Growl for Windows

最新版本 Growl 2.0.9

Growl 2.0.9

咆哮讓你知道什麼時候發生。文件完成下載,朋友來到網上,新的電子郵件已經到達 - 咆哮可以讓你知道什麼時候發生任何事件與微妙的通知。剩下的時間,咆哮保持自己的方式.


為什麼使用 Growl for Windows?

當您啟動一個支持 Growl 的應用程序時,它將會正常工作。沒有復雜的設置; 只需安裝 Growl 一次,您的應用就可以馬上開始顯示通知.

Growl 將您所有的通知偏好集中到它的偏好中 - 您可以從一個地方控制它們,而且您確切地知道他們將如何行事.

Growl 帶有近 20 個預先安裝的主題,所以你可以選擇最適合你的東西。您也可以創建並安裝您自己的自定義主題.

Growl 為您提供完全控制顯示哪些通知以及如何顯示它們。您可以輕鬆關閉通知(特定的或全部).

如果您有興趣在應用程序中支持 Growl 或在 Growl 本身上工作,請查看開發人員文檔並下載 Growl SDK.

注意事項:需要.NET Framework.

也可用:下載咆哮為 Mac


檔案版本 Growl 2.0.9

系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Growl Team
更新日期 2012-03-22

What's new in this version:

- set NoImpersonate flag on custom installer actions (in hopes of avoiding some 2869 errors) 
- merged setup.exe and Growl.msi into a single GrowlInstaller.exe self-extracting file
- added coalescing support to native Plain, Smokestack, and Standard displays (queueing displays such as Toast and Visor do not support coalescing)
- fixed issue where application icon and default notification type icon were not updated if they were currently selected in the UI when a re-register request came in
- fixed issue where application was cut-off if it was longer than one line (on Applications tab)
- Growl now saves forwarder/subscription pref changes to disk immediately instead of only when Growl exits
- fixed issue where settings specified in growl.exe.config were not honored on the first run
- updated iTunes plugin to support coalescing (one notification on screen at a time)

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