K-Lite Codec Pack Full

最新版本 dbForge Studio for Oracle Enterprise 4.3.99

dbForge Studio for Oracle Enterprise 4.3.99

dbForge Studio for Oracle Enterprise 4.3.99
K-Lite Codec Pack Full  是 DirectShow 過濾器,VFW / ACM 編解碼器和工具的集合。編碼和解碼音頻和視頻格式需要編解碼器和 DirectShow 過濾器。 K-Lite Codec Pack Full 被設計為用於播放所有音頻和電影文件的用戶友好型解決方案。使用 K -Lite Codec Pack,您應該可以播放所有流行的音頻和視頻格式,甚至可以播放幾種不常見的格式。下載  K-Lite Codec Pack Full 適用於 Windows 的離線安裝程序安裝程序 PC.

它非常人性化且易於使用。它經常更新。所以它始終是最新的和最好的組件。該軟件包為新手用戶提供了出色的開箱即用體驗,同時為專家用戶提供了許多選項來調整內容。所有包含的組件都由編解碼器專家精心挑選。該包提供了高度的靈活性。您可以例如配置您的首選解碼器和分路器為許多格式。與 Windows Media Player 和 Media Center 結合使用效果很好。也可以與其他流行的 DirectShow 播放器,如 Media Player Classic,KMPlayer,PotPlayer,GOM Player 等等。卸載將刪除該包安裝的所有內容。包括所有註冊表項。所有更改都已正確撤消並恢復到安裝包裝之前的狀態。它包含您播放所有電影和音樂所需的一切。這個包有一個龐大的用戶群。這意味著問題很快找到並解決。


檔案版本 dbForge Studio for Oracle Enterprise 4.3.99

檔案名稱 dbforgeoracle42.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Codec Guide
官網 http://www.codecguide.com/about_kl.htm
更新日期 2021-10-21

What's new in this version:

dbForge Studio for Oracle Enterprise 4.3.99
- The application fails with a critical error when trying to create diagram objects after installing the KB5006670, KB5006672 or KB5006674 Windows update
- Fixed a critical error occurred when comparing data

dbForge Studio for Oracle Enterprise 4.3.97
- Issue with editing invalid objects
- Issue with connecting to Oracle 8 using the enabled Unicode option

dbForge Studio for Oracle Enterprise 4.3.93
- Issue with filtering in Database Explorer
- Error when establishing connection in the Direct modе
- Issue with the search operation in the view editor
- Improved processing of the error that occurred when executing cursor scripts
- Improved capabilities for opening a connection for users with limited permissions
- Improved behavior of the context menu on the Constraints tab of the table editor
- Error with the use of virtual columns
- Improved capabilities of work with the SQL*Plus DEFINE command
- Improved behavior of alias renaming for view columns
- Improved application of parameters when executing scripts by using the F5 and F8 commands
- Issue with cell focus in Data Editor
- Issue with parameter recognition during the execution of scripts
- Unexpected exception when importing data from an Excel file
- Error when restoring documents
- Unexpected exception when describing indexes during the generation of documentation
- Added processing of the circular dependency between the calculated column and the function
- Error while loading assemblies
- Mapping reset error during comparison with Custom Query
- Fixed processing of differences in NOT NULL values for the PRIMARY KEY columns
- Data comparison error that occurred when working with BYTE columns
- Fixed processing of errors that occurred as a result of multi-threading
- Issue with using Find and Replace in the object editor
- Issue with procedure text modification during debugging
- Issue with license verification on launch
- Issue with creating JOIN connections in Query Builder
- Added capability to set the time for input parameters of the DATE type in stored procedures
- Error that occurred when opening documents

dbForge Studio for Oracle Enterprise 4.3.34
New features and improvements:
- Activation of the tool via the command-line interface
- Improved working with virtual columns when comparing and synchronizing schemas

User-reported and internal bug fixes:
- Issue with synchronizing unique keys when modifying columns (T321087, T322045)
- Index analysis error when modifying a table (T324838)
- Working with index metadata is corrected
- Error when copying data from Data Editor (T319036, T319061, T319090, T319180, T319304, T320387, T320393, T320831, T321857, T323218)

dbForge Studio for Oracle Enterprise 4.2.34
- Complete server version for Oracle 18 and higher was detected incorrectly
- The 'SQL command not properly ended' error occurred with the delimiter character when executing the WITH clause (T312408)
- Behavior when copying the cell values from Data Editor is improved
- Issue with detecting the difference between tablespaces in constraints is eliminated
- Issue with the correct use of tablespaces in constraints when the Ignore Tablespaces option is enabled is eliminated (T306592)
- Error occurred with describing columns (T304630, T304631)
- A query that left-joined a table that was inner-joined with another table using parentheses to override the default precedence could not be formatted
- Formatting of a broken XLS file when exporting data to EXCEL is fixed
- Quoting when exporting data of the DATE format to EXCEL is improved (T313769)
- An error with closing the SQL document is eliminated

dbForge Studio for Oracle Enterprise 4.2.20
New features and improvements:
- Connectivity support for Oracle 20c is implemented
- New 'Reseed identity column' data sync option is added

dbForge Studio for Oracle Enterprise 4.1.94
Bugs fixed:
- Problem with the same name objects in documenter is fixed
- Problem with syntax highlight in .pkb file is fixed
- Problem with formatting long quoted multiline literals is fixed
- Problem with Hebrew Chars is fixed
- Other minor user reported bugs are fixed

dbForge Studio for Oracle Enterprise 4.1.48
Bugs fixed:
- Problem with lost synchronization script is fixed
- Problems with foreign keys comparing are fixed
- Other minor user reported bugs are fixed

dbForge Studio for Oracle Enterprise 4.1.43

New features and improvements:
- Brand New Application Skins
- Support for Oracle 19c
- AutoCommit Mode ON/OFF
- Improved Schema Comparison Performance
- Transaction Reminder and Execution Notifications

User reported bugs fixed:
- Problem with incorrect temporal table name is fixed
- Problem with wrong message in formatter is fixed
- Problem with ignore collation option is fixed
- Problem with Syntax Check is fixed
- Problem with Generate Fully Qualified Object Name option is fixed
- Problems with describe objects in Data Compare are fixed

dbForge Studio for Oracle Enterprise 4.0
Bugs fixed
- Problem with option "Generate fully qualified object names" is fixed
- Incorrect description of system properties is fixed
- Incorrect description of database object is fixed
- Problems in schema comparison wizard are fixed
- Problem with restoring *.dbd file is fixed
- Materialized view creation issue is fixed
- Data rows addition issue is fixed
- Problems with pressing "Refresh" button in "Breakpoints" window are fixed
- Problem with retrieving data from table is fixed
- Other user reported bugs are fixed

dbForge Studio for Oracle Enterprise 4.3.99 相關參考資料