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最新版本 SnapGene 5.1.5

SnapGene 5.1.5

SnapGene 5.1.5
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從您的 PC 發送文件,視頻,圖像,音頻或壓縮文件(高達 100MB / 文件) PC 和 mobile.

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檔案版本 SnapGene 5.1.5

檔案名稱 snapgene_5.1.5_win.exe
檔案大小 37.8 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Daum Kakao Corp.
官網 http://www.kakao.com/services/8/pc
更新日期 2020-07-21

What's new in this version:

New Functionality:
- Added a "Copy Rich Text" command for selections in alignments, to provide the option of copying either simple sequences or sequences with metadata

- Added Invitrogen's "pScreen-iT LacZ-Dest" to the list of Gateway® Destination vectors
- Modified the statistics in pairwise alignments to show two digits after the decimal point instead of one
- Added time estimates to various progress dialogs
- Improved the order of "Copy" actions in the Edit menu
- Made various textual, alignment, and spacing improvements
- Enabled export of a map or history while viewing any tab

- Ensured reliable import of primers copied to the clipboard using Microsoft Office
- Added support for dragging and dropping FASTA archives into the Assemble Contigs dialog
- Preserved zoom and split view display options when switching between files in a collection
- Enhanced the Gene Construction Kit importer to capture the full set of notes in the "General Info" section
- Improved stability when computing and viewing multiple sequence alignments
- Corrected an issue that could cause features to be erroneously detected around the numerical origin of a linear sequence
- Ensured that proper file extensions were included when batch converting files from one format to another
- Ensured correct setting of the default button in the Find controls when pressing and releasing Shift in a sequence trace window
- Corrected a regression with the navigation buttons when viewing an alignment to a reference sequence
- Addressed issues with the purple bar and the Tm column when importing primers from another file
- Corrected the displayed molecular weight when adding a translated feature to the common features database
- Removed the colors button in cloning dialogs, and streamlined the side toolbar in the Edit DNA Ends, Browse Common Features, and Mutageneis dialogs
- Improved the display of long sequence names within circular maps
- Corrected a regression by removing cut locations for ancestral restriction sites in History view
- Removed the inappropriate "Preserve feature annotations" control from the New File dialog, and the inappropriate "Detect common features" control when inserting or replacing bases in a sequence trace window
- Improved stability when assembling contigs using FASTQ data
- Disabled the Show/Hide All Enzymes commands when viewing protein files
- Corrected an issue in which the endpoints of a selection were not updated in the selection bar after renumbering the origin of a linear sequence
- Fixed an issue that prevented immediately using SnapGene without restarting after activating a Flexera-based shared license
- Corrected an issue with computing % GC when partially degenerate residues (B, D, H, and V) were present
- Ensured that only the zoomed region is shown for the root map in History view
- Addressed an issue in which the Save As dialog would vanish immediately when attempting to choose a different name instead of saving over an existing file
- Ensured that enzyme set menus are refreshed after using Manage Enzyme Sets
- Ensured that the desired endpoint modifications are correctly applied when designing a synthetic construct
- Improved the registration of file associations on macOS

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