最新版本 vMix


GoodSync 是一個簡單,安全,可靠的方式來自動同步和備份您的照片,MP3 和重要文件。備份和 / 或同步您的關鍵文件就像點擊一樣容易,也可以使用各種自動選項進行安排。真正的雙向文件同步可防止任何數據丟失。 GoodSync 可以用於通過本地網絡或 Internet 在桌面 PC 和筆記本電腦,家庭和辦公室計算機,計算機和可移動設備(USB Key,閃存驅動器,CDRW 光盤)之間同步數據。 GoodSync 免費下載 Windows PC 的最新版本。它是完整的離線安裝程序的安裝程序 GoodSync.

GoodSync 功能:

文件 Sync
GoodSync 在您的計算機,移動設備,FTP,SFTP,Amazon S3,Google 雲端硬盤,SkyDrive,WebDAV,Azure 之間同步文件.

GoodSync 備份文件到便攜式驅動器, FTP,S3,GDocs,SkyDrive,DAV 或其他計算機.

直接 P2P Sync
GoodSync 直接在您的計算機之間連接同步文件,沒有通過第三方服務器同步引入緩慢.

速度和實時 Sync
GoodSync 是非常快速和同步文件上的命令,定期或按時間表(文件更改).

注意:30 天試用版。試用版後有限功能.

也可用:下載 GoodSync 為 Mac


檔案版本 vMix

檔案名稱 vmix24.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Siber Systems Inc.
更新日期 2021-05-01

What's new in this version:

- Incorrect colour space may have been applied to WebM alpha videos and ProRes 444 videos
- Local scripts were not being removed with Remove button
- Activators for replays 5-8 were not working correctly
- Older GT titles with stray animations may not have played back correctly when removing animations from them

- NDI FEIM checkbox was not being saved in a preset
- Going to Previous video in a List input using shortcut or back button would not jump over disabled items in the list
- Web Controller buttons may look incorrect if the name of the shortcut button was long
- Virtual sets would not load the default angle correctly when opened from preset
- Double checks for multiple instances of vMix running, as accidentally double/triple clicking on start bar icon may not have been detected previously
- Fixed distorted borders when using in NDI inputs not yet connected

- New WebM support including Alpha Channel. Note: heavily compressed files like WebM use more CPU than larger but lightly compressed formats like MOV. So WebM support has been added for convenience, but do not expect it to perform better than image sequences and MOV.
- New Audio Gap Handling feature added in Settings - Audio. Provides alternative option instead of audio "drops" where audio source is slightly slower than the computer.
- Fix for audio alerts not calculating correctly and may display even if there was audio in the past x seconds
- Improved vMix Call audio sync slightly
- Frame Rate setting can now be adjusted without unticking Use Streaming Settings in Settings -> External Output, as it is not controlled by streaming settings, only resolution is.
- SRT library was not updating correctly in 24 and was still version 1.4.0. Latest version 1.4.2 now installs correctly.
- Fixed replay showing live previews too early, leading to flicker at end of events playback
- Fixed SRT outputs not starting up again when restarting vMix due to settings changes
- Fixed preset folder not showing the correct folder on save when opening presets directly by double clicking the files

- Added support for 100p and 200p frame rates
- Fix for incorrect animation when transitioning in to a new Title on an Overlay channel while the animation of the previous title was still in progress
- Fix for Mix input Cut shortcut not always working when using multiple mix inputs at a time
- Fix for error when loading Instant Replay when Display Mode is set to Legacy in Settings -> Performance. We strongly recommend this be changed
- To Auto however, as Legacy has performance issues on modern machines
- Added Channel parameter support to Scripting
- Running script duration is incorrect when multiple scripts are running at a time

- If events are playing back, replay will no longer jump to the frames of newly created events, which would end playback of events in the process
- Fix for issue with Sony VISCA over IP connection hanging in situations where another app or NDI is already using the protocol
- When switching to a GT title in Overlay stinger settings, vMix will now reset the duration and cut times to 0, as the timing from the GT title is used directly

- Added alert for not recording!
- Fixed issue with shortcut MoveMultiViewOverlay when used in Triggers with borders enabled
- Shortcut function search now has focus, so you can start typing without needing to click the search box

- Fixes VST3 issue in .47 and .48

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