最新版本 Corona SDK 2017.3184

Corona SDK 2017.3184

Corona SDK  2017.3184
IMVU 是一個在線社區,會員使用 3D 頭像來結識新朋友,聊天,創建和與朋友玩遊戲。 IMVU 已達 5000 萬註冊用戶。你可以玩遊戲,裝扮你的頭像,購物,裝飾你的房間,創建你自己的個性化外觀,並與世界各地的新人聯繫。 IMVU 很容易使用!只需將免費軟件下載到您的計算機上即可開始使用.

滿足 3D
中的新人,在 3D 中暢遊,在數以千計的 3D 動畫室中盡情玩樂。成千上萬的新人每天加入 IMVU,你永遠不會用完新的人見面.

拿你的樣子和商店 IMVU 的目錄超過 600 萬個項目。瀏覽最新的衣服,鞋子,髮型,配飾等等。嘗試任何你想要的免費。這很有趣也很容易.

創造你一直想要的體驗。選擇你的場景,家具和配件,然後用它們來裝飾你自己的 3D 空間。邀請其他成員訪問您的房間。舉辦你自己的派對!

分享你的創意!創建自己的 2D 和 3D 設計,並在 IMVU 的目錄中將其銷售。你可以做時裝,家具,房間等等。成為明星設計師,並在 IMVU 目錄中發布您的作品。

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檔案版本 Corona SDK 2017.3184

檔案名稱 Corona-2017.3184.msi
檔案大小 79.7 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 IMVU Team
更新日期 2017-12-19

What's new in this version:

Corona Native builds are now supported on Windows:
- Starting with this build, Windows developers can now use Android Studio to build native based apps including building plugins, linking to native Android libraries similar to the way Mac based users have been able to do for some time.
- You will find a new “Native” folder in Corona’s Start menu folder, which has our standard “App” template in it. Copy that folder to your project directory and use “Open an Existing Android Studio project” option with Android Studio.

New Welcome Window:
- When you first start Corona you’re presented with a Welcome Window with a list of recent projects, icons to start new projects and open existing projects. This window has been redesigned with a more modern look.

Windows Live Server now supports both Bonjour v2 and v3:
- Bonjour is Apple’s library that lets Corona Live Server work on Windows. Until recently, Bonjour v3 was included with the installation of iTunes. However, Apple no longer includes Bonjour with iTunes. The standalone version of Bonjour is version 2. Live Server now can use either v2 or v3 of Bonjour.

Gradient paint now supports arbitrary directions:
- Previously you could only set directions like 0, 45, 90 and 180 when constructing a gradient fill using the fill.rotation value. It can now take a number allowing you to have gradients at other angles.

Windows text renderer is rewritten:
- Windows text renderer was rewritten to better match other platforms behavior, fixing number of bugs.

Google’s ContentProvider path traversal vulnerability warning:
- This public build also contains an update that addresses Corona made apps that get flagged in Google Play with the “ContentProvider path traversal vulnerability” warning. If you’re getting this warning in Google Play, simply rebuild with this version of Corona.

Corona can now use the latest Java:
- Corona has been updated to use 64 bit Java installations. You no longer need to install a specific version of Java, just have the latest version installed.

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