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Zotero 5.0.67

Zotero 5.0.67
iTunes for Windows 64 位是組織和欣賞已有音樂,電影和電視節目的最佳方式,併購買你想要的。您甚至可以通過 iTunes Radio 收聽免費的流媒體電台。 iTunes 可在 Mac,PC,iPad,iPhone,iPod touch 和 Apple TV 上使用.

iTunes 功能:

iTunes 是享受和擴大您對音樂的熱愛的地方。這是你聽歌曲,藝術家和專輯的地方。這也是你探索那些你從來不知道自己喜歡的音樂風格的地方,也可以購買新歌來建立一個充滿無盡聆聽體驗的個人音樂庫。 iTunes Store 擁有超過 4300 萬首歌曲。它只是一個輕拍而已.

iTunes 無線電 - 聽聽你的音樂需要你在哪裡
iTunes 收音機有流媒體電台,你從第一天就會喜歡 - mdash; 比如 DJ 策劃和流派特定的廣播電台。 iTunes Radio 包含 First Plays,所以你可以在購買之前收聽所選的完整專輯。創建基於您播放和下載的音樂而發展的電台。在 iPhone,iPad,iPod touch,Mac,PC 和 Apple TV 上聽到他們的聲音。免費.

超過 85,000 部電影和超過 30 萬個電視節目可供選擇,總是有很棒的東西在 iTunes 64 位觀看。趕上你最喜歡的電視劇集或打你喜歡的電影,看看 - mdash; 隨時隨地。只要點擊播放,甚至可以下載,如果你要去的地方,你贏了沒有 Wi-Fi.

注意:需要 QuickTime.

也可用:下載 iTunes 的 Mac


檔案版本 Zotero 5.0.67

檔案名稱 Zotero-5.0.67_setup.exe
檔案大小 42.1 MB
系統 Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Apple Inc
更新日期 2019-06-14

What's new in this version:

Functionality changed or added:
- Retracted item notifications with Retraction Watch integration
- Additional performance improvements in large documents when “Automatically update citations” is disabled
- Automatically capitalize subtitle for APA styles
- Tag selector: Show truncated tags in tooltip on hover
- Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
- Updated citeproc-js to version 1.2.2
- Reopen collapsed collections pane on restart
- Don't encode most characters in DOIs when opening/copying as link
- Added British English and Breton locales

Bugs fixed:
- Fixed potential “Cannot edit item in read-only library” error during sync
- Fixed newlines being lost when copying from notes
- Fixed gray tag selector background color on Linux/Windows
- Don't convert automatic tags to manual when merging items
- Fixed display of some word processor integration errors
- Revert to single-line mode after closing Add Item by Identifier panel
- Fixed a bug that could cause some local changes not to be uploaded immediately after automatic conflict resolution
- Fixed error copying attachment with invalid path to another library
- Fixed display of File Not Found dialog trying to open an attachment without a valid path
- Fixed erroneous sync conflict if creators are changed in the same way
- Fixed “too many SQL variables” error deleting collection with >1,000 items
- Don't prompt to add http:// prefix to anchor links in notes
- Run JavaScript window: Fixed stuck result pane after error

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What's new in this version: Functionality changed or added: - Retracted item notifications with Retraction Watch integration - Additional performance ...

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Zotero 5.0.67. June, 14th 2019 - 100% Safe - Open Source. Free Download. (42.1 MB) Safe & Secure. Features · Screenshots · Change Log · Old Versions.

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2019年6月14日 — Zotero 5.0.68. Date released: 20 Jun 2019 (one year ago). Zotero 5.0.67. Date released: 14 Jun 2019 (one year ago). Download · Zotero 5.0.66.

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2019年7月23日 — ... as with our other services, we're not logging the contents of even these anonymized lookups. This feature is available today in Zotero 5.0.67.