Media Player Classic (64-bit)

最新版本 Media Player Classic Home Cinema (64-bit)

Media Player Classic Home Cinema (64-bit)

Media Player Classic Home Cinema (64-bit)
Media Player Classic 64 位家庭影院是 Windows 的輕量級媒體播放器。它看起來就像 Windows Media Player Classic v6.4,但有很多附加功能。您可以使用播放器作為媒體播放器經典家庭影院.

它內置了用於 LPCM,MP2,AC3 和 DTS 音頻的 MPEG- 2 視頻和編解碼器的編解碼器,還包含一個改進的 MPEG 分離器,支持 VCD 和 SVCD 的播放使用其 VCD,SVCD 或 XCD 閱讀器。 AAC 解碼濾波器使 MPC 適用於 MP4 中的 AAC 播放.

Media Player Classic 家庭影院特點:
可選擇去除撕裂。更好地支持 Windows Vista,包括 64 位平台的發行版。支持 EVR(增強型視頻渲染器)支持字幕。如果安裝了支持的電視調諧器,則播放和錄製電視節目。當 MPC HC 崩潰時創建小型轉儲。 OSD(屏幕顯示)Shuttle PN31 遙控器支持支持多顯示器配置像素著色器轉換 BT601 - BT701 YV12 色度上採樣像素著色器語言翻譯。來自 Gabest 的 Guliverkli MPC 項目的所有功能。 Android 設備的遙控器。注:截至 2006 年 7 月,Media Player Classic 不再開發。其功能相同的繼任者是媒體播放器經典 - 家庭影院.


檔案版本 Media Player Classic Home Cinema (64-bit)

檔案名稱 MPC-HomeCinema.
檔案大小 5.85 MB
系統 Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 MPC-HC Team
更新日期 2012-01-30

What's new in this version:

- Add the ability to export MPC-HC settings
- Add the ability to use different mouse button bindings in windowed and fullscreen modes
- Add colors controls for all EVR based renderers
- Support NV12 output colorspace, NV12 is now preferred over YUY2 (on ATI HW Deinterlacing and Post-Processing only works with NV12)
- Support language info for audio and subtitle streams when playing .IFO files
- Multithreaded decoder
- FLV Splitter and MP4/MOV Splitter - add support more NellyMoser
- VC-1 DXVA Decoder now decodes VC-1 interlaced material
- Support MJPEG(-B), AVRn, JPGL (for AVI), AVDJ (for MOV), TSCC codec and MPEG-2 in AVI
- Ticket #372, Add the ability of resetting MPC-HC to its default settings using either a new button in "Misc" option page or "/reset" command line option. Be careful, when using this feature ALL your current settings will be lost.
- Ticket #866, Add two new command line options:
    - /regpl will create the file associations for playlist files
    - /regall will create the file associations for all file types MPC-HC can handle
- Ticket #1018, Add support for m3u8 playlist files (UTF-8 variant of the m3u playlist format).
- Ticket #1155, "After Playback" enhancements:
    - each "After Playback" action can now be associated to a keyboard shortcut.
    - an OSD message is shown when an "After Playback" action is selected.
- Ticket #1627, Open the file's directory from the clip properties (by double clicking on it)
- Ticket #1951, add support for DTS audio in MP4/MOV Splitter

- Updated Belarusian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Slovakian and Ukrainian translations
- Updated libogg to v1.3.0
- Updated SoundTouch to v1.6.1pre r131
- Updated VirtualDub to v1.10.1-test16
- Updated MediaInfoLib to v0.7.53
- Updated ZenLib to v0.4.24
- Updated Little CMS to v2.3
- Updated libpng to v1.5.7
- Updated ffmpeg
- Updated zlib to v1.2.6
- Fixed a couple of UI problems with the Windows classic theme
- Use ffmpeg for AAC, MPEG and Vorbis audio decoding

- If "Play # time(s)" was set to a value higher than one and if the playlist had more than one element, the playback never stopped.
- If the playlist had only invalid elements, the player would try to open the last element forever. If at least one element was invalid, the "Play # time(s)" setting would be ignored and the playlist would be repeated forever.
- The audio decoder sometimes tried to decode AC3 stream as E-AC3
- Ticket #19, AviSplitter: fixed detection of absolute chunk addressing
- Ticket #53/#1666, [OGG] splitter fails for latest Theora videos
- Ticket #58/#122/#1857, The internal DXVA decoder has "flickering" with some H.264 videos
- Ticket #98, MPEGSplitter: fix A/V sync issue on MPEG-TS with H.264 stream; some MPEG-TS with H.264 stream was unable to playback with MPC software decoder
- Ticket #111, [VC1 DXVA] Overlap filter causes corruption
- Ticket #285, Ambarella AVC not correctly splitted by MPC-HC's internal MP4/MOV source filter
- Ticket #311, High dpi awareness
- Ticket #970, "Always load external subtitles" fails if the subtitles filename contains LANG postfix
- Ticket #1166, Playlist was erased by pressing the "Close" (default Ctrl+C)
- Ticket #1427, Add the ability to use different mouse button bindings in windowed and fullscreen modes
- Ticket #1467, "Save Image" was sometimes skipping some frames
- Ticket #1519, Crackling/stuttering audio in some DTS for SPDIF output
- Ticket #1552, Fix the DVD angle display in the information panel (Ctrl+3)
- Ticket #1553, Fix display for DVD tracks without language information: the tracks were incorrectly numbered in the menu and the current OS language was displayed instead of "Unknown" in the information panel and OSD messages
- Ticket #1555/#1560, Improve OSD for DVD playback: simplify some messages and try to be consistent with the information panel
- Ticket #1559, Problem with Win7 Taskbar Preview
- Ticket #1566, Matroska MKV (MPEG2) Aspect Ratio ignored
- Ticket #1575, Time tooltips are cut in full screen mode
- Ticket #1587, AAC file played on MPC-HC 1.3.1249.0 and doesn't play on
- Ticket #1596, correct calculation of the window size when caption hiding/showing
- Ticket #1622, Unable to seek in files when auto-play is off
- Ticket #1624, Full screen is not working with Intel G45 Express Chipset
- Ticket #1686/#1694, Improve MPC-HC web interface and embedded web server
- Ticket #1710/#1827, "On Top While Playing Video" stops working after fullscreen
- Ticket #1899, Improve Hebrew translation: the UI is now correctly displayed with a right-to-left layout
- Ticket #1928, MP4Splitter: ignore the bad AR
- Ticket #1941, Volume slider bug
- Ticket #1962, MPC-HC fails to play PCM audio in QuickTime .mov file (add support for 'lpcm' in .mov files; partial update for bento4 lib)

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