MeinPlatz (64-bit)

最新版本 GdPicture.NET SDK 14.1.45

GdPicture.NET SDK 14.1.45

GdPicture.NET SDK 14.1.45
MeinPlatz 64 位“我的地方”提供了一個簡單而快速的方式來掃描硬盤丟失的磁盤空間。當然結果可以導出到 XLS,HTM,CSV 和 TXT。 MeinPlatz“我的地方”也具有集成打印預覽和可變縱橫比的打印功能,還有一個小屏幕放大鏡。

MeinPlatz 功能:





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Scan 工作場所,并快速選擇所需的文件夾。

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檔案版本 GdPicture.NET SDK 14.1.45

檔案名稱 gdpicturedotnet.msi
檔案大小 215 MB
系統 Windows XP 64 / Vista 64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Nenad Hrg
更新日期 2019-11-27

What's new in this version:

GdPicture.NET SDK 14.1.45
- Dramatically improved OCR accuracy
- GdPicturePDF: new overload AddRedactionRegion() to specify color for each added region
- GdPicturePDF: Fixed minor issues in Annotation Flattening for FreeText Annotations
- GdPicturePDF: Improved Redaction Engine
- GdPicturePDF: Improved PDF/A converter engine
- Improved Office formats rasterizer engine
- Battery of minor bug fixes

GdPicture.NET SDK 14.1.44
This is mostly an emergency update causing regressions:
- Bad assembly version
- Adding item to ThumbnailEx control was not working anymore
- OCR with automatic page orientation was raising exception in particular situations

- Improved PDF rendering
- DocuVieware: Improved displaying of document having different page sizes

GdPicture.NET SDK 14.1.43
- Improved MRC accuracy
- Improved OCR accuracy
- Improved QrCode reader accuracy
- Improved memory management
- Improved office formats rasterizer engine
- Improved PDF/A converter engine
- GdPictureDocumentUtilities: new overload GetDocumentPreview to specify if thumbnail must be generated without any margin
- GdPicturePDF: new method RemoveHiddenText()
- GdPicturePDF: new method ClearCachedResources()
- GdViewer (WinForms & WPF): new method AddRedactionAnnotInteractive()
- DocuVieware: reduced memory usage
- Battery of minor bug fixes

GdPicture.NET SDK 14.1.42
- Added new annotation type: AnnotationRedactio
- AnnotationManager: new method AddRedactionAnnot()
- GdPicturePDF: new method Repair()
- DocuVieware: improved TWAIN scanning support
- Improved MRC engine
- Improved MRC engine accuracy and speed
- Battery of minor bug fixes

GdPicture.NET SDK 14.1.41
- GdPictureOCR: new method GetPageRotation()
- GdPictureOCR: new method GetPageSkewAngle()
- GdPictureOCR: new mehod GetBlockOrientation()
- Improved MRC engine accuracy
- Improved OCR engine accuracy
- DocuVieware: improved page transfer speed
- Battery of minor bug fixes

GdPicture.NET SDK 14.1.40
- Added PDF redaction support
- Dramatically improved OCR engine accuracy
- Improved MRC engine accuracy & speed
- Improved OMR engine accuracy
- Improved SVG rendering engine
- GdPictureOCR: new property EnablePreprocessing
- GdPictureOCR: new method GetWordConfidence()
- GdPictureOCR: new method GetSerializedResult()
- GdPicturePDF: new method SetOcrPageOrientationDetection()
- GdPicturePDF: new method AddRedactionRegion()
- GdPicturePDF: new method ApplyRedaction()
- GdPicturePDF: new method ClearRedactionRegions()
- New enumeration OCRBlockOrientation
- DocuVieware: new property ImageQuality
- Improved rendering speed
- Improved font substitution mechanism for all formats
- Battery of minor bug fixes

GdPicture.NET SDK 14.1.39
- Improved MRC engine
- Improved OMR engine speed and accuracy
- Dramatically improved PDF/OCR generation
- Improved SVG rendering engine
- Improved patch code reader accuracy
- Added support for external OCR engine usage during PDF/OCR generation
- DocuVieware: new property DisableAnnotationPrinting
- GdPicturePDF: new method MergePages()
- GdPicturePDF: new method SetOverrideOcrEngine()
- GdPicturePDF: new method GetOverrideOcrEngine()
- GdPicturePDF: new event ExternalOcrPageRequest
- New class added: PdfOcrOptions

GdPicture.NET SDK 14.1.38
- Improved SVG rendering engine
- Improved digital signing support with the .NET core edition
- Dramatically Improved MRC engine: accuracy, speed and produced document quality
- Dramatically improved OCR speed and accuracy
- Improved .NET Core 3 edition. (now based on the final .NET core 3.0 release)
- DocuVieware: new JavaScript function LoadFromBase64()
- Battery of minor bug fixes

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