最新版本 Remote Utilities - Viewer

Remote Utilities - Viewer

Remote Utilities - Viewer
HDCleaner 為 Windows 下的系統維護提供了一個全面的工具包。無論您是清理硬盤還是註冊表,加密數據,拆分文件,刪除使用痕跡,備份註冊表,碎片整理或搜索,並使用超快速搜索算法替換註冊表項,值和數據 - 在清晰的“工具箱”中總是找到正確的工具來加快您的 PC 和優化。下載 HDCleaner 為電腦現在!

HDCleaner 產品特點:
插件清理 - 刪除 Internet 痕跡,Windows 跟踪和程序跟踪。支持超過 700 個插件。一鍵式維護和自動維護 - 可以與“自動維護”和“一鍵維護”自動運行多個優化步驟,以確保一個整潔,可靠和快速的操作系統註冊表清理 - 清理註冊表,消除錯誤,優化電腦的性能。注意:所做的設置適用於“一鍵維護和自動維護”在您的 PC 上騰出空間 - 刪除不需要的文件優化服務 - 禁用不必要的服務可降低後台活動,贏得系統資源和剷除內存,可用於對於其他程序查找重複的文件 - 及時在硬盤上積累的各種重複,這不必要的佔用空間,可以降低整個系統 AntiSpy - 禁用 Windows 中的設置,這將自動聯繫互聯網。 DiskDoctor- 列出並糾正磁盤上的錯誤碎片整理註冊表 - 分析和優化註冊表數據庫 DirToHTML - 將所選目錄的內容輸出為 HTML 文件備份& 還原 -   完整的備份和恢復註冊表.. DLL Cleaner- 從不必要的和舊的 DLL 文件釋放系統 Hive 備份備份和恢復註冊表瀏覽註冊表 - 以渦輪模式瀏覽註冊表創建和編輯系統還原點擦除文件和文件夾,擦除空閒磁盤空間,使用偽隨機數據擦除完整的分區或完整的驅動器。


檔案版本 Remote Utilities - Viewer

檔案名稱 viewer6.10.msi
檔案大小 16.7 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Kurt Zimmermann
官網 http://www.kurtzimmermann.com/hdcleanerext_en.html
更新日期 2019-04-15

What's new in this version:

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- Synchronization of large address books via the self-hosted server (RU Server) was improved
- Keyboard input model in Viewer connection properties can now be explicitly selected on the Keyboard tab
- Fixed an issue with RU Server which would sometimes cause client authorization to drop
- Fixed an issue with email notifications not sent via SMTP when using non-Latin characters in computer name
- Minor fixes and improvements

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- Fixed an issue with certain keyboard shortucts not working after the previous program update
- Fixed an issue with blank remote screen feature not working on Windows 10 in some cases
- Minor fixes and improvements

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- Added Ability to switch to the legacy keyboard input model in Viewer connection properties
- Fixed an issue with certain Windows hotkeys and key combinations not working

Remote Utilities - Viewer

- Ability to specify your own SMTP settings in the MSI Configurator for the "Send email" feature. Note: This feature has replaced the old mechanism of sending emails via our hosted service
- Added Local cursor now takes the shape of the remote cursor. This lets the program display different remote cursor states (such as column resizing arrows) correctly

- Fixed Fixed an issue with some Settings protection checkboxes not saving in Host configuration window
- FixedRemote printing now works with apps such as Edge and Photos
- FixedSession video recording consumes less CPU resouces on the Viewer. Session videos now show the remote cursor
- Fixed Fixed an issue with RU Server's Auto-import feature which caused RU Server service to hang/freeze in certain conditions
- Fixed Switching to the main Viewer window is now possible even when an authorization prompt window is being displayed. The authorization prompt window is no longer modal
- Fixed Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause switching the typing focus away from the mini-chage window in Full Control connection mode
- Fixed Minor fixes and improvements

Remote Utilities - Viewer

- Added authorization methods — Single password, RU Security, Windows security and Custom Server Security — can now be enabled simultaneously using checkboxes
- Added 2-step verification has been added. You can use Google Authenticator or any other similar app to receive the security code when connecting to a remote Host
- Added The self-hosted server can now be protected with a PIN-code against unauthorized use of the Internet-ID feature by strangers who happen to find out or guess the server's address and port
- Added You can now remotely restart the Agent as administrator (provided you know the credentials) in order to perform the necessary tasks during a remote session, such as installing programs and interacting with UAC prompts
- Added The use of the self-hosted server's Internet-ID feature can now be restricted to authorized users only (i.e. permission-based use of the Internet-ID)
- Added Single-password security is now more clearly separated from Remote Utilities Security in connection properties on the Viewer side. Namely, the password and username/password can be saved separately for each of these two authorization methods
- Added Data encryption protocol has been changed to a more modern TLS 1.2
- Added Host authority is now verified automatically based on certificates. If Host certificate has been changed the Viewer receives a warning
- Added New and more streamlined Host settings interface with a Dashboard that summarizes the most important details
- Added The remote screen transfer speed of dynamically changing content (e.g. videos) over slow connections has been increased
- Added New "Log off on disconnect" option added to connection properties
- Added "Force custom server security" option can now be enabled for a user account on RU Server. This option, when enabled, forces this specific user to connect to Hosts using Custom Server Security only (provided the user is signed in on the server)
- Added Left-hand mouse support
- Fixed Remote Utilities monitor driver (the one used for blanking remote screen) now works on Windows 10 with secure boot enabled
- Fixed Data transmission protocol for the remote sound feature has been updated. The new protocol is not backward compatible with older versions
- Fixed A bug that would cause a folder in an address book to disappear when dragged onto itself
- Fixed A bug that would cause the notification panel to stay on the desktop even after remote connection was closed or terminated
- Fixed A bug that would cause the address book file to get corrupted in some cases after closing the Viewer
- Fixed A bug that would cause the Viewer to show a warning when trying to unbind hotkeys in Viewer options
- Fixed Minor fixes and improvements

Remote Utilities - Viewer

- Custom Host installers built with the MSI Configurator can now be digitally signed

- Minor fixes and improvements

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