K-Lite Codec Pack Full

最新版本 DisplayFusion 9.7.1

DisplayFusion 9.7.1

DisplayFusion 9.7.1
K-Lite Codec Pack Full  是 DirectShow 過濾器,VFW / ACM 編解碼器和工具的集合。編碼和解碼音頻和視頻格式需要編解碼器和 DirectShow 過濾器。 K-Lite Codec Pack Full 被設計為用於播放所有音頻和電影文件的用戶友好型解決方案。使用 K -Lite Codec Pack,您應該可以播放所有流行的音頻和視頻格式,甚至可以播放幾種不常見的格式。下載  K-Lite Codec Pack Full 適用於 Windows 的離線安裝程序安裝程序 PC.

它非常人性化且易於使用。它經常更新。所以它始終是最新的和最好的組件。該軟件包為新手用戶提供了出色的開箱即用體驗,同時為專家用戶提供了許多選項來調整內容。所有包含的組件都由編解碼器專家精心挑選。該包提供了高度的靈活性。您可以例如配置您的首選解碼器和分路器為許多格式。與 Windows Media Player 和 Media Center 結合使用效果很好。也可以與其他流行的 DirectShow 播放器,如 Media Player Classic,KMPlayer,PotPlayer,GOM Player 等等。卸載將刪除該包安裝的所有內容。包括所有註冊表項。所有更改都已正確撤消並恢復到安裝包裝之前的狀態。它包含您播放所有電影和音樂所需的一切。這個包有一個龐大的用戶群。這意味著問題很快找到並解決。


檔案版本 DisplayFusion 9.7.1

檔案名稱 DisplayFusionSetup-9.7.1.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Codec Guide
官網 http://www.codecguide.com/about_kl.htm
更新日期 2020-12-29

What's new in this version:

- Website wallpaper now allows local URLs (e.g. file://c:/page.html)
- Added a warning to the Edit Hotkey dialog if no modifiers are selected
- Increased taskbar shortcut limit from 200 to 500
- New Advanced Setting: Remote Control: Security Code Override (for GPO settings)
- New Advanced Setting: Image Info Offset
- New Advanced Setting: Disable Desktop Refresh on Monitor Profile Load

- Improvements to tray popups (volume, battery, network) on multi-DPI systems (calendar still has issues)
- Improvements to moving windows on multi-DPI setups
- Firefox no longer slow to move to next/previous monitor when maximized
- Taskbar no longer needs to reload if work area needs to be reset
- Resolved an issue with the "Treat Top-Tab Browser Windows as Standard Windows" advanced setting
- TitleBar Button compatibility improvements
- SuperBird browser no longer moves when middle-clicking to close a tab
- Firefox no longer has a gap on the right side if you have left padding enabled in Monitor Config
- Tray icon hidden area no longer has gap between taskbar
- Mouse wrapping should no longer intermittently wrap to wrong monitor edge
- DisplayFusion Photos Screen Saver now works again
- Crash reporting no longer causes DisplayFusion startup issue on some systems/li>
- Monitor selector TitleBar Button no longer closes on its own
- Outlook no longer un-hides from tray when applying DisplayFusion Settings
- Splits no longer re-enable when manually removing them
- Explorer.exe should no longer crash when moving Microsoft Edge (Windows bug, worked around by not removing Edge from the Windows taskbar when it's moved to another monitor)
- Taskbar no longer stays on top of full screen Chrome/Chromium-base browsers
- Thinkorswim main window now gets TitleBar Buttons
- Windows should be less jumpy when moving between monitors with different scaling levels
- Trigger rules now ignore DisplayFusion taskbars and a few other DisplayFusion window types
- Delphi 7 now shows up in Alt+Tab Handler and DisplayFusion taskbar
- Alt+Tab Handler and taskbar no longer show a separate entry for every Edge tab
- Added support for .arw image files as wallpaper images
- Chrome windows that are maximized to splits no longer restore when applying DisplayFusion Settings
- Resolved a Window Position Profile issue with restoring certain windows
- Resolved an issue moving some windows with Functions and Triggers
- Window no longer ignores splits when maximizing via Trigger rule if Shift key is held
- Digital Blasphemy wallpaper provider login now works again
- Resolved monitor configuration error 87 for some cloning setups, and setups where only splits are applied
- Scripted Functions with dialog boxes that are run via TitleBar Button no longer lose focus
- Monitor Profiles no longer slow to load if only changing splits
- Maximized windows on a split monitor no longer extend off the bottom or sides of the monitor
- Edge Chromium top-tabs support for TitleBar Buttons is improved
- Window Position Profile saving for minimized windows is improved
- iTunes no longer hangs with DisplayFusion functions
- Resolved an issue that prevented some monitors from being detected
- Microsoft Teams compatibility fix
- Monitor Config issues resolved (error 1610 and others)
- Taskbar height now correctly detected
- Window Position Profiles are now loaded more quickly
- Window Position Profile compatibility fixes

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