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最新版本 SnapGene 5.3.1

SnapGene 5.3.1

SnapGene 5.3.1
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檔案版本 SnapGene 5.3.1

檔案名稱 snapgene_5.3.1_win.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 LINE Corporation
更新日期 2021-06-09

What's new in this version:

- Ensured retention of unchanged alignment name and omission of name controls when using the "Replace" option when redoing an alignment
- Fixed an issue where File → Save did not work after redoing an unsaved alignment
- Preserved the display of preferred codons when switching between DNA and mRNA formats when viewing a codon usage table
- Allocated sufficient space to display the "Size" column in Features view when viewing ssDNA and ssRNA sequences
- Prohibited pasting when multiple files are selected in a collection
- Prevented a crash that would occur after double-clicking when importing SnapGene and Addgene online sequences
- Completely removed the installation folder when uninstalling on Windows
- Enabled "File → Export → Alignment..." and "File → Export → Consensus..." when viewing an alignment
- Made significant stability improvements
- Reduced memory usage
- Improved date formatting on Windows
- Improved button placement in History view
- Fixed an issue that could cause custom common features to be corrupted by using the right-click context menu to edit a common feature
- Removed the "Hybridization Parameters" menu action when viewing an RNA sequence in a collection
- Improved manual adjustment of vertical scaling of sequences traces aligned to a reference sequence
- Fixed an issue that prevented importing from Vector NTI databases on Windows
- Addressed an issue with importing some Vector NTI Express databases
- Fixed an issue in which the text representation of History view did not always refresh immediately when edits were made or undone
- Ensured correct enabling and disabling of the "Edit History" control in History view when the history is modified
- Corrected an issue that allowed duplicate primers with the same name but different sequence case to be imported into a file
- Corrected various issues that could occur when attempting to add features to the common features database, or importing such features, if they were marked as not visible in the original document
- Ensured correct export of common features to the specified folder
- Addressed issues that prevented collections stored on Windows network shares from being listed as recent collections in the File → Open Collection menu
- Improved fonts and text placement in History view
- Improved the message shown if an alignment is selected in a collection
- Corrected an issue that could cause pop-up menus to remain open when the Launch dialog was closed
- Corrected an issue that prevented saving a new file created from a selection from being saved to an open collection
- Ensured remembering of a preference for showing additional binding sites that do not match at the 3' end
- Corrected a regression that prevented imported primers from being restricted to those that have a unique binding site
- Ensured that the chosen enzyme set and enzyme visibility are retained when undoing sequence edits.
- Ensured that bold is correctly used to highlight unique cutters after undoing sequence edits
- Reduced the file size when exporting maps and history as PNG images
- Improved the toggling of enzyme visibility when repeatedly clicking check boxes in Enzymes view
- Fixed an issue that prevented looking up an enzyme by right-clicking in the Enzyme or Sites column in Enzymes view
- Fixed an issue that incorrectly suggested a sequence trace has unsaved edits after using File → Save As

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