最新版本 DVDFab Player

DVDFab Player

DVDFab Player
MEmu 允許您在 Windows 系統上模擬 Android 環境。幾乎所有的 Windows 設備(PC,筆記本電腦,2 合 1 設備,平板電腦)上運行 MEmu。與其他 Android 模擬器相比,MEmu 提供了最高的性能和最大的兼容性。而且,在你的 Windows 系統上,iEmulate Android 環境具有最豐富的功能:全面的 Android 體驗,優雅的桌面。靈活的定制(CPU#,內存大小,分辨率,設備型號,導航欄位置,根模式)。

搜索鍵盤 / 遊戲桿屏幕觸摸更好的遊戲體驗。將傳感器數據(例如加速計)傳遞給 Android,這樣您就可以直觀地玩遊戲類游戲。 GPS 位置模擬。 Windows 和 Android 之間的文件共享。快速 APK 安裝通過拖放。一鍵安卓系統的創建 / 克隆 / 刪除,你可以同時運行多個 Android 實例。使用 MEmu,您可以在 PC 上玩安卓遊戲。在 Whatsapp,Wechat 中使用鍵盤可以更方便地聊天。觀看現場演出和電視頻道.

MEmu 功能:
全面的 Android 體驗,優雅的桌面靈活的定制(CPU#,內存大小,分辨率,設備型號,導航欄位置和根模式)將鍵盤 / 操縱桿映射到屏幕觸摸更好遊戲體驗通過傳感器數據(例如加速度計)到 Android,所以你可以直觀地玩汽車賽車遊戲 GPS 定位模擬 Windows 和 Android 之間的文件共享通過拖放快速 APK 安裝一鍵式 Android 系統創建 / 克隆 / 刪除,以及你可以同時運行多個 Android 實例


檔案版本 DVDFab Player

檔案名稱 DVDFabPlayer6009.exe
檔案大小 90.3 MB
系統 Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Microvirt
更新日期 2020-02-11

What's new in this version:

DVDFab Player
- A problem that only audio but no video is played on certain DVDs
- A crash problem when playing adult DVD ISO files in certain cases

DVDFab Player
- Added the sort feature to manage the files in the media library
- Added an HDR option to the shader feature in the right-click menus

- A failure problem when deleting TV Shows from media library
- A problem that the Force HDR to SDR setting does not work

DVDFab Player
- Added the support to quickly switch between different episodes when browsing the detailed episode information of TV Shows
- Added the support to automatically play the next episode upon finishing the current one when playing back TV Shows
- Added the shader feature in the right-click menu to play videos with different special effects, such as Anime 4K, Anime 1080p, LCD Angle Correction, Emboss

DVDFab Player
- New: Improved the disc import feature for better stability
- Fix: A problem that the Title bar and Playback Control panel become inoperable under full screen mode
- Fix: A wrong size problem when taking screenshots from DVDs
- Fix: A problem that the Search box does not appear at My Computer section in certain cases

DVDFab Player
- New: Added the support to scrape metadata for Japanese adult DVDs
- Fix: Some minor UI problems

DVDFab Player
- Added the support to remember the last accessed section at the left navigation panel
- Added the support to adjust the column width of the left navigation panel

- A failure problem when authorized users check for updates
- A problem that authorized users still encounter license expired alert in certain cases
- A problem that the OSD fails to show up after a playlist finishes the playback
- A problem that an empty folder still shows under the Collections tab despite the files inside have been fix-matched to the TV Show section
- A problem that the file is still deleted despite clicking on the No button at the popup alert when deleting that file from the library at the metadata page
- A problem that the file name does not show up in the popup alert when deleting that file from the library at the metadata page
- Some minor changes and improvements

DVDFab Player
- All-new playback engine that’s faster and more stable than ever
- Integrated the media library to manage movies, collections, tv Shows and other videos by Poster Wall
- Integrated the local file explorer to browse all your media files more efficiently
- Brand-new user interface that’s concise, stylish, modern and streamlined
- New way for PC authorization with DVDFab account that’s more secure
- All-new installation approaches to install by the online installer or offline installer

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