits) (should be "Antibody Software")
- [Refactoring] "Diagnostics" without company name to be filtered out (NordVPN sub-product)
- [Refactoring] "=PRODNAME= by =COMPANYFULL=" to be filtered out (subproduct)
- [Bug] Update ICS library to 8.64 and OpenSSL to 1.1.1g

SUMo 5.10.18 Build 457
- [Refactoring] Multiple company name for 3RVX
- [Bug] "EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (64 bits) by CHENGDU YIWO Tech Development Co., Ltd" 13.3 not detected
- [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for FreeOffice components
- [Refactoring] "usbstick" without company name should be filtered
- [Bug] Wrong version reported for "Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager" (Portable)
- [Refactoring] "StoreExperienceHost" to be filtered out
- [Refactoring] "Dassault Systemes" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "National Instruments" company name rationalization

SUMo 5.10.17 Build 456
- [Refactoring] SUMo shall make distinction between FileZilla dand Filezilla PRO
- [Refactoring] Support for Bleachbit v4 portable
- [Refactoring] Full version formatting in logs for "local version"
- [Refactoring] "sync*" by Apple to be filtered out
- [Bug] Help and Uninstall Instructions goes to blank page
- [Refactoring] Updated Polish translation

SUMo 5.10.16 Build 455
- [Refactoring] BleachBit v4 not detected by SUMo
- [Refactoring] bleachbit_console to be filtered out (subproduct)
- [Bug] Undue exit in version detection code when GetFileVersionInfoSize = 0
- [Refactoring] BleachBit detection improvement (name, company name)
- [Refactoring] "Premium Membership by DVDVideoSoft Ltd." to be filtered out (subproduct)
- [Refactoring] "Tortoisegit*" subproduct to be filtered out
- [Refactoring] "Microsoft Edge Updater" should be filtered out
- [Refactoring] "Advanced Malware Protection" : Wrong company name for v2
- [Refactoring] "*" : to be filtered
- [Refactoring] "NVDA Contributors" > "NV Access" : Company name update

SUMo 5.10.15 Build 453
- [Refactoring] SUMo should be able to distinguish Waterfox Classic from Waterfox Current
- [Refactoring] "Radarr" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] Remove trailing ". See LICENSE.TXT for details." from company name
- [Refactoring] "Firefox Software Updater (ESR)" shall be filtered out (like for regular version)
- [Bug] 'file not found' reported as Version
- [Refactoring] MiniTool Partition Wizard v12 not detected by SUMo
- [New Feature] Local reference version to be logged at each server request, in verbose mode only
- [Refactoring] nvdaHelperRemoteLoader.exe to be filtered out
- [Refactoring] "MusicBrainz Picard" multiple detection
- [Refactoring] Updated Italian translation
- [Refactoring] it shall not be possible to "enable" SUMo Online with an empty identifier
- [Refactoring] "Zoom" multiple detection
- [Refactoring] "BenVista Ltd." company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] Leading substring "Developed by " to be removed from company name

SUMo 5.10.14 Build 452
- [Bug] Searches for Microsoft products for no reason
- [Refactoring] Microsoft Chromiuim Edge to be supported even is Microsoft product is disabled (stand alone product)
- [Refactoring] Updated Italian translation
- [Refactoring] "OK" in main list not available for translation
- [Refactoring] Updated German translation
- [Refactoring] "Media Center" now reported as "Media Center 26", "Media Center 25"...
- [Refactoring] More Setup files filtering
- [Refactoring] "NV Access" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "EZCast PRO" incorrect identification
- [Refactoring] "MmsMonitor.exe" to be filtered out
- [Refactoring] "Innovative Solutions" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "VIPRE Security" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Pipemetrics SA" is now "IO Bureau SA"
- [Refactoring] "Tenorshare" company name rationalization

SUMo 5.10.13 Build 449
- [Refactoring]: "Microsoft Edge" should not have an empty company name
- [Refactoring]: "" to be renamed "VirtualDubMod"
- [Refactoring]: "BlueStack Systems" rationalization
- [Refactoring]: "AdMigrator.exe" to be filtered out
- [Refactoring]: "SIW" product name rationalization (fix)
- [Refactoring]: regression in 0005872
- [Refactoring]: Missing company name for "ColorMania (64 bits)" while OK for "Colormania"
- [Refactoring]: TurboTax, Tax software keeping name, but changing major version number every year
- [Refactoring]: "TurboTax" name rationalization
- [Refactoring]: "Private Internet Access" : company name rationalization
- [Refactoring]: "Infonautics GmbH" company name rationalization

SUMo 5.10.12 Build 448
- [Refactoring] "G&G Software" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "XnView" identified as "XnView Classic"
- [Refactoring] "Viber Media" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Intuit" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] Winmerge company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "ESET" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for ESET Main GUI
- [Refactoring] "Sergey Moskalev / Caramba Tech" to be renamed as "Caramba Tech"
- [Refactoring] "Docker" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "KORG Inc." company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Blizzard App Launcher" to be renamed "Blizzard App"
- [Refactoring] Missing items in english translation

SUMo 5.10.11 Build 447
- Wrong version reported for "SIW by Topala"
- Slimjet and MindManager wrongly reported (regression in SUMo 5.10.10)

- "SIW" product name rationalization
- Wrong version reported for ESET
- "Directory List & Print (Pro)" to be renamed as "Directory List & Print Pro"
- "SPAMfighter" company name rationalization

SUMo 5.10.10 Build 446
- "" company name rationalization
- "Ubisoft" company name rationalisation
- UPlay wrong version reported
- "FlashPeak xxx" products shall be renamed "xxx"
- "FlashPeak" company rationalization
- "mifi" company name to be replaced by "Mikael Finstad"
- "Mindjet MindManager" to be renamed "MindManager"

SUMo 5.10.9 Build 445
- [Refactoring] OpenHashTab misidentified as HashTab
- [Bug] MBARW incorrectly identified as MBAM
- [Refactoring] ProtonVPN company should be "Proton Technologies AG"
- [Refactoring] "IceCream" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Robert Kausch" company name rationalization
- [Bug] "Backup and Sync" empty company name
- [Refactoring] Incorrect version for "Malwarebytes (64 bits)" (but correct for 32 bits)

SUMo 5.10.8 Build 443
- Updated Portuguese (Brazil) translation
- "Google Drive Sync" to be renamed "Backup and Sync"
- "ABRITES" company name rationalization
- "NewSoftwares" company rationalization
- "IOBit Software Updater" shall not be filtered out
- "Password Safe" by "" should be by "ronys"
- "GrsyncSafe" by "" should be by " orsoni"
- "World of Warcraft Classic" to be distinguished from "World of Warcraft"

SUMo 5.10.7 Build 442
- [Refactoring] "Nuance Communications, Inc." rationalisation
- [Bug] Immediate logging when in debug mode
- [Refactoring] "Bandicam" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Find.Same.Images.OK" incorrect detection
- [Refactoring] IPVanish multiple reporting
- [Refactoring] SUMo shall filters files from *Setup Files* folders
- [Refactoring] "SHIROUZU Hiroaki" should now be named "FastCopy Lab, LLC."

SUMo 5.10.6 Build 441
- [Refactoring] "ActivePython" incorrect identification
- [Refactoring] "OpenVPN" company name rationalization
- [Bug] Incorrect "close" label on Update Dialog when opened more than once per run
- [Bug] Bug on "degraded mode" logging
- [Bug] Incorrect "Info [19-12-23 10:57:18] Version change detected : xxxx" when running with "fresh" registry key
- [Refactoring] "Slack Technologies" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] Wrong company name (unknown) reported for MediathekView
- [Refactoring] Improved debug logging of directory scan
- [Bug] SUMo scans folder added to Excluded Folders
- [Bug] Excluded folders are scanned
- [Bug] "SUMo is already up to date" in Russian translation

SUMo 5.10.5 Build 440
- [Refactoring] Incorrect version reported for "Beyond Compare"
- [Refactoring] "contaware" company name rationalisation
- [Bug] AVAST sub products incorrectly reported as AVAST AV with wrong version
- [Refactoring] "KillSwitch.exe" to be filtered out
- [Bug] "Ashampoo UnInstaller * Setup" to be filtered out

SUMo 5.10.4 Build 439
- [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for "tax by Buhl Data Service GmbH"
- [Refactoring] "ImTOO Software Studio" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Ashampoo Uninstaller by Ashampoo" should not be filtered
- [Refactoring] "nordvpn*" with no company name shall use "NordVPN" as company name
- [Refactoring] Company "HexaD" to be renamed as "Duplicati Team"

SUMo 5.10.3 Build 438
- [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for "CloneBD by Elaborate Bytes AG"
- [Refactoring] "inSSIDer" / "inSSIDer Office" distinction
- [Refactoring] old_chrome to be filtered out
- [Bug] Wrong version reported for Malwarebytes Premium
- [Refactoring] Malwarebytes Assistant and tray to be filtered out (dependancies)
- [Bug] "Total Commander Installer" to be filtered out

SUMo 5.10.2 Build 437
- [Refactoring] "Elaborate Bytes AG" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for Malwarebytes v4
- [Refactoring] mbuns shall be filtered out
- [Refactoring] Updated German translation

SUMo 5.10.1 Build 436
- [Refactoring] Incorrect 64bits registry scanning for Launchy
- [Bug] Wrong version of LibreOffice reported when LibreOffice Help Pack is installed
- [Refactoring] Updated Italian translation
- [Refactoring] "HiBit Uninstaller" should not be filtered out
- [Refactoring] Updated japanese translation
- [Refactoring] "MetaGeek" company name rationalization

SUMo 5.10.0 Build 434
- [Refactoring] "Adobe Inc" to be renamed as "Adobe Systems, Inc."
- [Refactoring] Updated French translation
- [Refactoring] NSIS support
- [Bug] Remote PC offline -- discovered it was waiting to update SUMo
- [Refactoring] "DVD Flick v2"
- [Refactoring] Updated Japanese translation
- [Refactoring] "Parallels" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Movavi" company name rationalization
- [New Feature] Sort indicator for secondary windows (ignore list editor,....)
- [New Feature] Long term stats on "Licence revocation", "UID not found errors"
- [New Feature] extent logging to multi-session
- [Bug] "File Path" column too narrow after window width update
- [Bug] Missing automatic column resize in Ignored list editor
- [New Feature] Support for "Exact Audio Copy"
- [Refactoring] Apply light / dark setting to all internal lists
- [New Feature] Add Check for SUMo update to the right click context menu on Notification area icon
- [Refactoring] "iolo technologies, LLC" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Ashampoo Driver Updater" shall not be filtered out
- [Refactoring] "Systools" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "GNU" cleanup in company name
- [New Feature] Copy line on Ctrl+C

SUMo 5.9.9 Build 432
- [New Feature] TurboTax software keeping name, but changing major version number every year
- [Refactoring] SUMo shall be able to distinguish "Softmaker Office" from "Softmaker Free Office"
- [Refactoring] "WISO steuer:Start" and "WISO steuer:Sparbuch" have yearly specific product lines
- [Refactoring] "Telegram FZ-LLC" compane name rationalization

SUMo 5.9.8 Build 431
- [Refactoring] Accessibility improvement - incorrect tab-scrolling through "settings" page elements
- [Refactoring] "KeyFinder LTD." is now "ONE UP LTD."
- [Refactoring] "Artifex Software, Inc." company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] nMap from "Insecure.Org" shall be allocated to "nMap Team" (continued)
- [Refactoring] Updated Italian translation
- [Refactoring] Updated German translation

SUMo 5.9.7 Build 430
- [Bug] SUMo breaks in debug mode
- [Refactoring] nMap from "Insecure.Org" shall be allocated to "nMap Team"
- [Bug] Proxy no longer working since upgrade to ICS 8.61
- [Bug] Inconsistent "report error / report beta" right click menu items state on multiple selection
- [Bug] "Textify" unduly rejected by SUMo
- [Refactoring] "Buhl" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Resplendence Software" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "The Wireshark developer community" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] Update ICS library to 8.62

SUMo 5.9.6 Build 426
- [Bug] ImageMagick detection and current determination
- [Refactoring] "TopBanking by Subsembly GmbH" should be named Banking4
- [Bug] Update ICS library to 8.61 and OpenSSL to 1.1.1c
- [Refactoring] if hashtab dll gets manually added, SUMo shall redirect to the "specific" detection code
- [New Feature] HashTab Support
- [Refactoring] Updated Italian translation
- [Refactoring] Updated Hungarian translation

SUMo 5.9.5 Build 425
- [Bug]"Search [...]" popup menu item not available for translation
- [Refactoring] Consolidate / Rationalize Multi Commander reporting
- [Refactoring] "POIbase powered by:" to be renamed "POIbase"
- [Bug] "DMDE" product naming to be reworked (embedding version number)
- [Refactoring] "WebGear Ltd" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "cURL" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] Product name starting by "installs " to be filtered out
- [Refactoring] Updated Hungarian translation

SUMo 5.9.4 Build 424
- [Bug] SUMo starting with incomplete status text line
- [Refactoring] SUMo shall filter "DTS Post Processing APO"
- [Bug] "IOBit Uninstaller Portable" incorrectly detected as "IOBit Uninstaller"
- [Bug] Malwarebytes Corporate wrong update channel
- [Refactoring] Refactor "Steam Installer"
- [Refactoring] Updated Italiant translation

SUMo 5.9.3 Build 423
- [Refactoring] Bromium company name consolidation / rationalization
- [Refactoring] "McAfee" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] Spiceworks company name consolidation / rationalization
- [Bug] Multiple detection for "AAV4GL-Engine"
- [Refactoring] "Andrea Vacondio" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Qihoo 360" multiple company name detection
- [Refactoring] Lansweeper company name consolidation / rationalization
- [Bug] SUMo installation leads to wrong shortcut
- [Refactoring] "emule-project" company name rationalization
- [Bug] Links to SUMo Online should use HTTPS, not HTTP

SUMo 5.9.2 Build 422
- Change log not available for this version

SUMo 5.9.1 Build 421
- [Refactoring] Updated Italian translation
- [Refactoring] "HP" company name rationalization (continued)
- [Refactoring] "Conexant" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "RapidSolution Software" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] Irfan Skiljan name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "ImageMagick" company name rationalization
- [New Feature] MiniTool Partition Wizard support
- [Refactoring] "MiniTool Software Limited" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Razer" company name ratinalization
- [Refactoring] "Cryptomator" multiple company name
- [Bug] SUMo Online German translation and language errors in client user interface
- [Refactoring] Updated Germand translation

SUMo 5.9.0 Build 420
- [Bug] translation error in German menu
- [Refactoring] Updated German translation
- [Bug] Wrong version reported for CrystalDiskInfo
- [Bug] Win XP Beta 418 missing dcrypt.dll
- [Bug] Win XP app fails to start -- missing bcrypt.dll
- [Bug] Title bar mismatch Typo. "Updates" should be "Update"
- [Bug] Remote actions support and heartbeat (online/offline) not switched on/off until restart of SUMo
- [Refactoring] If "check" following a request from Cloud, status shall be reported to cloud, even if no change (to update last check time)
- [Refactoring] "Check / Extended Check" status (enabled) discrepancy
- [Refactoring] "Adobe Inc. " wrong detection
- [New Feature] Support for "check and scan" requests from cloud
- [Refactoring] "FengTao Software Inc." to be renamed as ""
- [Bug] "Intel Driver & Support Assistant" no longer detected
- [Refactoring] Missing item in french translation
- [Refactoring] "ownCloud" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] Update ICS library to 8.59 and OpenSSL to 1.1.1b
- [Refactoring] Ashampoo Undeleter not detected properly
- [Bug] "Ashampoo Snap 8" wrong detection
- [Refactoring] All subproducts of EasyBCD in bin subfolder should be filtered out
- [Refactoring] "QNAP" multiple detection
- [New Feature] SUMo Online
- [Refactoring] "SUMo Online / Configure / Need new account ? Click here" leads to wrong page
- [Refactoring] Updated Polish translation
- [New Feature] Google Search by right click menu
- [Refactoring] "vncpipehelper.exe" to be filtered out
- [Bug] "Free Video to Flash Converter" detected as "Free All Converter by DVDVideoSoft"
- [Bug] Unable to add "IOBit Uninstaller Portable"
- [Refactoring] Flexera company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Steinberg Media Technologies" company name rationalization

SUMo 5.8.12 Build 415
- [Bug] Unable to check until restart if no answer to licence check
- [Refactoring] Updated Italian translation
- [Bug] Missing UninstallDisplayIcon in registry for installed version
- [New Feature] Log "overall status change" in debug mode

SUMo 5.8.11 Build 414
- New company name for "everything"
- Wrong company name for "Teamviewer QS"
- Privazer multiple detection
- "icofx software" company name multiple detection
- Updated Italian translation
- Updated German translation

SUMo 5.8.10 Build 412
- [Refactoring] Loading Performance improvement : 22% faster
- [Refactoring] Logitech Options to be filtered in (in fact, dedicated product)
- [Refactoring] "Dashcam Viewer" : wrong version reported
- [Bug] Wrong dialog title for "Excluded folders"
- [New Feature] Option to remove "Drivers Update" button for SUMo Pro users
- [New Feature] "Drivers Update" and other buttons
- [New Feature] New keybord shortcuts for "Add File" and "Scan Folders"

SUMo 5.8.9 Build 411
- "Bo Yans" better identification
- [Bug] Wrong version reported for VMware Workstation
- [Refactoring] WzBGTools to be filtered out
- [Bug] Wrong company name for "TOR Browser (64 bits)" (reported as "Mozilla Foundation")

SUMo 5.8.8 Build 410
- Change log not available for this version

SUMo 5.8.7 Build 409
- [Refactoring] Piriform company name rationalization
- [New Feature] "Kalkules" listed under wrong name
- [Refactoring] "Display Driver Uninstaller / Wagnardsoft" shall not be filtered out
- [Refactoring] "Corsair memory" company rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Nullsoft, Inc." to be replaced by "Winamp SA"
- [Bug] Wrong version reported for IOBit Driver Booster
- [Bug] XVid Codec support broken by 0005197

SUMo 5.8.6 Build 408
- Change log not available for this version

SUMo 5.8.5 Build 407
- Updated French translation
- SUMo shall not (auto)check while licence has not been checked
- Licence manager shall not accept "null name" de facto invalid licence
- Updated German translation
- ACDSee wrongly identified
- "LSoft Technologies Inc." company name rationalization
- Undue notification for "IObit Uninstaller by IOBit"
- "vncguihelper.exe" to be filtered out
- "&" changed into "_" on check dialog

SUMo 5.8.4 Build 406
- ACDSee wrongly identified
- "LSoft Technologies Inc." company name rationalization
- [Bug] Undue notification for "IObit Uninstaller by IOBit"
- [Refactoring] "vncguihelper.exe" to be filtered out
- [Refactoring] "&" changed into "_" on check dialog

SUMo 5.8.3 Build 405
- "PhotoFiltre" shall be identified as "PhotoFiltre Studio" for Mafor > 6 (and < 10)
- UltraVNC detection improvement
- "VNC by RealVNC" detection improvement
- Improved performance (Version detection) : 22% faster

SUMo 5.8.2 Build 404

- Improved performance (Version detection) : 6% faster

- Incorrect Vuze Check
- dBpoweramp Video/Image/Music Converter wrong identification
- Wrong programs details in SUMo list

SUMo 5.8.1 Build 403
- Change log not available for this version

SUMo 5.8.0 Build 402
- [Refactoring] Loading time performance improvement (log write ops management) : 25% faster
- [Refactoring] "dBConfig.exe" to be filtered out (dependancy)
- [New Feature] "Deep check" mode : Check with light scan (CTRL+F5)
- [Refactoring] Double loading software list
- [Refactoring] "Open Log" command shall rely on Log class internal "open" function rather than ShellExecute
- [Bug] Rollback on 0005027 (useless)
- [Refactoring] Loading time improvement (Company name computation) : 15% faster
- [Bug] Wrong verrsion reported for "Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager"
- [Bug] Issue concerning showing right version for Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager
- [Bug] Log of installed software in debug mode missed HKCU
- [Bug] Log of installed software in debug mode missed HKLM 32 bits data
- [Refactoring] Log of installed software in debug mode now add some sections for troubleshotting purpose
- [Refactoring] "DxO" company name rationalization
- [Bug] When using a banned UID, SUMo no longer closes
- [Bug] Pressing Enter in list will run Check, instead of default context menu action (Get Update)
- [Refactoring] OpenSSL 1.1.0h > 1.1.0i

SUMo 5.7.4 Build 401
- Change log not available for this version

SUMo 5.7.3 Build 400
- [Refactoring] Album Art Downloader" Company name shall be "Album Art Team", not "Licensed
- [Refactoring] WinTools" company name rationalizatio
- [Refactoring] MP3 Encoder" to be renamed "LAME MP3 Encoder
- [Refactoring]" to be replaced by "The LAME Project
- [Refactoring] Passionate-Coder" shall be renamed to "Open-Shell
- [Refactoring] Open Shell" to be renamed "Open-Shell

SUMo 5.7.2 Build 399
- [Refactoring] "Classic Start" renamed "Open Shell"
- [Refactoring] Filter out "Yamicsoft % Manager - %"
- [Refactoring] "ArcSoft" company name rationalization

SUMo 5.7.1 Build 398
- [Refactoring] "" to be renamed "BabelStone" as company name (Kyle_Katarn)
- [Refactoring] "Olympus" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
- [Refactoring] "Digiarty" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
- [Refactoring] "MPlayer Team" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
- [Refactoring] RtkNGUI64 to be filtered out (wrong version for Realtek HD Audio Manager) (Kyle_Katarn)
- [Bug] PSPad is identified as "Text editor" rather than as PSPad since v5.0 (Kyle_Katarn)

SUMo 5.7.0 Build 397
- [Refactoring] SUMo shall make distinction between Skype Classic (<= v7.x) and Skype for Desktop (>= v8.x)
- [Refactoring] ZoneAlarm zatray.exe to be filtered out
- [Bug] SUMo blocks window closure
- [Bug] Updates for GIMP are notified for non-existant files from old versions
- [Bug] VoodooShield Wrong Version Shown

SUMo 5.6.7 Build 396
- Change log not available for this version

SUMo 5.6.6 Build 395
- [Bug] Wrong items ordering
- [Bug] Language setting is not saved in Portable version
- [Refactoring] Updated Dutch translation

SUMo 5.6.5 Build 394
- [Refactoring] When moving main window after load+check, the popup reappears at the wrong location
- [Refactoring] "Glyph by Trion Worlds Inc." wrong version reported
- [Refactoring] "MiTAC" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Super Flexible Software" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "WordWeb by WordWeb Software" wrong version reported
- [Bug] Wrong identification of iTwin

SUMo 5.6.4 Build 393
- [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for ESET security
- [Bug] Quicken no longer part of Intuit
- [Refactoring] Wrong company name for AdGuard
- [Refactoring] " vlc-cache-gen" to be filtered out (dependancy)
- [Refactoring] Updated Ukranian translation

SUMo 5.6.3 Build 392
- [Bug] Missing item in french translation
- [Refactoring] Code signing certificate renewal
- [Refactoring] "0 by synchrimedia" shall be reported as "TranscriptSnagger by synchrimedia"

SUMo 5.6.2 Build 391
- [Refactoring] OpenSSL 1.1.0g > 1.1.0h
- [Bug] AdwCleaner reported as 7.80
- [Refactoring] SUMo portable shall not leave registry entries
- [Bug] FastKeys updated and SUMo is back to searching File Version instead of Product Version
- [Refactoring] Wrong productname for Clear Folder by Softwarebüro Krekeler
- [Refactoring] "Alcohol Soft Development Team / Alcohol Soft Development Team" should be "Alcohol Command Launcher"
- [Refactoring] "Serif (Europe) Ltd." rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Retrospect, Inc" rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Resource viewer, decompiler & recompiler" shall be replaced by "Resource Hacker"

SUMo 5.6.1 Build 390
- [Bug] Useless log entry in settings load sequence
- [Bug] Window position not saved in Portable mode
- [Refactoring] Inkscape company rationalization
- [Bug] "UninstallView" should not be filtered out

SUMo 5.6.0 Build 389
- [Bug] "UninstallView" should not be filtered out
- [New Feature] Settings-Folder of portable version
- [New Feature] Make SUMo portable
- [New Feature] "AceBIT" company rationalization
- [Refactoring] Updated german translation
- [Refactoring] "?" characters is Auslogics product names and company names

FocusMe 查看版本資訊


Symfony 5.2.6 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- [Form] error if the input string couldn't be parsed as a date
- [HttpClient] fix using stream_copy_to_stream() with responses cast to php streams
- [Form] IntegerType: Always use en for IntegerToLocalizedStringTransformer
- Uses the correct assignment action for console options depending if they are short or long
- [HttpKernel] ConfigDataCollector to return known data without the need of a Kernel
- [Translation] Fix update existing key with existing +int-icu domain
- Fixed parsing deprecated definitions without message key
- [Security] Handle properly 'auto' option for remember me cookie security
- [Console] fix emojis messing up the line width
- [Validator] Avoid triggering the autoloader for user-input values
- [FrameworkBundle] ensure TestBrowserToken::$firewallName is serialized
- [RateLimiter] Security hardening - Rate limiter
- [HttpClient] remove using $http_response_header
- [PhpUnitBridge] fix reporting deprecations from DebugClassLoader
- [HttpFoundation] enable HTTP method overrides as early as possible with the HTTP cache
- [Console] Fix line wrapping for decorated text in block output
- [Inflector][String] Fixed pluralize "coupon"
- [PhpUnitBridge] fix compat with symfony/debug
- [VarDumper] Adds support for ReflectionUnionType to VarDumper
- Correctly clear lines for multi-line progress bar messages
- [Security] Add XML support for authenticator manager
- [ErrorHandler] Fix error caused by include + open_basedir
- [FrameworkBundle] Make the TestBrowserToken interchangeable with other tokens
- [Console] ProgressBar clears too many lines on update
- [FrameworkBundle] Exclude unreadable files when executing About command
- [BridgeTwig] Add 'form-control-range' for range input type
- make async-ses required
- [Mime] Escape commas in address names
- Check if templating engine supports given view
- [Security] Refresh original user in SwitchUserListener
- [TwigBridge] Fix "Serialization of 'Closure'" error when rendering an TemplatedEmail
- Fix ConstraintViolation#getMessageTemplate() to always return string
- [DoctrineBridge] Fix eventListener initialization when eventSubscriber constructor dispatch an event
- [FrameworkBundle] Fix PropertyAccess definition when not in debug
- [Form] clear unchecked choice radio boxes even if clear missing is set to false
- [ErrorHandler] Added missing type annotations to FlattenException
- [TwigBridge] Allow version 3 of the Twig extra packages

SoftEther VPN Gate Client Plugin 2021.03.29 build 9745 查看版本資訊


GnuCash 4.5 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Fix building based on unix makefiles
- Make the chart on the report page icon larger to align better with the account page icon
- Allow the context menu when GncCellRendererTextView is in edit mode
- Restructure early locale initialization
- Move macOS specific bits to its own source file. As this is objective-c use .mm extension
- Use common function signature for macOS and Windows init function and include via common header file
- Fix GncDateTime::format_zulu to emit the UTC timezone instead of the GncDateTime's timezone with the UTC timestamp
- Fix the implementations of gnc_foo_get_day_neutral. As implemented these returned 10:59 AM local on the day but neutral time is 10:59 UTC
- gnc_invoice_window_print_invoice return NULL if invoice is NULL
- [dialog-invoice] invoice editor reuses invoice report tab
- Allow for Header Bar use in CSV transaction Assistant
- There are a couple of action buttons that are added to the CSV transaction assistant with added alignment based on the action area being a GtkBox which causes errors if the header bar is used so test for the action area type and use appropriate specific functions.
- Drop default locale currency special case for euro
- The condition mentioned in the comment no longer applies. All European locales on Windows (MingW64) properly present EUR as currency these days
- Fix fencepost error in calculating the week_num for POSIX timezone rules
- Include the contents of PROJECT_DESCRIPTION in the PACKAGE_PREFIX
- If it's defined. PACKAGE_PREFIX is used to name tarballs and set their base directory. The translation project has requested that we name freeze-string tarballs with a pre1 suffix; this makes that possible.
- Update python/ to reflect rename of gncOwnerApplyPayment
- I18N: don't mark "<<", ">>" translatable
- They get properly reversed for RTL writing
- From Budget editor, add toolbar and Edit menu to run budget report
- This parallels the invoice editor "Print Invoice" functionality. Runs the budget report using current budget
- [gnc-plugin-page-budget] change note icon to a note page
- Allow the find account dialog position to be saved when using 'X'
- Update price database for imported transactions
- Replace g_memdup by memcpy
- GLib is deprecating g_memdup and will immediately remove it in the next micro-release because of a CVE
- [html-fonts] Prevent sup/sub from affecting baseline
- Source: Previously <sup> and <sub> would cause the baseline to move vertically.
    - Replace stat calls with GFile to retrieve last modified info
- Avoids code-page problems with non-ASCII characters on Microsoft Windows.
- [gnc-tree-model-split-reg.c] use xaccSplitListGetUniqueTransactionsReversed
- which is then reversed if required. this removes the need for double reversal.
- [Split.c]New function xaccSplitListGetUniqueTransactionsReversed
- Same as xaccSplitListGetUniqueTransactions but doesn't reverse the list prior to returning. To be used by gnc-tree-model-split-reg.c Several optimizations
- doesn't call g_list_find and g_list_append for every iteration
- uses g_hash_table to cache list of txns already added instead of g_list_find<.
- does not reverse the result, thereby returning a reversed list.
- [gnc-recurrence.c] avoid O(N^2) children traversal
- Ensure that any GncMainWindows containing no tabs are destroyed at shutdown.
- I18N: drop translatable flag from "xxx" dummies and remove trailing spaces from translatable strings
- Update Form/Schedule line references for 2020 for the US Income Tax Report.
- Fix build with glib2 2.67.x.
- glib headers should not be included with 'extern "C"'.
- [balsheet-pnl] Use last day of the month prices instead of first day of next month.
- [options.scm API] Remove canonically-tabbed parent-subtotal-mode
- This mode had been marked experimental for 17 years and was never improved. Any saved reports with this option will be switched to parent-subtotal-mode enabled.
- Accommodate Gwenhywfar 5.5.0 signature change for some GUI callbacks.
- This is a breaking change that matters only in Win32. No ifdeffing because Win32 builds and dependencies are well synchronized.
- L10N: Move translation authority for Turkish from the GNU Translation Project to Weblate.
- Make prototypes static for autoclear unit test, fixes build on Debian Buster.
- [income-gst-statement] trep-engine currency section moved
- From "General" to "Currency". Missed out in 854c117 commit
- [test-scm-utilities] test-end properly so that test failures set the exit code correctly
- Create opening balance accounts only when there are opening balances.
- [qif-file.scm] Don't use match as an identifier
- It is a (ice-9 match) keyword.
- Change the CSV export account tree header line
- Change the headings of the CSV account export header line to be more friendly which uses existing translations.
- [new-owner-report] Don't create empty rows on report when splits have no entry in the memo field.
- [gnc-report] dump backtrace to console when report crashes
- because gnc:backtrace-if-exception, not used anymore, would dump guile backtrace to console. restore this behaviour.
- [report-core] remove 2.6/2.4 compatibility code
- [gnucash-commands.cpp] display report errors to stderr

New API:
- [report-core.scm] create and expose gnc:render-report
- similar to gnc:report-run but *always* returns a 2-element list containing data OR captured_error
- [report-core.scm] create and expose gnc:render-report
- similar to gnc:report-run but *always* returns a 2-element list containing data OR captured_error
- [gnc-plugin-page-report] add gnc_plugin_page_report_reload
- refreshes the report

- [c-interface.scm] deprecate gnc:last-captured-error
- [report-core] deprecate gnc:restore-report-by-guid
- gnc:get-three-months-ago
- gnc:get-six-months-ago
- gnc:get-one-year-ago
- gnc:get-three-months-ahead
- gnc:get-six-months-ahead
- gnc:get-one-year-ahead
- traverse-list->vec
- traverse-vec->list

DAX Studio 2.15.0 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- #559 Added a toolbar button and right-click menu to copy Server Timing metrics
- #556 Added an option to play a sound after long running operations
- Added "Duplicate Measure" right-click menu to Query Builder
- Added Error events to All Queries trace
- #568 Added right-click menu option in the editor to go to for functions
- #569 Added Function tooltip display when hovering the mouse over functions in the editor
- Added setup cmdline parameter docs
- Added SQLBI videos to docs
- Added discussions link to website navigation
- Updated Multiple Query Detection to work with // Dax Query in addition to // SQL Query comments

- Adding extra checks around QueryEnd timeout in Server Timings
- Close the Trace Layout ribbon tab when all documents are closed
- Made 'Add New' disabled in the Query Builder if the current model has no tables
- Fixed #458 added docs and tooltip to explain memory sizes
- Fixed #517 updated clipboard bindings to allow for copying from the View Metrics tabs
- Fixed #539 error starting traces when using Roles or EffectiveUserName
- Fixed bug in retry for ViewMetrics when there is an error reading statistical information.
- Added configuration to read statistical data for VertiPaq Analyzer. Disable reading statistical data for legacy versions of SSAS. Added retry logic and log of warning if there is an error reading statistical data.
- Fixed #525 F1 and Context Menu to open for functions
- Fixed server timings trace for PowerPivot
- Fixed drag drop issues with QueryBuilder
- Fixed #514 Server Trace not working in Excel
- Fixed #520 option to not truncate tables was not working when exporting to SQL Server
- Fixed #511 Excessive metadata refreshes was causing metadata pane to collapse
- Fixed #512 fixed Table tooltip warnings and added measure count
- Fixed #546 corrected wording in error message
- Fixed #549 correctly escape connection string values containing special characters
- Fixed #557 delimiter error on Clear Cache when using non-US delimiter style
- Fixed a bug with the Roles parameter in the advanced connection properties not accepting spaces
- Fixed #563 metadata incorrectly resetting when using a combination of mouse selection and query builder hotkeys
- Fixed #564 Application crashes when clicking on a ribbon tab while the ribbon is collapsed
- Fixed crash when resetting key bindings
- Fixed #575 autocomplete sometimes stops working
- Disabled the Add Measure button when connected to a model with no tables
- Fixed #576 Editing an existing Measure in Query Builder against PowerPivot causes a crash

VASSAL Engine 3.5.4 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Chess Clocks can now be manually reset (if manual reset is enabled for them by module designer)
- MouseoverStackViewer - $countPieces$ will give the total number of pieces found in the stack (w/o having to create a property)
- Improved translation features (Global Translatable Message component, Translatable Message trait, exposing current language/locale as property)
- CurrentLanguage and CurrentLanguageName exposed as module properties

- "maximum heap too large" message shown when maximum heap is too small
- Poor Editor performance when using Fast Match
- Game Refresher: Refresh Predefined Setups should clear any open game in the Player
- LOS gets stuck on screen when replayed through logfile
- Default autoreport text made -< instead of ->
- Fast Match Global Key Commands were "dealing off the bottom of the deck" in certain cases
- HTML in Tabbed Panes (charts, widgets): Work around apparent Swing bug in JTabbedPane
- Game Piece Layer manipulation commands do not match described effect
- Mark When Moved had Vertical offset mislabeled as Horizontal offset
- Undo and Server buttons steal focus after being clicked
- Editor Search output loses less-than symbols
- Do not expand every prototype in a piece before searching it, just match the name of the prototype.
- Global Key Commands should exit after displaying report if there is no key command to issue
- Scenario names (Predefined Setup) should be displayed in translated language
- Inventory text not translated
- Translated private windows do not work when changing sides if module is translated
- Right-click menu localization is not shown for some elements
- Decks from previous saves and logs are retained in memory
- Drag Thresholds shouldn't be violated by "deep legacy" mouse listeners (e.g. accepting double click AND drag from same mouse sequence)
- Some weird systems lack awt.font.desktophints but aren't headless
- Fix broken HTML in the 'not-allowed-in-multiplayer-games' message
- Fast Match change persists despite Cancel
- NPE due to File.listFiles() returning null for symlnks on Macs
- Fast Search GKC ignores "Within a deck, apply to no pieces"
- Loading a log file to continue a game shouldn't reset the map window
- Search was showing duplicate entries for certain items
- Search wasn't finding "Fast Match" fields
- .vsav, .vlog should be appended to saves, logs when not present, instead of checking for '.'
- Windows installer fails to run uninstallers for old versions
- First character is 'eaten' when typing chat while over map
- Turn Tracker mispopulates button tooltip field while running in editor
- Module-level GKCs were not honoring fast match
- String method calls in Beanshell don't return proper result unless GetProperty is used
- Remove "(Optional)" from Send to Location Board Name hint text
- In Dynamic Property List of values, cursor jumps after first character entered
- Ensure image is updated on selection of new image with duplicate filename in the Editor
- ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in StringArrayConfigurer due to race
- Stacks after the first are unstacked when multiple stacks dragged to a snap-to map
- ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in CompoundPieceCollection.indexOf()
- "Send to Deck" creates phantom cards in proportion to the number of game starts
- Send Hot Key ignored by Deck
- Decks report multiple shuffles after loading saved game

Other improvements:
- "Logging" and "Replaying" should have priority over "Saved" in the title bar
- Welcome Wizard: Put "enter your name" screen after the main welcome (so that option to turn off wizard is always on first screen viewed)
- Write logs and saves to .part file to forestall copying of partially written files
- Allow different images to be loaded based on currrent VASSAL language
- Share immutable objects
- Expressions should be cached
- Distinguish tile loading errors from other image loading errors
- Prevent duplication of FormattedString data and Expressions
- Inefficient implementation of FilterOutputStream in ZipWriter
- Module Editor Labels get truncated with '...'
- Delete trait to set 'old...' properties prior to deleting piece
- Better support for Mac Alt and Function keys
- Remove Unused Images: Dialog sizing and file size display improvements

SoftEther VPN Gate Client Plugin 2021.03.28 build 9745 查看版本資訊


StaxRip 2.2.0 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Might break settings from previous version, so starting with new settings is recommended
- Might break templates and jobs from previous version
- Changed menus from previous versions that need a menu reset, manual setting or global settings reset in order to see them
- Start of new versioning (no beta versions anymore, but stripped DEV versions)
- Check for updates updated to support new versioning
- Fix re-calculation of video bitrate on multi-pass encode and audio encodes
- New projects use Copy/Mux as audio profile
- Fix misleading audio stream delay detection
- Demuxing of video and chapters is set via Options window instead of Preprocessing
- Add option to demux subtitles without including them
- Make Checkboxes grow and shrink with UIScaleFactor
- Fix menu button graphics issue
- New Check for updates dialog
- Extended Settings Directory Location Selection at first run from new folder
- Fix crash on app version editing
- MTN Thumbnailer description adjusted
- Fixed 'Reset Setting' feature in the Advanced menu
- New task dialog with color theme support
- Clicking an option in the video encoder command line preview navigates directly to the UI control
- New font picking task dialog to choose the console font
- DetailSharpen VapourSynth filter profile added
- JPSDR 3.2.5 (Clang W7 AVX version)
- SangNom2 v0.6.0
- x265 3.5+9+14-6c69ed37d