最新版本 IsoBuster 4.8

IsoBuster 4.8

IsoBuster 4.8
IsoBuster 是一個屢獲殊榮,高度專業化和易於使用的 CD,DVD 和藍光(BD,HD DVD)數據恢復工具的個人電腦。 IsoBuster 通過 NTFS,UDF,FAT,HFS,ISO,IFO / VOB 和文件簽名從 CD,DVD,BD,HDD,閃存驅動器,U 盤,媒體卡,Compact CF,MMC,SD,軟盤, .

如果您需要支持多種類型的介質,則不累計成本。 IsoBuster 是一個高度專業化但易於使用的光學媒體數據恢復工具。它支持所有的光盤格式和所有常見的光盤文件系統。啟動 IsoBuster,插入光盤,選擇驅動器(如果尚未選擇),並讓 IsoBuster 安裝介質。 IsoBuster 立即向您顯示位於媒體上的所有曲目和會話,並結合所有存在的文件系統.

通過這種方式,您可以像 Windows 資源管理器一樣輕鬆訪問每個文件系統的所有文件和文件夾。而不是只限於一個 OS 為您選擇的文件系統,您可以訪問“完整的圖片”。從舊會話訪問數據,訪問您的操作系統(例如 Windows)沒有看到或隱藏你的數據等.



檔案版本 IsoBuster 4.8

檔案名稱 isobuster_install.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Smart Projects
更新日期 2021-06-23

What's new in this version:

Changes / New:
- Support for Microsoft's newest file system, ReFS. Versions 1.x, 2.x and 3.x with 16 KiB and 64 KiB clusters on 512 and 4Kn drives are fully supported. (tested with ReFS 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 3.1, 3.4 and 3.7)
- Full, random access, compressed *.dmg image file support
- Ability to show file system meta data, via right mouse click on a file system icon (Implemented for NTFS, FAT and ReFS)
- Support for Amiga partitions
- Support for AmigaDOS
- Support for *.adf and *.hdf image files
- Option to Clone [From-To] - via Shift + right-mouse-click
- Search command "range:x:y" to search for all objects that fall in the range starting at address x over a range of y blocks
- Search command "fromto:x:y" to search for all objects that fall in the range starting at address x and ending at address y

- Compensate for illegal CD/DVD TOCs, especially on multi-session discs where a higher session seems to start at a lower than possible address
- Display an appropriate text when scanning for partitions hasn't been done yet
- Show text making it clear that when a partition is encrypted, scanning for missing files and folders is unlikely to yield recoverable data
- Do not automatically show the EWF (*.E01) properties anymore in the edit dialog when a *.E01 file is loaded, use the image properties instead
- Avoid finding UDF VAT and SAT structures on other than 2K media because it's only used on 2K (Optical) media
- Renamed "Unassigned Partition" to "Unallocated space"
- Improved detection and support for XFS v5.x
- Detect Amiga SFS (Smart File System)
- Keep (left pane) TreeView selection visible, even when the TreeView has no focus
- Important improvements, yielding more accurate video files, for the Panasonic 750/780 series Video Recorders (DVR)
- Recognize a Sony RDR-HX730 DVR image file as a HDD image file (not as an optical disc image file)
- Recognize a Roland 256 byte/block image file
- Improved support for *.xgd image files
- Improved support for XISO image files
- Improved finding embedded NTFS files based on their signature via a scan for missing files and folders
- Added *.wim file signature detection via a scan for missing files and folders
- Get a better FAT volume name, time stamp and various extra meta files immediately by parsing a (small) part of the root already
- Do not convert FAT short names to lower case (anymore)
- Important improvements to find a missing NTFS volume on the fly (e.g. with a corrupt $VBR) and during a scan for missing files and folders
- Show [filename.rules] in label and/or [*.rules] in caption of the 'Find missing files and folders' dialog when a rules file is being used
- Added more predefined search terms (via the arrow pointing to the right, on the right side of the search box)
- Plenty of other improvements, a few changes and re-writes in the core code / engine, as this is a living project and to deal with the ever growing new functionality
- Various other GUI improvements

- Fixed an issue that could cause bad sectors to show as good sectors in a freshly made (ibp/ibq) managed image file, under certain conditions
- NTFS volumes with 64 KB clusters didn't work properly all the time (introduced in IB 4.6 when 2 MB clusters were implemented)
- Fixed it so that when Extracting a folder is cancelled, fully expanding (going deep) of the folder is also properly cancelled
- Fixed HFS file extraction (issue introduced in IB 4.7)
- Fixed an exception error that could occur when a combination of certain UDF structures were found during a scan for missing files and folders
- Fixed an exception error that could occur when IsoBuster went looking for the Nero (*.nri) project file (set via Options)
- Fixed a Popup Menu text vs functionality mismatch "Extract & Run" vs "Extract Raw but convert to User Data"
- Fixed an Options text vs functionality mismatch (wrong text next to 'embedded' icon and 'ISO9660 extended attributes' icon)

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